The big news Thursday was that Jessie was evicted and Michele is the new HOH. We went most of the day without live feeds, because the showed taped early and not shown live. The speculation was that the producers were afraid that Chima would go ballistic when she found that Jeff had the "wizard power" and changed her nominations. If Chima went ballistic during the show, we never saw it, but we saw plenty of Chima after the feeds came back on. Definitely a night of high drama, especially for Chima/Lydia/Natalie. There was also a new alliance formed between Jeff/Jordan/Russ/Michele.

As of the time they went to bed, Michele was planning to nominate Chima, but hadn't decided on her other nominee, probably either Nat or Lydia. But, since things change so fast in the house, that could change by nomination time Friday night. Friday promises to be an interesting day.


When BB says that the HGs are going to get up early, they mean early…..The HGs are woken up at 6:18 BBT…We get feeds, and by 6:45 the HGs are in their usual HOH Thursday morning lockdown….The guests are wondering what is happening, so the feeds go in and out. There is a lot of talk about the show not being alive…The feeds continue to go in and out…Chima gets up and starts packing her HOH stuff, then takes a shower in the HOH shower.

8:00 am The HOH lockdown ends sometime after 8:00….It appears that all (or most) of the HGs have been asked to pack…Russ packs his stuff in the Red Room…It’s taking some of the HGs longer to get up—Jess goes back to his bed in the Red Room. Jeff, too….Apparently the HGs got Starbucks coffee and tea, Michelle and Jordan are in the kitchen. Jordan is trying to make an iced chocolate drink…They also got origami paper and a jewelry kit. Lydia plays with the jewelry kit and Kevin makes origami….Russ asks Michele if she has any Tums. (She does.)

In the WC Chi/Nat/Lydia gather and talk while Kevin showers….They guess that maybe BB is taping instead of live because they are afraid that Lydia will flip out….Lydia says she will be good. Nat kids that Lydia has her fingers crossed while she says that…Note: Anytime there is game talk we go to FISH—so we go to FISH a LOT….Now the group wonders if something really bad has happened in the world, such as Obama being assassinated. They mention BB2 when 9/11 happened…Lydia tells Chima that BB know something is going to happen with the wizard power, thus the reason they are taping….Important Note: Natalie is in the shower!!! (And it turns out to be a very long shower—more than half an hour!)

In the kitchen Michele is vacuuming, Jordan is cleaning up the kitchen.

9:00 am Not much is going on in the house….The HGs don’t seem to know what to do with themselves (except Jesse is still sleeping)….Several iron their clothes, but they don’t want to get dressed yet…Nat asks Chima if her extensions are sewn in. Chima says “Yes” and that it took a long time….In the pool room Russ is lying on his bed. He throws a few punches in the air. Then he gets up and joins Lydia in making origami…..They laugh about Jess having to unclog the toilet for Nat…A little before 10, Jeff is up, putting in contacts, and shaving. Just as he is shaving they call him to the DR. (They have called other HGs to the DR as well, all for very short periods.)

Jordan tells Chima and Michele that she is PMSing and is aggravated. She talks about Russ asking for votes. Chima says, “He (Russ) HAS to go!”

10:00 am….Shortly after 10:00 am BBT, the feeds go to trivia and stay there….Later in the day, CBS posts on the feeds that the live feeds will not return until 9 pm Eastern/6 pm Central time….On Feed 1, Real Player has an extended “talk show” marathon, hosted by Chelsia from BB9 and a BB fan named Missy. Most of the calls cover the same questions Jokers’ posters have discussing all week and neither Chelsia nor Missy seems to be an expert on the show. (Note: Since my recap (as always) only covers the live HG feeds, and the “talk show” gives us no new information, I am not covering the “talk show” in this recap. The talk show ends a little before 1 pm BBT…. After the “talk show” RealPlayer played some reruns of “Jon and Kate Plus Eight.”…Chelsia and Missy return about 2:00 BBT, but with no sound for awhile, and had lots of sound problems afterwards. (Ed. Note: I find the show just as entertaining without it.)


Julies stands in front of the live audience as usual, wearing a black and, white polka dot dress with white jacket. From the front, she hardly looks pregnant, but from the side view you can tell her pregnancy is pretty far advanced. Still, she looks very good…As usual, she introduces a “last week in the BB house segment…She confirms that the vote for Jeff as America’s choice “….overwhelmingly to give Jeff power of coup d’etat.”

