Maybe it's just me, but this episode seemed uneventful. Even the big events were glossed over. We start by everyone leaving after Amanda's dismissal. As I said last week, that was no great loss. Let's move on to better things...

The challenge was to make a full meal with crepes. Ramsay showed them how to make a crepe with a crepe spreader (I had to look that up, I learned to cook them in a pan). Ramsay chose JP to help him judge the dishes. Several of the past challenges have been to see how many items could be prepared to Ramsay's standard. I think the crepes should have been one of those challenges. At the end of the challenge there were numerous failed crepes that made it into the garbage. Even the completed ones were of varying quality.

It was not really clear to me if both teams talked about what they were making or if the teams just split up and each chef did their own thing. For breakfast the ladies presented a smoked salmon crepe maded by Ariel. The men presented a crepe with bacon and eggs made by Van. To make it “gourmet” they used quail eggs. The women won, which was obvious just based on the idea of bacon and eggs versus salmon. The lunch crepes were a bacon, shrimp, salsa and pepperjack crepe by Tennille and a crepe that was basically ham and cheese by Andy. For some reason Ramsay and JP felt that pepperjack was too spicy and the men won.

The dinner crepes were a seafood crepe by Kevin and a filet and onion crepe by Suzanne. However, Suzanne spent the entire time that Ramsay and JP were eating to talk about how great crepes are. She even continued after they were eating. While I was saying “shut up!” to my television, Kevin was saying the same thing in his commentary. I am not sure why she had to give her little speech. It wasn't about how great she was, it was about how great crepes were. Both the men and women win this round because you gotta have some suspense.

The dessert crepes were basically a fruit crepe by Dave and a chocolate crepe by Sabrina. While that doesn't sound like a big deal, Dave's crepe looked nasty. I personally called it puke, but Van called it diarrhea. I don't even think Dave's crepe was tasted. The women won the point and off they went to their reward. The men stay behind and have to prep for both kitchens.

Their reward was spending the afternoon at a French restaurant. First they had a lesson in mime, after which they had to do some mime themselves. Sabrina got to “punch” Suzanne a couple times, which she enjoyed. To me having to do mime is not my idea of a reward, but that's just me. Afterwards the women get lunch of fois gras. We also get to see the men's lunch of cow tongue and head cheese.

During prep Andy cuts his hand. They show the injury and it looks like he almost chopped his finger tips off. They barely spent any time on his injury, so I won't either. He goes to the hospital and comes back right before service. Andy is put on appetizers again.

Service was actually good with a couple exceptions. Andy could not seem to do anything at all. He could not run his station and had help from the other men. He was asked to just make crepes and he couldn't do that either. Dave ran both Andy's station and his own. Note that Dave is doing this with one arm, same as Andy. Eventually Ramsay kicked Andy out of the kitchen. As we know with Ramsay it was not a nice “please leave” it was a “get the f*** out!”

On the women's side Suzanne is slowing things up again. She went back and forth with how long it would take the meat to be ready. She said it was the oven when Ramsay asked her what was taking so long. Then she was yelled at because she was cutting meat too early, which makes it drier than if it is cut right before it is served. What confused me is that when the meat was actually put up on the counter (wrong of course) he yelled at both Suzanne and Sabrina for that. Sabrina's real problem was a lack of seasoning on almost everything she cooked. Both Suzanne and Sabrina were kicked out also. Normally Ramsay would have shut down the kitchen at this time, but he let Tennille and Ariel continue with service. Sous chef, and past winner, Heather helps them finish service.

Ramsay decides that both teams were incomplete so there is no actual team for him to pick as the losing team. Both teams have to come to an agreement on who to nominate. The consensus is for Andy and Suzanne to be nominated. There is some talk that if Andy is put up, Suzanne won't go, and she is the real target. In the end it stays Andy and Suzanne.

This was one of those nominations where I wished both would go home. He couldn't even listen to Suzanne talk when it was her turn to explain why she should stay. He instead asked Tennille and Ariel if they would be better off without Suzanne. Both nodded, but of course Tennille had to add something to it about Suzanne dragging the team down. Andy was the chosen one to go home this week. His elimination was long overdue. In a twist, Ramsay called Sabrina down. He told both Suzanne and Sabrina that they needed to get back to their earlier ways of good cooking. He then tells Suzanne to give him her jacket, not because she is leaving, but because she will be on the blue team. Of course the women are glad to see her go and the men are not pleased at all.

We've seen people switch teams before and shine, so there is no telling how this change will go. I have been saying that Kevin is going to be the winner. I may be rethinking this idea. Dave has been doing this all along with one arm and even covered two stations tonight. Andy couldn't even do one station with one hand.