Our show begins with the standardized recap of Howie's eviction, Janelle's HoH, Janelle nominates Ivette and Maggie, Ivette wins PoV, Ivette uses veto, April is nominated, April is evicted and part one of the three part HoH begins. Who will win part one of the HoH? Who will be the last HoH? Who will she take to the final two?

Julie is wearing an all black outfit, save a white collar on her top. She says the three remaining hamsters have been competing in the final HoH competitions. We join round one of the HoH in progress. The ring they are standing on turns in different directions and at different speeds. Flashback to Ivette evicting April, Ivette says she wouldn't wish that on anyone. Janelle was excited to be in the final three, but Maggie and Ivette were to sad to celebrate. Janelle says in the DR she crushed their plans for the final three to be all friendship members.

At 3 hours and 45 minutes, Janelle falls off the ring. Janelle says it was the hardest thing she has ever done, she hasn't given birth yet, but she thinks it was harder than even that. Maggie and Ivette talk about who would take who to the final two, Ivette assumes Maggie is in the final two no matter what and that the best Ivette can do is second place to Maggie. Maggie slips off the ring at 4 hours 20 minutes and at first Ivette assumes Maggie has thrown the competition, either way, Ivette has won the first portion of the HoH competition!! Janelle hugs both of them and tells them they did a great job.

Ivette gets the combination to the last golden safe. She heads out back to see what it is. A pair of vespas, one in dark cranberry and one silver. Ivette is very happy and thinks how cute she and Tushie will be riding around South Beach. Maggie and Janelle will compete in the next part of the HoH competition and the winner of that will face Ivette in part three.

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Maggie and Janelle are ready to compete in round two of the HoH. Giant padlocks with combination dials, hints are connected to each number of the combination dial, they must figure out the 8 digit combination, open the lock and pull their key off the loop and then put their key on a post to win.

1. The number of women at the start of the "Pressure Cooker". 6
2. The number of times the veto was NOT used. 4
3. The number of pairs in the house the day before Eric was evicted. 5
4. The number of houseguests that had won the veto twice in a row. 1
5. The number of items in the "Snack Shack from Hell". 8
6. The number of vote to keep Rachel in the house when she got evicted. 0
7. The number of houseguests who won HoH and Veto in the same week. 3
8. The number of different houseguests who have won the Power of Veto. 7

Combination to the lock is - 64518037

They both get some numbers wrong at first, then slowly narrow it down to having only one number wrong each. Janelle gets her finale number changed and opens the lock, slips her key off the loop and runs it over to the post. Janelle has won the second part of the HoH competition!! After the competition we see them heading into the house where they notice the dinner table is gone and a new "money table" is in it's place. It's a clear table with 500K inside it. None of them have ever seen that much money before. Maggie goes to lay outback while Janelle and Ivette play chess in the barracks. Janelle starts working on Ivette. Ivette says she cannot beat Maggie. Janelle tells her that Ivette does not have to do anything in the next part of the HoH, just let Janelle have it and Janelle will pick her. Ivette has a choice to make, money or friendship.

Julie talks with the houseguests and asks each one which housemate do they miss the most and which housemate the miss the least. Janelle misses Michael the most and Eric the least. She says Eric because she and Eric just never got along. Maggie misses Eric the most because he is an awesome person and a great leader. She misses James the least because he was mean. Ivette misses Eric the most and misses Ashlea, Topper, the least.

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Julie tells us we are going to hear from the those houseguests who have been evicted but did not go to the jury house, to find out what they have been up to.

Ashlea - She is very disappointed she was the first person evicted and doesn't feel anyone really got to know her. She tuned into the show and saw the "spiderman kiss" and she said "Oh my God!". Ashlea says if Michael is who Janelle wants, she has her full support, but if he breaks her heart she will break his face.

Michael & Kaysar - Kaysar says life has been pretty eventful, it's taken some time to get used to. Michael and Kaysar joke about the message boards as they read polls and posts about who is hotter between the two of them, the answer on the poll they were reading said Kaysar with 69%. Michael wants to find a different post or site to boost his ego. Michael says although he and Janelle have only known each other a short time, it was under very intense circumstances and he would love to see where it will go. Kaysar mentions his appearance on the Young & the Restless and Michael tells him [with cheesy accent] "You looked very handsome!". Kaysar was stunned that 82% of the America's Choice votes were for him. He mostly wanted to change how Muslim-American's are perceived. Kaysar thinks Ivette could win, but Michael says Janelle. They both want Janelle to win.