They show the POV ceremony, with Kevin not using the POV…. Kevin says he didn’t use the POV because he didn’t want to create more enemies, and he wants to vote Russell home this week…Russell says he’s going to lobby for votes…. Jessie is scared of the wizard power. Jessie says he’s lost in the game before and knows how it feels….All the HGs are trying to figure out who has wizard power…Jeff says he loves having the power, and thinks everyone will be surprised that he’s the wizard….Nat/Jessie decide to spend day with Jeff and Jordan because they figure that one of them has wizard power….But, Jordan thinks it’s strange that Jeff/Nat suddenly trying to be their friend….Jessie still upset that Russ picked Jeff to play for him in POV instead of Jessie. Jessie said it’s obvious that Russ wanted to take winning out of Jessie’s hands and into Russ’s hands….We see a fight between Jess/Russ. Jess/Nat overhear Russel talking with Michele. Jessie walks in and reminds Michelle that Russ called her crazy a few days ago. Russell/Jessie get in fight in front of Michele. Michele leaves the room. Russ thinks the only hope is that mystery power does not against Russell…Chima feels she has orchestrated Russell’s demise…Chima threatens that we will see a side of her never seen before if Jeff uses Wizard to remove Russ.

Julie talks to HGs. Kevin says it was hard not to use video on Lydia. But Lydia says that they are good….Nats says the most surprising thing is the boredom. Julie says surprised she is bored because there is so much tension in the house…Julie asks Jeff the same question. Jeff says it’s hard because every day is a mind**** (he doesn’t say the second half of the word. Jeff tells Julie he didn’t say the whole word and Julie thanks him for that.

There is a segment on Chima….Chima’s best friend says that Chima is a princess, high maintenance. Chima says he likes to have things her way…..Chima’s friend says that Chima thinks that men look down on women, Chima is a strong woman whenever possible….We see Chima’s grandmother watching a tape of Chima/Russ fighting. Chima’s grandmother says that, Chima has strong opinions, but she would advise Chima to listen a little more, be a little more civil, that Chima got too personal…Chima was raised by her grandmother after about age 3 when Chima’s mother went in the. The name Chima is Nigerian….Chima’s grandmother says that her name is really pronounced Chee-ma, Chima prefers She-ma.

In the HOH room, Julie asked why things went so wrong between Chima and Russ…..Chima says she found that that when she thought that she and Russ were friends, but found out that Russ ways saying things behind her back….Chima says she doesn’t regret anything she said in the house….Julie asked if the wizard power affected her strategy? Chima said, “No,” she had to focus on her main target of getting Russell out of the house.

Julie returns to the living room for voting….Julie says that one of the HGs has the mystery power…She says one of them has mystery power….Julie says that if the holder of the mystery power wants to use it tonight, he/she should stand now….Jeff stands up….Julie kiddingly tells Jordan to take her jaw off the floor…..Julie says that everyone except Chima/Kevin can be nominated, and both Jeff/Chima get to play for HOH…..First Jeff takes Lydia off the block and puts up Nat. Then Jeff takes Russ off the block, then Jeff points to Jess and says, “Sorry Buddy….Nat and Jess are given a chance to plead their cases to the other HGs.

Voting begins—Lydia, Russell vote to evict Nat. Kevin, Michelle, Jordan vote to evict Jessie so Jessie is evicted by a vote of 3-2.

As Jessie leaves, he first hugs Nat, then Chima, then Lydia. Russ gets quick hug. Says something as goes out door….Lydia is in tears.

Outside, Julie says that Jessie seemed to expect that he would go home. Jessie said he knew it was America’s vote and America voted against him last year…..Julie also asks Jessie why he didn’t campaign harder, and instead slept 13-14 hours a day….Jessie gets no videos from outgoing HGs.

The HGs are in the BY for the HOH comp….Julie will give clues about a competition, and the HGs have to guess whether it was an HOH comp, a POV comp, or a Have/Have Not comp….The HGs go up two a time and if the HG guesses wrong, or buzzes second, the HG is out of the comp…The winner of th pair gets to pick the next pair to go up….In the end, Michele wins the HOH comp over Kevin.

At the end of the show, Julie announces that next week will be a double eviction. There will be a week of competition—HOH, POV, vote all in one hour during the live show. (The HGs do not hear this.)

As the feed return to the HGs, everyone is quiet and no one looks very happy. Lydia is still very upset…Nat thanks everyone who voted for her to stay.

(Ed note: Unlike most Thursday eviction shows, this show was not live, but was taped in front of a live audience earlier in the day. The most popular theory for the early taping was that Lydia had threatened that she would go nuts if the wizard used his powers against her nominations. However, we never really saw Chima’s reaction, and either she did not throw a fit or it was edited out of the show.)


