We started this episode reminiscing about Robert and warning Andy to bring his “A” game or he would be next. This gave me some hope that Andy would be on his way out. If he hasn't been doing his best by now, it's only a matter of time.

The challenge was by far one of my favorites. The taste test is always hilarious. So we now know that egg yolk tastes like squash (??????), clam tastes like spinach and avocado tastes like boiled coconut. I personally don't like coconut, but if it tastes like avocado, I'm all for it. But no matter what, grapefruit always tastes like grapefruit. The women win and go on a lame reward to a restaurant. A restaurant that is completely dark sounds cool, but compared to the other rewards, it's lame. Also, yakkity-yak Suzanne spends the time kissing up to Ramsay. More than likely he knows when someone is kissing his butt and was probably making faces and rolling his eyes in the dark.

For punishment the men had to make sorbets to “cleanse the palate.” Sorry, I love that phrase, it rolls off the tongue nicely. What was amazing was that their berries came mixed together and had to be sorted out. I'm guessing some of the raspberry sorbet tasted a bit like blueberry. All in all, there were six (six!) different sorbet flavors. They were also forced to drink some of the menu items as smoothies. Van loved it so much he went for seconds.

During prep for service, the women all huddled together and left Suzanne out of the girls' club. She seems like she is there to win and not make friends. Sure I don't like her bossiness, but I would probably be the same way if I was there.

An additional task was added for service, one person from each team had to go out into the dining room and serve the sorbet to “cleanse the palate” between courses. Ariel was selected from the women's team and the men were allowed to rotate. Both teams did well and there was no criticism from Ramsay on that front.

The men's service was fairly smooth except for Andy who was on garnish. From what I gather, the person on garnish is the one who is supposed to help keep the guys on task for which order they are making. In typical Andy fashion, he messed it up and Ramsay yelled at all the men because they were making food for the wrong table. Andy proceeded to run out of mashed potatoes and Dave had to bail him out. It did delay their service for a bit, which Ramsay hates. There were no reports of any of their food coming back, but Kevin did hear about a nasty risotto. I'm not sure we've made it through one show without hearing about bad risotto.

The womens' service was more tumultuous. Suzanne seemed to be in the middle of all of the drama on the red team. First she rushes Sabrina. As a result, Sabrina sends out a lamb too early. The lamb get sent back and for the first time, Ramsay sends her out of the kitchen to eat her mistake. She can blame Suzanne all she wants, but Sabrina is the one who was in charge of when the lamb left her hands. Tennille takes over for Sabrina and gets a compliment from Ramsay. Next, Suzanne promises her fish faster than she can deliver and ends up messing up the whole table and the women have to do it all over again. Amanda helps her and puts cold fish up on the pass (for those not in the know, that is the counter, right before the waiter/waitress takes it to the table). Ramsay blames Suzanne, who promptly blames Amanda. Suzanne get blamed by the women for throwing them under the bus. In my opinion, same as with Sabrina, Amanda was in charge of when that fish left the pan and the quality of said fish.

Ramsay declares the men the winner for the night. Tennille is chosen as the best of the worst. I knew she just got off to a bad start, but she's lucky, she almost went home very early in the competition. Tennille does not hesitate, she knows Suzanne is number one on her list to get out. She chooses Sabrina as the other choice based on her lamb mistake.

Ramsay AGAIN chose someone that was not nominated to be nominated. He asked Amanda to come and defend herself also. While Suzanne was defending herself, Tennille had to interject and contradict everything. While Suzanne is not the most liked, she works hard and is getting blamed for others' mistakes.

Sabrina is allowed to defend herself quietly, the same with Amanda. Amanda looked defeated. If Ramsay called me up, I would think I was leaving too. In this case, we're right, Amanda leaves. Ramsay said she was too sweet to be a head chef. I have to agree with him there, you have to have a “Type A” personality to be a head chef.

Amanda was no great loss, she was going to go sooner or later anyway. However, I left this episode with a bad taste in my mouth over Ramsay not honoring the nominations and choosing his own three weeks in a row. There haven't been too many eliminations this season that were the normal result of two people being nominated and one of them going home. Kevin is still my choice to win based on his leadership and skill, but I think monotone Dave is probably high on the list to win also.