Hopping on a Train
By: November Rain 9/6/2006

I wrote an article a few days ago lamenting the current state of womanhood everywhere. I am still worried that Woman Power is slipping a bit, but my faith has been restored some by the Woman Power Duo currently residing in the Big Brother house.

I had pretty much lost interest with the show and was quite frankly bored to death by the live feeds. Will and Janelle snuggled up and whispering, Erika sitting around with sunglasses on, and Mike sleeping most of the days away just isn’t my idea of compelling TV. I checked in on occasion to see the HGs, read up on the updates at Jokers to make sure I wasn’t missing anything, and ventured into the chat room at Jokers to say hello to my chat buddies. Erika was throwing an occasional life-line to Janelle, but Janelle was still in the fog and couldn’t see it. I decided that Mike and Will were a foregone conclusion, the gig was up, and I was bored.

So, I went to bed early for the first time in two months and was quite puffed up and proud of myself for being able to so easily drop the addiction that is Big Brother. I couldn’t sleep. Nothing I did worked. I tossed. I turned. Finally, I got up. I decided that reading the updates page would lull me into drowsiness and I would then go back to bed.

I nearly exploded with joy at what I was reading! I clicked on my Real Player as fast as I could, cursed the whole world because it was taking so LONG for the feeds to load, caught the last little bit of Janelle and Erika shaking hands and making plans. Oh NO, I was hooked again!

I, as quickly as possible, got into Jokers chat and everyone there had lost their minds! IndyPiggy, the smart minded chatter that started it all, had become PiggyChooChoo; every familiar chat name was now accompanied by a ChooChoo. I didn’t know what the hell was going on! I was quickly attacked by chatters asking me just where the heck was I and that they had been screaming my name for hours. They gave me the play by play of Erika and Janelle finally breaking free from the brainwashed fog of Will’s mind control and they were going to get Will OUT! The chatters were all hopping onto the Woman Power Express!

Now, for any of you that do not partake of the chat at Jokers, I will give you a quick rundown of my role there. I have made no bones about my feeling when it comes to the game play of the HGs and had on many occasions fought the fight against the Janelle fans. I was no fan of hers. She was easily manipulated and controlled by the men in the game and I just couldn’t see her ability to win the competitions as reason enough to be a fan of her game play. I also found her actions immature for a woman her age and her name calling of the other HGs grating and silly.

But, I made the room a promise. If Janelle ever broke free of Will, ever made a major game move for her, ever just once listened to someone telling her the truth, believed them, and acted on it, I would be a Janelle fan.

I keep my promises. I hopped on the train as fast as I could. I was elated! The women in the room were elated. The men in the room were elated. We, for the first time in this wretched game, were joined together in one common emotion. We were sick of these two slimy men using these two women, belittling them in the nastiest of ways, and just as sick of these women allowing it to happen.

We stayed up for what felt like days and talked, and hoped, and sent Janelle our collective Mojo. Begged Erika to get up, go outside, talk to Janelle some more, and were rewarded for our efforts in spades. We were all there, holding our breath, screaming at the TV together, waiting for Janelle to drop the bomb on Will and Mike. You may not believe that a room full of chatters can send their collective Mojo out into the cosmos and make things happen, but I do.

Makes me wonder what other things could be conquered with a little unity.

Choo Choo!