The feeds return about 6:00 BBT…All of the HGs except Chima, Nat, and Lydia are sitting on the couch in the BY chitchatting….The HGs seem very relaxed…It sounds like they are having Chinese food for dinner tonight….Jordan tells Kevin that they think he is “Gucci.” She confesses that they wondered for awhile if Kevin was with the other side because they saw him talking with Nat/Jess this morning and were pissed, but Jordan says she knows now that he was probably just just talking to the other side of the house because they had the power….Russ and Jeff get up to play pool. Jeff and Russ hope the rest of the “live shows” aren’t live. They agree that Julie is very quick on her feet asking questions.

Jordan and Kevin continue to talk sitting on the BY couch, but it is hard to hear them over Russ/Jeff’s pool game…It sounds like Jordan told Ken that Jessie was just using Kevin for the numbers, and that she and Jeff knew that Jessie was coming after them….Jordan is called to the DR. (Most of the HGs have been called to the DR for short periods at this point.)

A little after 6:30, Lydia, Chima, and Nat come into the BY….Nat and Lydia play badminton…Chima sits on the couch next to Kevin…Chima tells Kevin “You don’t how much I want to go home. Kevin consoles her….Chima tells Kevin that she, Lydia, and Nat went into the DR and said they were going to walk off the show….Chima later tells Kevin that she can’t wait for Russ to f*ck Jeff up the ass, especially since Jeff doesn’t expect it…Chima also tells Kevin that Rich (one of the producers) told her that Jessie is taking it very well (then we go to FISH).

In the WC with Jordan and Michele, the mood is different….Jordan is in the shower, so it’s hard to hear with the water running, but Michele does the arm pull “Yes!” movement….Michele whispers to Jordan that they are going to have such a good time this week.

A little later in the BY, Kevin is talking to Lydia, Nat, and Chima…Kevin is upset about Jessie snubbing him when he left, and didn’t hug Kevin good-bye…Lydia defends Jessie by saying he has been evicted twice now….Kevin admits that he voted to evict Jessie, but then he looks and Nat and reminds her that if he had voted the other way, Natalie would be gone….Kevin feels that Jessie’s diss to Kevin (by putting his hand to Kevin’s face) when Jessie was saying good-bye means that Jessie was playing him the whole time….Kevin says that he would never do that to Nat…Kevin tells the group that Jessie was trashing Lydia in the Green Room, and Lydia says she didn’t know that….Chima/Nat/Lydia talk about their threats to the DR and say that the DR is giving them each a beauty product to calm them down. But to be fair, BB is giving everyone in the house an item, as well.

7: 00 pm BBT--Jordan and Michele are still in the WC….Jordan tells Michele that someone (apparently Chima) dumped Russ’ bag with all his clothes in it…Jordan thought the others would be kissing Michele’s ass after she won HOH….Mich says he guesses they all want to be evicted….Jordan and Michele have the jewelry-making kit that was given to the HGs and work and making necklaces/bracelets….Russ has now joined them and tells Michele about the others dumping his stuff out…He says to say whatever you want to him, but leave his stuff alone…Michele says it’s the same people who wanted to throw water at her…Russ says that someone also took the sheets off Jeff’s bed….Michele tells how someone stole her hat, and Ronnie told her it was Laura, but she doesn’t believe it….Jeff joins them in the WC and is brushing his teeth….Russ goes to check what else they have messed with.

Back in the BY, Kevin/Chima discuss whether the other side will put up Russ. They think they will probably gun for Natalie because she is upset over Jessie…Nat has joined them and Kevin and Chima say that Nat needs to kiss Michele’s butt so she can stay in the house another week….Nat says that she (Nat) is going after Jeff and Jordan….Natalie expected Lydia to vote her out and says she will tell Russ to f*ck off because he voted to evict her….Natalie tells them about BB giving them all hair and make-up products, so she is going to stay in the house.

In the WC, Jeff is asking why BB is giving everyone beauty products. Jordan is surprised they didn’t give any to the guys. Russ says the DR didn’t ask him if he wanted anything…Russ tells Jor/Mich he thought he was going home, and he was just trying to enjoy the last few days and thought he was going to the beach….Jeff says that besides dumping Russ’ stuff, they (Nat/Chima/Lydia) dumped Nerd candy in his hat…Jordan wonders if her stuff was messed with, but the guys don’t think they’d mess with Jordan…Jordan says that J/C/L don’t want to be in the house anymore because Jessie isn’t here.

Outside, the conversation, continues along similar lines as before…Nat feels that it is BS that Jeff got that much power w/o competing for it….Chima feels like BB has f*cked her in the butt….Nat promises that she and Jeff will be going at it after the POV ceremony.