Eric - Not disappointed that he did not return to the house. Now at work he is known only as "Cappy", everyone calls him that now. He sees Ivette like looking in a mirror, she is very emotional and she doesn't hold back and that is just like him. He has no regrets about anything in the house, whether you like him or hate him, that is who he is. Maggie has a great chance of winning the money.

Sarah - Went home, spending time with her family. When her family asks who is the first person she wants to talk to at the wrap party, she says umm James! She says the show has had a positive impact on their relationship. She is rooting for Janelle and hopes James makes the right decision and votes for Janelle.

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Final HoH competition for the last HoH. Quiz format, held in the living room.

They are asked questions and must choose A or B to complete a statement that has been made by someone in the jury house since they have gotten to the jury house. Six questions in all, tie breaker if necessary.

1. Howie said the most annoying thing in the BB house has been... A. People saying they wanted to leave the house. or B. The girl scout troop.

The correct answer is A. Ivette - 1 Janelle - 0

2. Rachel said the most shocking moment in the house was... A. The fight between Michael & Eric. or B. The fight between Howie and April.

The correct answer is A. Ivette - 1 Janelle - 0

3. Beau said if he had to spend a romantic evening with a houseguest it would be... A. Howie or B. Michael.

The correct answer is B. Ivette - 1 Janelle - 0

4. James said the hottest guy in the house was... A. Kaysar or B. Himself

The correct answer is A. Ivette - 2 Janelle - 0

5. Jennifer said the biggest mistake she made in the house was... A. Backdooring James. or B. Not sticking up for Michael.

The correct answer is B. Ivette - 2 Janelle - 1

6. April said the houseguest that deserved the America's Choice phone call was... A. Ivette or B. Me [April]

The correct answer is B. Ivette - 2 Janelle - 2

Tie breaker - chalkboards -

What is the combined total number of votes cast to evict this season?

Ivette guesses 66 Janelle guesses 66
The correct answer is 74 but since they both guess the same number a second tie breaker will be played.

How many hours have you lived in the house from the night you entered until 5:00 pm this evening?

Ivette guesses 1875 hours Janelle guesses 1900

The correct answer is 1797

Ivette is the final HoH!! Ivette does her scream thing and Maggie leaps into her arms. Janelle congratulates Ivette and they all hug. Ivette tells Janelle she has played amazing. Ivette is told by Julie that in a few minutes she has to choose who to evict and thus choose who she wants to be against in the final two.

Commercial break

Julie tells us again, that Ivette has to choose to evict Maggie or Janelle. Julie returns to the houseguests. She gives them the standard rule about evictions. Ivette says you are a beautiful woman and an amazing player. Ivette chooses to evict Janelle. She hugs them both and yells "Freedom!". Ivette says if there is a BB all stars she is totally voting Janelle in.

Janelle exits the house and meets up with Julie. Ivette and Maggie celebrate because either way they both get some money.

Julie asks Janelle a few questions. As the last member of her alliance, how surprised is she to be sitting there. Janelle says she is not surprised at all. She knew Ivette would take Maggie so it was no surprise. She is surprised to have lasted so long in the game given how long she had a target on her back. Julie asks what Janelle makes of Ivette choosing Maggie. Janelle says she chose to keep her word and choose friendship over the money. She gives Ivette props for sticking to her word. Julie asks her what she would have done differently in the house. Janelle says she would do many things differently, mostly not being so vocal about not liking certain people.

Farewell messages from Maggie and Ivette -

Maggie says she believed everyone who said Janelle didn’t like her, instead of going straight to Janelle and finding out for herself. Now that she has gotten to know Janelle and she admits she was wrong.

Ivette says you gave me a run for my money, you are amazing.

Julie asks who Janelle thinks will win but not specifically who she is voting for. Janelle isn't sure who she will vote for, but Ivette is a good person. Janelle will be on Housecalls on Monday.

Commercial break

Ivette and Maggie, congratulations, they are both elated. Ivette says she has won 50 thousand dollars for her family .... Maggie punches her arm and says or 500 thousand, and that will do miracles for her family. Maggie is speechless and just thrilled and so happy. They hug a lot and seem a bit speechless.