We begin with the recap of Ivette evicting Howie, Janelle wins HoH, Janelle buddies up with April, Janelle nominates Ivette and Maggie. Who will win the PoV? Will the struggle for survival finally tear the Friendship apart? Find out tonight on Big Brother 6!

Julie looks lovely tonight in gray slacks and a brown sleeveless top. She recaps it all for us again. Janelle gives her nomination speech once again. Ivette asks Maggie is she thinks Janelle really believes she is a good player, Maggie says yes. April apologizes because they were nominated. Ivette is clearly annoyed by April chatting with Janelle in the HoH. Ivette says April has played very well, Maggie masterfully walks the middle line between them, like she has all along. Ivette doesn't think it's fair if Janelle and April both want to fight for the PoV to keep things as they are. Did someone forget to send Ivette the "Life's Not Fair" memo?

Julie returns to introduce Howie's arrival at the sequester house. The house has turned into Rachel/James vs Jennifer/Beau. Howie walks up and immediately thanks James for the veto shorts. Rachel says Jennifer needs to keep her grubby little skanky hands off Howie. They watch the tape of Ivette winning HoH, James comments on Maggie throwing the competition and Beau gets very defensive about it, Ivette nominates Janelle and Howie, the PoV with the morphamatic, Janelle wins the PoV, Janelle removes herself, Howie gets evicted. Howie says the jury house is the same as the BB house, a diva fight.

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Julie tells us tonight is the final and most important veto competition.

Veto Competition - "The Missing Link"

Each have an identical chain of clues, they have to answer questions using faces and one clue has to link to the next, if they get the chain done, they push a button. Some clues have more than one correct answer, so you have to make sure they link together. All four houseguests are playing for the veto. Ivette wins the veto and slams her foot into the side of the house, screams out to her mommy. Maggie was happy for Ivette, but sad she did not win it herself. "Final son-of=a=bitch three!" Ivette screams, this hurts April's feelings because it means one of her friends has to go home as well.

April tries to voice her upset to Ivette, and Ivette clearly doesn't get it. April is in tears, Maggie just says she is sorry. April goes up to the HoH room to cry. Janelle says yes, Ivette should have been a bit more composed but in the DR she admits it was strategy. Janelle says it was very rude. April says in the DR that she has talked smack about Janelle, but she realizes she has never given her the benefit of the doubt. April tells Janelle if the final two are Janelle and Ivette, she would vote for Janelle to get the money...but we all know this could change. Ivette makes excuses for not considering her Friendship group feels, Ivette claims April hurt her by saying she didn't want Maggie to fight for the veto. April is stunned by this, since they all realized that Maggie was most likely not a target this week.

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Julie welcomes us back and says after Ivette wins the veto, she holds all the power. Ivette says she won the veto for her family. She calls them all in for the veto ceremony. Ivette says the veto has brought out a very ugly side to some of us...She uses the veto on herself without even allowing Maggie a word. April is nominated and Janelle apologizes for that. There is palpable tension between the friendship now. April talks about her epiphany that she allowed herself to be influenced by Ivette. April feels there are things she has done that she is ashamed of, based upon Ivette's influence. Ivette is not listening when April takes responsibility for her actions and does not blame Ivette.

Ivette talks at a million miles an hour so I have no hope of typing what she said, but basically she is pissed and assumes that April is blaming her for April's actions, she ends with telling April to stick the veto up her ass. Ivette runs to the barracks, throws herself on the bed and cries her eyes out.

Julie talks with Janelle in the HoH. Julie asks her how she has made it this far? Janelle says "I have played the best I could." Julie asks "Did you do everything you wanted this week as HoH?" Janelle says "I caused a big fight between April and Ivette so yeah, I'm happy with what I've done." Julie wants her to play word association... Julie says "Maggie" - Janelle responds "Quiet", Julie says "Ivette" - Janelle responds "Loud", Julie says "April" - Janelle responds "Talkative".

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In just a few moments, April or Maggie will be evicted, who will it be Maggie or April. Julie talks to the houseguests. Maggie says there is not a real good reason for any one person over another. These women are huge competitors and amazing. April says she is very happy to be where she is at, she would never campaign against Maggie, good luck to everyone. Ivette it is time to cast your vote. Ivette stands and says Eric showed her leadership, Jennifer showed her great things come in small packages, Beau showed her faith, she evicts April amid tears and apologies. They all hug and April says good bye to the fish and says she loves them all. April emerges from the house and says "I'm alive!" she enters Julie's set. Ivette goes into the barracks and kisses someone's picture.

Julie asks April, you, Ivette and Maggie were so close, was Ivette's decision tonight strategic or personal? April thinks it is a bit of both, but she is not going to hold it against her. Julie asks if she feels betrayed at all? April says no, she is blaming everything on the house and nothing on the people. Julie asks if she feels Ivette was responsible for influencing her? April says Ivette is very vocal, by listening to the same things over and over that she [April] did something’s she wouldn't normally do, but she takes responsibility for those. Julie tells April the houseguests made messages for her in case she was evicted. Janelle says farewell and she will miss her, Ivette says she is sorry for bringing out the worst in April, Maggie says all the laughter and good times are all that matters and that it means the world to have played with someone like April.

April will be on the Early Show tomorrow and on Housecalls. Next the battle for the head of household begins.

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Part one of the final HoH competitions. Julie talks to the houseguests and tells them to head out to the backyard. Tonight is only the beginning of a three part battle for the HoH competition.

"The Key to Being Safe" before each person is a safe, they have to balance on the rim of the safe dial while holding onto a hanging key. The one that holds on the longest wins this first part. They can switch hands if they want to. Game begins at five minutes to the hour. This will play out on a special live show on Friday. Janelle forgot her gloves inside the house, Maggie tries to hold the key by the top but cannot stand on the rim that way and ends up having to hold the shaft of the key like the other two. Big Brother 6 will not be on Thursday, but Julie will be back for a live show on Friday night. [For those unaware, Survivor starts on Thursday]. The winner of round one advances to round three and gets the combination to the third safe. The wheel of the safe dial begins to spin slowly, they have to keep stepping along the rim now to maintain their hold on their keys.