Back inside, Lydia and Nat are cleaning up the Red Room….They say it is filthy and needs vacuuming…In the SS room, Michele is packing up her things for the HOH room….Nat and Lydia want Russ to move into the SS room and to take all his stuff out of the Red Room…But Lydia says she will talk to Russ before she moves it, because she wouldn’t want someone touching her stuff without asking her….In the RR, Lydia and Jordan hug it out. Lydia says she’s not mad at Jordan. Jordan says she’s glad that Jeff used it even though she feels that she and Jeff will be next on the block, but at least Jeff took Lydia off the block…Lydia tells Jordan that she doesn’t hold Jordan accountable for what Jeff does..But Lydia doesn’t think it was fair that Jessie went home w/o getting a chance to save himself by playing in the POV…In the RR, Lydia/nat find a couple of shirts that Jessie left behind and they claim them.

8:00 pm….Russ is in the BY by himself. First he turns the beachball into a basketball, then he plays badminton by himself…Lydia and Kevin are playing with Play Doh on the kitchen counter…In the RR, Chima says to Nat, “They keep trying to talk us off the ledge with the prize money, but..” then feeds go to FISH… Chima continues to vent to Nat, “I was HOH, made nominations, everyone wanted him out, but but one person that had a power, that he should not have had. I don't care what beauty products they give me, and they don't expect me to be happy.”…The feeds go to FISH…Chima threatens to lose the Have/have nots on purpose, then eat and eat, and take hot showers until she gets a penalty eviction….Chima wonders who anyone can think getting Jessie out before Russ is a good move. Chima says that they (presumably BB) hasn’t done anything like this before, and don’t know the repercussions. They don’t know that (the HOH) is not happy being made a fool of.

Just about this time, Michele invites everyone up to see her HOH..BTW—There is a big DR leak of production coaching Michele what to say and how to say it when she shows off her DR….Chima and Nat don’t want to go, but realize that they need to—they are the last ones up to Michele’s room.

Michele gets lots of pictures—of her husband, in-laws, niece and nephew, from her wedding, etc. She gets the CD Pinkerton by Weekzer….Michele reads the letter from her husband. It is a very romantic, well-written, long letter….Jeff kids that the letter from Michele’s husband is so good that Jeff wants to go out with him. (LOL!)….Chima and Nat are quiet and pretend to be interested in Michele’s HOH room. (Although Nat is genuinely interested to see what liquor Michele got.)…Chima says that everything about her HOH sucked, including the letter from her grandmother….Chima also tells Michele that even people who don’t like her are going to stay in the HOH room and try to kiss her ass. Michele says she knows that….In the end, Chima and Michele are the only ones left in the HOH room. Chima tells Michele she wants to talk to her.

9:00 pm….Chima starts bashing Russ and Michele says that she doesn’t need to reminded….The Chima rush bashing goes on for awhile, interspersed with Chima saying that Michele needs to make her own choice….Then Nat comes in to tell Michele to put up Russ and tells Michele that she has never lied to her. ….The talk continues and Nat promises not to put Michele up next week….Chima says that Jeff is discounting women winning and that Jeff thinks Michele is on his side…Nat offers Michele to be on her and Chima’s “team.”

While this is going on, Jordan is in the BY with Jeff and Russ saying that Nat is the biggest instigator in the house…Then Jordan says she’d better go in the house before her stuff gets smashed….Russ tells Jeff he’d rather ride with Jeff/Jordan/Michele than the other side….Jeff/Russell talk about how Kevin voted against Jessie and how Jessie didn’t hug Kevin….Russ is worried that if Michele makes the wrong move the other side will have the power again….Jeff reminds him it’s a game and not real life…Russ says that Kevin told him he liked him and was nice to him when he thought Russ was going home, but now Kevin is ignoring him….Jeff says that Kevin isn’t a problem.

The food has arrived and Russ goes in to eat. Jeff stays outside (he is still on slop for another day)….Jeff tells Jordan that he let Russell know that he is very pissed that Russell voted to keep Jessie, and Jeff knows that…. Jeff says he feels bad that Chima is so filled with anger and he knows why she is still single….Russ comes back outside….Both Jordan and Russ are eating a lot of food in front of Jeff…Jeff says he thinks Michele will do the right thing…Jeff/Jordan/Russ agree that some of the women are acting like 5-year olds about Jessie.

Outside, Jeff said it’s hard to stay positive, but they are not going to break him. He feels he made a good move and that is all there is to it….Russ promises to give the POV to Jeff, even if Russ is on the block, to pay Jeff back for saving him….Jeff said it would be sickening if Nat/Chima/Kevin/Lydia were to win the game…But then he reminds himself that this is a game, and they are lucky to be here and the others are just ungrate mother*ckers…..Jeff says the only way he will lose it is if they mess with his toothbrush and production allows him to use it on his teeth. Something to humiliate him….Jeff Russ agree to calm each other down if they get ready to blow….Jeff mentions that there may be a double elimination coming up soon…Russ is trying to think of the various comps that were at the end of the season….Russ says if they go after Jordan he will be pissed….Jeff thinks Jordan would be okay, that she can stand up for himself…Now Russ says how great it is to be on BB and he has had an awesome summer.

