Greetings Jokers! I want to start tonight's recap by saying this has been one hell of a season. Love'em or hate'em, this season has provided us with lots of characters who brought us a summer's worth of entertainment. Each one brought something unique to the table and for that I am grateful and delighted. The whole Summer of Secrets has been a bit of a let down. I wanted more secrets, something cool revealed each week, but sadly, it was not to be. Instead we got the pair secret, the GR, three gold safes, and hmmmm not much else.

Julie appears again in all black, 80 days ago they entered the house in hopes of winning a half million dollars. There is a live audience tonight. What follows next is a recap of the entire season up to Ivette and Maggie being last standing in the house after Ivette evicted Janelle. Seven houseguests will return to decide who will be crowned the winner of Big Brother 6!

Jennifer, Rachel, James, Beau, Howie, April and Janelle have only seen selected parts of the game since their evictions. Of the two remaining houseguests one played the game quietly while the other wore her emotions on her sleeve. Julie asks Maggie and Ivette how they made it this far, to the end of the game. Ivette said her game plan from the second she decided to try out for Big Brother was to be honest. She is honest, outspoken and loud and that is exactly who she is. Maggie says it is because of the loyalty she had to her group and not crossing that. Maggie bit her tongue and kept her mouth shut a lot of times when she would have spoken out in the real world, Outside of the house Maggie likes being in the spot light but in the house she realized it would be better not to fight the other strong personalities for the spotlight. Ivette played for her family and was herself. Maggie says she did not break the trust of anyone that she cared about.

The Jury members gather to find out who is coming to the Jury house. Jennifer says Janelle, April thinks it is a toss up between Janelle and Ivette. James doesn't give a damn who walks through the door, he just wants the winner to be whoever played the best game, not who kissed the best ass or said "oooo I've got the most friends here". Janelle comes in and says "I got taken out by a Nerd Herd!" Janelle tells the Jury about offering Ivette to take her to the end if she let Janelle win the HoH, and that she chose friendship over money.

Jury conversation - Janelle tells the Jury about the offer she made to Ivette to take her to the final two and that Ivette turned down the deal. Howie says "so she made a 450,000 dollar mistake." James is astounded that she chose a friendship had known for a matter of weeks over her family who she has known and loved for 25 years. Howie asks why she decided to play with integrity in the final week, and Janelle says the only time she didn't play with integrity was the Kaysar week and that was the whole herd. James says no one played with integrity, integrity to go to fucking hell, there isn't one person who can sit there and say they didn't lie. Rachel says Ivette made it personal and she was a big piece of trash in Rachel's eyes. Janelle asks, do you want to vote for a person who threw competitions and laid low, or for a person that took a shot and tried to win it. James says the person that was winning things was Janelle and the fact that Ivette beat her, that's badass. Janelle agrees. James said Maggie did get everyone to do her dirty work, that's why the herders are sitting in the Jury house. April says they were aware of it and Janelle asks then why not get rid of the bitch? April says because she liked her, James grabs his head and looks like he cannot believe what he is hearing. In the end they are just not sure who they want to win.

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The Jury gets to ask Maggie and Ivette some last questions before having to decide who will win the 500k.

James to Maggie - What definitive moments did you have that got you here to the end?
Maggie says there because of all her other team members, not a single moment, she has tried to maintain her style of game play the whole time.

Rachel to Ivette - Why should I not vote for Maggie?
Ivette cannot come up with a reason. Maggie has played as hard as anyone.

Howie to Ivette - Did you play with integrity?
Ivette says "I have not lied in this game. " Yes, I did play with integrity and honesty, often being to honest.

Janelle to Ivette - You said you were playing for your family, didn't you make a 450,000 dollar mistake last night and why did you do that?
Ivette says if she had chosen Janelle, she would have lost the money anyway and broken a promise and would never have been forgiven for it.

Janelle to Maggie - You haven't made that many plays in the game, why in the hell do you deserve the money over Ivette. [priceless eye roll from Jennifer]
Maggie says she has tried to avoid the spotlight but she hopes that isn't taken as not playing or not being strategic.

Beau to Maggie - What was your strategy after Eric was evicted?
Maggie says her strategy was not to get evicted, she didn't feel anyone got to know her until after Eric was evicted.

April to Ivette - It was down to the final five before you started winning, was it you were throwing competitions or were the competitors were stronger?
Ivette says she knows the other side wanted her [out] since week two, she felt her only safety was the friendship getting HoH or herself getting HoH so she never threw a single competition.

Jennifer to Maggie - Who was it that originally brought up the idea of voting out Kaysar?
Maggie says she doesn't know if it was her or not, it might have been Beau or Ivette. Ivette says she doesn't mind taking the blame for that.

Maggie and Ivette make one last plea on their own behalf about how they played, why they should win and why the Jury should vote for them.

Maggie - To not be aggressor, not shine so much, blend in, not be in the spotlight, learn to lose at some competitions and let others take a bigger role, She deserves to be here today because I gave 110% in the game.

Ivette - It hard to say she deserves it more, but she played the game being herself, she knows the other being casualties are part of why she is there at the end. It's been a hard road.

