Team Miz - Dark Blue
Richard Hatch - Survivor
Ryan Starr - American Idol
Heidi Bressler - The Apprentice
Valerie Penso - Temptation Island
Burton Roberts - Survivor
Mike "The Miz" Mizanin - The Real World

Team Chip - Green
Matt Gould - Joe Schmo
Susan Hawk - Survivor
Will Kirby - Big Brother
Chip & Kim - The Amazing Race
Theo Vonkurnatowski - Road Rules

Team Underdog - Light Blue
Adam Mesh - Average Joe
Rachel Love Fraser - The Swan
Bradford Cohen - The Apprentice
Mirna Hindoyan - The Amazing Race
Nikki McKibbin - American Idol
Brian Worth - Average Joe

Semi-final - Tug-of-war move the flag past a pilon, team cannot excede 800 lbs but must include at least two women. Charla as the ref. Two out of three moves on to the final with Team Miz.

Team Chip vs Team Underdog

Chip, Matt, Kim and Sue vs Bradford, Brian, Adam, Mirna and Nikki

Round 1 - Team Underdog wins!

Sue Hawk whines and yells about losing, screams at Chip and Theo seems to agree with her about Chip not getting fired up. Apparently the anger management courses have not been working.

Round 2 - Team Underdog wins!

Theo and Sue are both really bitter about their loss.

FINAL CHALLENGE - Team Miz vs Team Underdog

4 challenges, maps guide the team to each task, must complete task before heading to the next task.

Each member of the winning team gets 10k plus a trip to Las Vegas with 5k in casino chips.

Challenge 1 - BASKETBALL - Each player must make one shot from six marked spots.

Team Miz first out of this challenge.

Challenge 2 - GOLF - Each member must make a putt from an assigned spot on the green, shortest to longest.

Team Miz first out of this challenge.

Challenge 3 - REALITY RESULTS BOARD - Ten games from previous weeks, place each tile for the teams in the right place. There are 40 tiles.

Team Underdog out of this challenge first.

Challenge 4 - THE WALL - First team with all their members on top of the wall wins it all.

Team Underdog has WON! The rejects from the other teams has won it all!!