Inside Lydia/Nat/Chima have toasted Jessie…Once again they talk about the stages of grief….They talk about Jessie, and Chima says how Jessie helped her and was so sweet…There is talk about the bad attitude of the 2nd DR person they talked to tonight…and we get FISH…There is more mourning over Jessie and Chima starts to cry (in part because she has eaten none of her dinner and drunk two glasses of wine)….Lydia says that Jessie had a great spirit and presence, and Chima agrees. (Note: They are acting in some ways as if Jessie has died.)…Lydia and Nat join in the crying…Then they discuss their best memories of Jessie….The women say that Jessie never said a bad word about anyone and he is gone…..Kevin is sitting with the women but he is not talking.

10:00 pm…Outside, Jeff is in the pool, then the hot tub…Russ is on the couch….There is little talk between them except that Russ says his stomach gets jacked up from being in the house….Michele comes outside and tells them about the cryfest going on in the kitchen over Jessie leaving…Michele says “(Jessie) must have some magic power.)

In the kitchen, the crying turns to game…Lydia says that money is not object to her, that if Michele puts her up, she wants to be voted out….Lydia says that Russ/jeff/Jordan are her targets now….Once again they agree that it wasn’t fair that Jeff had the coup d’etat because he didn’t win it….Both Lydia and Chima don’t care if they leave now….Lydia says that Jordan is the ho and does whatever her pimp tells her to do. Lydia also says that the only reason that Jordan hasn’t f*cked Jeff is that Jeff hasn’t had the HOH. (Ed note: It is very difficult to write a lot of this stuff with a straight face.)

Outside, Russ hopes they all walk out, because he would take Jeff/Jordan/Michele/himself as the final four….The group of four are all in the hot tub now, and Jordan tells them what she heard in the kitchen when the women were crying about Jessie…Jeff says, “Yeah, Jessie was a real good guy. He played two of those girls crying over him against each other.”…Michele tells the BY group about the “deal” that Nat offered her not to put her up next week.

Lydia/Nat/Chima say they would put up Jeff and Russ if they got HOH, and if one comes down because of POV, they will put up Jordan…They tell Kevin they were hoping he would win the POV, because they aren’t sure about Michele. (Reminder: The last two in the HOH comp were Kevin and Michele.)

Chima says “Russ is a terrorist and I am the twin towers.” She said Russ made a paper airplane to throw at her….Lydia wishes Ronnie were still in the house…Chima and Lydia continue bashing. Nat is quieter now…Chima says she argues subject matter, but Russ makes it personal.

Back outside Jeff/Jordan/Russ/Lydia talk about all the different hair colors that Michele has had. Note: We learned from HOH pictures that up until a few months ago Michele was blonde, and she tried dying her hair purple once….They want to go to the storage room to see the products that BB has given them

But, there is also game talk. Michele tells them was that Nat told her in front of Chima that if Michelle nominated, the two of them (presumably Nat/Mich) could have an alliance. Jeff says sarcastically, “That’s smart,” and they all laugh…They say Nat is trying to make alliances with everyone…Jordan says that Jessie did that, too.

Back in the house the mourning over Jessie and the bashing of others continues….Lydia says that Jeff made fun of her when when was crying when Jessie’s picture turned black and white. Jeff said that Lydia was hugging Jessie’s picture. Lydia says she’d want Ronnie “the Nazi” in the house over Russell “the terrorist.” Chima says that Ronnie wasn’t a Nazi, though, and Lydia says she knows that…Nat says that earlier, while Michele was there, they said they would never vote for Russell to win. Nat says they can’t say that in front of Michele because Michele might think Russell is a good person to take to the end….Even beauty products are criticized. Chima says that “Aqua Net” hairspray is “white trash”. Lydia says that is Jordan’s and Chima says that is about right. (Okaaay)

In the BY, Michelle tells Jeff and Russ that Chima told her that the two of them (Russ, Jeff) would put her (Michele?) up next week..They guys say the others are just trying to start things..Jordan says you have to make a big move and then another big move. “Motivational speaker, you guys.” (All laugh.)…Jordan warns Russ not to go off on the other side. Russ says he and Jeff have an agreement to keep the other one from getting upset. Jeff doesn’t want his stuff messed with any more…Jordan says that if they messed with Chima’s stuff, she would throw a fit….Jordan wants to know why they are crying like Jessie died. Jeff thinks it’s hilarious.