Maggie wants a hug after that and says "What the hell?", Ivette hugs her. After the questioning, several of the Jury who had made up their minds seem to be wavering back and forth. Ivette says she is confused now and Maggie says she thinks they don't like either of them. The Jury then enters the studio, the applause for each was good, but much louder for Rachel and Howie and then out right cheering for Janelle. It was a good immediate indicator of how they have been perceived.

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It's time for the Jury to vote for the winner of Big Brother 6. Each Jury member will say one statement to the final two and then insert the key of the person they want to see win Big Brother.

Beau says he is proud of them, Maggie we have had amazing memories, Ivette you and I have grown so close, I love you and I am so proud of you.

April says this has definitely been a long long road for all of them and waiting to see all their family and friends. It feels great out here. It's a hard decision. Ya'll both are the total package. I do love you both. Hugs and Kisses.

James says [audience laughs when Julie asks what he wants to say] you guys have done an outstanding job, thanks for putting up with me.

Rachel says congratulations to both of you, the person I am voting for tonight is , in my opinion, the most complete player, personally and competitively.

Janelle says congratulations ladies, tonight’s decision was so hard, it was fifty-fifty, I had to decide if I wanted to go for the person I thought was the better player or take into consideration some of the things that happened to me personally in the game.

Jennifer says I love you Maggie, good luck Ivette. She is glad that two people from her group are there in the end.

Howie says [Julie says he is last because he is as Howie put it "the star of the show" and the audience cheers] I love you both, you both did great, I can't vote for America's Choice Kaysar and Janie, I'm stuck voting for America's last choice, don't hate the houseguest, hate the game. [Maggie says thanks Howie]

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The initial five evictees return to reunite with the Jury members. As with the Jury, nice applause for Eric, louder applause for Sarah, Michael, Ashlea and cheering for Kaysar. Just a quick comment here, Janelle and Kaysar both seem to not only get the loudest applause and cheers, but really enjoyed the crowd, shaking lots of hands and smiling at the people in the audience. Julie says "Welcome back, one big happy family? NOT!" The security guards are standing by.

Julie asks questions of the five evictees -

Sarah - What was the one thing in the house you wish James was aware of? Sarah says Probably that loyalty that Howie, Rachel and Janelle had to them both and that her leaving the house was not their fault. James is not really surprised to hear that.

Cappy - What do you wish you could have let Maggie know? Eric say nothing because Maggie never let anyone know when she approved or disapproved of anyone. He can't blame James for thinking she was a cop, she is that good.

Michael - What would you like to say to your accusers? Michael says he has had great feedback from folks who saw the live feeds and that has been more than enough.

Howie - They play back the Hurricane Howie time, Busto blonde stuff. Howie says it was just scripted for television. He says he apologized to April, Matt and Pepperoni. April says it's just Howie, you love to hate him and you hate to love him. They ended up as room mates at the sequester house.

April - About her reaction over the America's Choice. They play it back for her. April looks like she would like to find furniture to hide under. April says being in the house is nuts, she knows Ivette was upset, she doesn't remember saying it and of course she doesn't think that about America and the fans and to Janelle.

Kaysar - Do you have anything you want to say to Jennifer? Kaysar says Jennifer, next time think for yourself. Jennifer agrees that her group swayed her decision. Eric pipes in that Jenn swore on her life and broke her word to him but that Kaysar did the same thing to him [Eric] and that the same medicine doesn't taste the same. The audience starts booing Eric and Julie moves on quickly.

Julie takes a moment to let James and Sarah hug before heading off the to break.

Commercial break

talk with the final two and reveal the winner, Julie will pull each key and reveal how each juror voted

Beau - Ivette
April - Maggie
James - Ivette
Rachel - Maggie
Janelle - Ivette
Jennifer - Maggie
Howie - Maggie

Maggie has won Big Brother 6 by a vote of 4-3!!

Ivette is gracious and applauds but looks crushed, Maggie is elated. They come out of the house to the studio where the other houseguests and audience are waiting to greet them. I did notice Beau was waiting at the end of the walkway to hug Ivette with his arms stretched out but she threw her arms around Cappy and Beau ends up just hugging them both. Janelle made a bee line for Michael and in the wide shot we see them hugging. James makes a point of coming over and hugging Kaysar, I think those two may become friends. Maggie and Ivette's families are there to greet them as well, they hug them like they haven't seen them in years. It's a very nice moment.

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Maggie on HC tomorrow at 1pm. Maggie is very happy, says she has gifts to buy, a family to take care of, a house to buy furniture for, taxes to pay. Julie tells Maggie she avoided evict twelve times. More hugging and chatting. The Sovereign group are all standing in the back of the bunch hugging and talking. Fade to black. This season six of Big Brother has come to a close. Thank you to all those who have sent me feedback on these recaps, good and bad, I love'em both! Hopefully you will continue to read Jokers as we move into Survivor and The Amazing Race. I guess the only thing left to say is farewell, or in the words of Janelle "Bye Bye Bitches"! It's been a blast!