Michele is called to the DR…As she goes, Chima says, “There they (BB) go, filling her head with bullsh*t.”…The 4 in the kitchen remind each other of things that Russ has done to Michele, such as calling a house meeting to embarrass her. They want to remind Michele of these things so if Russ goes up they will have the votes to send him out of the game (with Jordan/Jeff being the only votes to save him).

The conversations of the backyard crew versus the kitchen mourners continue in tandem…Chima hid Russell’s rosary, but apparently Russell hid Kevin’s Aveeno lotion. (Note: Russell tells Jeff a little later that he has his rosary in his pocket.)

Jordan wants to know who Michele is going to nominate….Russell thinks Michele said Nat and Chima…Russ goes inside….Jeff and Jordan talk alone about who the second vote was for Jessie’s eviction. They say they don’t want to talk about it in front of Michelle because she was getting pissed. Jeff says it’s either Michele or Russ lying about the vote, because Kevin wouldn’t admit it if it wasn’t him…They think it might be Russell because Russell also voted for Casey to stay.

Chima is drinking quite a bit. She says she wants to drink her whole bottle of Reisling an Nat offers Chima the rest of her wine. Chima drinks it saying, “F*ck you, Big Brother.”

All this time, Kevin has been sitting among the “grieving women.” Chima tells Kevin she knows he’s wondering what to do with them, but tells him that she/Nat/Lydia are not dumb b*tches but strong bitches and once they’ve had their night to grieve, they have Kevin’s back…Lydia and Nat plan to wear clothing of Jessie’s to every nomination ceremony….Chima is called to the DR…Nat curses production because production didn’t care about the good-bye messages they left. Nat had left a nice message for Lydia….Lydia wants to take Jeff’s clothes and put them on the raft in the pool….Nat said that if she won HOH she really would f*ck with people’s cr*p.

Michele is out of the DR and outside asks Jeff who he would put up. Jeff says not Kev, because Kev can come to their side. He would put up Nat and Chima….Jeff says that Chima needs to go home because she is the voice of that group….Jeff doesn’t think that Michele will gain a friend by not nominating Nat…Michele says that Nat’s friendship is no value to her….Michele wants Russell’s word that he won’t put Michele up this week. In a roundabout way, Russ gives Michele his word…Michele says to Russ, “No dick jokes.” Russ says good because his dick doesn’t work right now. (Ed note: Not sure how that snippet fit with the rest of the conversation, but I thought it was funny.)

Inside the house, Natalie goes into the Have Not room and takes all the pillows and blankets except one of each. She then hides them within the other blankets in the red room. (Note: Jeff has one more night in the Have Not room.)

11:00 pm…More complaining from the inside crew about BB….Nat says that if she is a Have Not she will sleep in her bed anyway and doesn’t care. Lydia agrees and says that BB complains that they sleep all day, but says that if she can’t sleep in her own bed, she won’t sleep all day…Lydia thinks Michele didn’t like Jessie because he didn’t flirt with her. Nat says Jessie couldn’t connect with Michele because she stood in the way of that.

The BY crew continues to chit chat. Jeff says that if we win next week we’re final four, unless it’s double eviction BS. (Ed note: Good guess, Jeff.)

About 11:15, Jeff/Jordan/Russ/Michele head to the HOH room….Russ says, “Take the chess board!”…Jordan asks Michele if she can shave her legs…Jeff stops off in the WC to brush his teeth…Michele stops in the Green Room and tells Kevin that any time he wants to talk he should feel free….Lydia tells Nat she won’t happy until Russ and Jeff get evicted—they unleashed 3 pitbulls (that is L/N/C)..Lydia asks Nat if she saw this coming, because she didn’t. Nat says that Jessie saw it coming…Lydia and Nat plan to go off on Jeff after the POV…Now Lydia and Nat are worried about Jessie and whether he got his stuff.

In the HOH room, Michele shows them her stuff, including the fake white rat she uses for demonstrations..Michele also says the reason she doesn’t have my girl friends is that she avoids girls like Chima….They continue to talk about nominations and who is best to put up with Chima…Jeff says, “Enjoy your week, Michele.” Michele says, “This is OUR week.”…Michele asks who should go after Chima. Russ says Lydia because she is smarter and Nat is younger and easier to get rid of….Jeff says that for him, the next up would be Nat.

Downstairs in the RR, the mourning continues…Lydia says that Jess never had a chance to fight and she cries…Nat is mad that Chima didn’t get to pick replacement noms for CDT.

Back upstairs the talk is mostly chit chat about Michele’s rats and her hair color. Michele says she may adopt because she has things in her genes she doesn’t want to pass on to a baby. (Ed note: There goes the rumor that Michele has had children.)

Downstairs, Lydia and Nat seem pretty sure that Russ is going up, and think that if one of them goes against Russ they would have the votes…..Lydia is still really mad that Russ is still here and wants to scream…Nat is waiting to unleash on Jeff…They say they should have forced Jeff to admit he had the wizard power…Lydia is still upset that Jessie didn’t get a proper good-bye.

In HOH, Jeff is humble about winning America’s vote…He tells them that he found out right before the Russ house meeting….Michele says she was wondering what Jeff was smiling about…Jeff said the timing was perfect because the attention wasn’t on him….Once again, the HOH crew talk about comps in previous seasons….Russ is hoping the next HOH comp is endurance..But he also thinks next week might be a double eviction…..Jeff mentions that Nat was drinking at age 18 and wonder if BB will do anything since underage drinking is illegal….Russ is happy that now they are a team so that they can enjoy the BY…Jeff said he wasn’t nervous about having the power—he was excited. But he did get nervous when he stood up during the show and everyone was “mean mugging” him…Jeff said he wanted to say a lot in his speech but was told he only had one or two sentences. He wanted to call them out on the house agreement to get Ronnie out, but Casey went home instead


While J/J/M/R are still in the HOH room, Chima and Lydia come up…They eat out of Michele’s basket of goodies….Jordan goes downstairs to get a drink and asks if anyone wants anything. LOL…A little later, Michele says she will rub Jeff’s back, and Jeff tells Jordan she should take some tips from Michele. Michele says she rubbed Jeff’s back to get him to stop snoring. Jeff tells her to smack him if he does that…Michele says BB encouraged her to drink all her alcohol before the end of the week, because she can’t keep it after that…..Jeff and Russ talk about a planned trip to Vegas after the show (Ed note: it may be a planned reunion for the cast.)…Chima and Lydia go into the HOH bathroom to talk.

The HOH alliance tries to think up names for themselves—The workout crew, the sunshine crew, the pool crew, the not going home crew….Jeff is called to the DR….There is no game talk about Lydia and (drunk) Chima are in the HOH bathroom…Russell pretends to throw something at the HOH bathroom door.

Michele invites Jordan to sleep in HOH. Jordan agrees. Russ says he and Jeff will sleep in the floor….Michele says the DR told her not to let boys sleep in her bed and to talk about her husband more. (Ed note: Interesting DR note)

Because Lydia and Chima are in the HOH bathroom dyeing Lydia’s hair (WTH!), Michele and Jordan go and use the bathroom downstairs….Lydia tells Chima she is going to try to find the good in Nat…Lydia talks about doing stuff to get in trouble with BB. Chima warns her not to do it, because they will fine her and deduct it from her stipend…Chima says that Kevin isn’t with the girls because he has a penis. Lydia agrees but says Kevin won’t throw them under the bus. Chima doesn’t think Kevin understands women’s emotions….Then it turns into another Jeff bashing session, saying his astrological sign (Gemini) points to him as someone who can’t be trusted….They go on to discuss the signs of the various HGs.

Downstairs, Russ has gone to the DR…Jeff’s playdoh figure is missing and Jeff mourns the loss of Lil Jeff. Along with the play doh figure, says that Lil Jeff didn’t survive the storm…Jeff/Jordan go outside.

In the meantime, Kevin is schmoozing Michele, throwing Russ under the bus. He reminds Michele about all the horrible things Russ said about her… Kevin says that he and Michele had talked about getting the bad people out and agreed that Jessie was one of those….Michele tells Kevin she is not putting him up..Michele hints that Lydia will be going up.

1:00 am….Lydia and Chima have moved back to the downstairs WC, where Lydia is washing out her hair dye…Meanwhile, the Kevin/Michele continue to talk in the GR, but nothing really new…Michele tells Kevin that she can’t reveal her nominations, but she has had to make friends with people in the house she doesn’t like. She says that Ronnie was the worst—way worse than Russell…However, Michele basically tells Kevin that one of the girls on his team is going up and out.

Jeff/Jordan are outside and Russ joins them….Russ says that Chima is liquored up and talking smack…Russ said it was really rude of Chima/Lydia to go into Michele’s HOH and close the bathroom door…Jeff goes inside to figure out how he’s sleeping in the Have Not room…Russ asks if he should talk to Michele tonight….Jordan says to wait until Michele is finished talking to Kevin or first thing in the morning before everyone wakes up.

Jordan feels bad and wants to sleep in the Have Not room with Jeff…Russ says that he will, that it’s no big deal, he’ll just throw on some sweats. Russ says he’s so happy that Jeff saved him tonight, that Jeff has his back….Jordan says she wanted to sleep in the HOH with Michele but she thinks people will be in and out all night.

Jordan/Jeff have moved to the pool room….Jordan talks about how she didn’t expect Jeff to get the HOH but was so surprised—it was like Christmas morning….Jeff said he had to make this move or he was going home next. He says they have to win the next HOH and send one more home. Then they can control the votes because if Jeff goes against Russ, Russ will go home…Jordan says it must feel good tht America obviously likes him…Jordan hopes America loves (the both of) them, because they are a package deal.

The Michele/Kevin conversation continues….Kevin trashes Jessie to Michele….Kevin also says he notices the talk about the girl power and how Nat/Chima/Lydia are excluding him….Chima/Nat/Lydia keep talking about “Us three” and excluding him…However, along with these comments, Kevin is still saying that Russell is a bad person, too.

The Michele/Kevin conversation finishes and Michele talks to Russ…Michele calmly confronts Russ about telling about her PhD and that Russ was so hostile when confronting her, instead of just talking to her. Russ admits that paranoia was taking over. Everyone was ignoring him and not talking to him….Russ and Michele say they were both paranoid and confused….Michele said she hated having to listen to Chima’s cackle and horrible comments just to save herself from getting nominated…More game talk, then Russ and Michele hug and make up

2:00 am….Michele and Russ are in HOH. Russ tells Jordan that he and Michele hugged it out…Jordan says she will spend the night with Michele in HOH…Michele says Jeff/Jor can spend the night in the HOH room once during the week…Jordan says that’s okay, but Michele says it’s a team win and we can all use the room….Michele gets called to the DR….Jordan says that Jeff will be coming up to HOH soon.

Kevin is talking to Lydia now….Lydia tells Kevin that Jeff asked Nat why she was so sad Jeff sent Jessie home since Jessie is not Nat’s boyfriend, he’s Lydia’s…Kevin tells Lydia that he should have followed his instincts that Jessie was a f*cking douchbag.

In the WC, Nat asks Kevin how his talk with Michele went….Kevin says he brought up how Russ yelled at Michele and says Michele is a smart girl. But he tells them that Michele wouldn’t say who she is putting up. Nat says she is expecting to go up and has her speech ready….Nat says she has three targets—Russ/Jeff/Jordan. She will try to get Jeff to eat something tomorrow so he gets another day of slop…The three of them talk about who might go up, but Lydia’s name doesn’t come up….Kevin advises Nat not to bring up Jessie or other people in the house with want her to STFU. Nat agrees and will try to tone it down.

Russ is going to sleep in the Have Not room with Jeff…Russ feels bad that they took all Jeff’s blankets…However, BB says that Russ can’t sleep in the Have Not room.

In the GR, Michele talks to Jordan…Michele has reservations about trusting Russ and wants to know if he would vote Nat out instead of Chima. Jordan doesn’t think he would backstab them this week because he hates Chima so much….Jordan tells Michele that Jeff is pissed at Russ for not voting to evict Jessie…Michele talks about her nomination speech tomorrow….More game talk…Michele asks Jordan what will happen if they get to the final 3 with Jeff…Jordan says that she will have no hard feelings because she will be happy to make it that far…They say it will be hard to get Russ out, but will figure it out later..Jordan says she isn’t afraid to evict Russ if it came down to Michele and Russ…The two of them say that Chima can be nice when she gets her way, but you have to agree with her….Jordan is worried about why Russ doesn’t wnt to put up Nat….Jordan and Michele agree that Lydia is shady. Jeff doesn’t like her….Michele hopes that Ronnie was watching tonight and cried when Jessie was evicted….Michele tells Jordan that Chima is going up and it is between Nat and Lydia for the 2nd person….More game talk about who to put up but no decisions.

3:00 am Jordan and Michele agree that it was mean that the others left Jeff only one blanket and one pillow in the Have Not room…and that the others are sleeping with the three other sets.

More game talk…Michele says putting up Chima will be the dirtiest thing she has done in the game….Jordan says not to worry about it. They know Chima/Nat will attack them and be prepared for it….More talk about how excited they were went Jeff stood up to use the CDT…Michelle says Jeff reminds her of her husband and BIL—they all treat women with respect….Jor/Mich wonder if Chima’s job will be affected by what she has done on the show.

Michele and Chima finally settle down to sleep..Jordan snuggles under the covers and says, “This is so Gucci. I don’t feel like I’m in the BB house in this bed.”


Well, I can’t top that line, and thankfully, I don’t have to, because all the HGs are now asleep. Friday should be quite a day, with the Have/Have not comp and the nominations, which are sure to start a new round of complaining and revenge. Enjoy tonight, Jordan, because I doubt Friday will be "Gucci."