8:30 AM
Shelly is the first up as usual. She gets about an hour to herself before BB wakes the others.

As everyone is getting up, a shirtless Adam puts on Jordon’s tutu. He is still sporting the white heart shaped pasties that Porsche loaned him last night due to his nipples being rubbed raw from the HoH competition.

He does a little dance for the camera then goes to the bedroom to dance for the girls.

Lots of chatter about how sore they are from the HoH comp.

10:30 AM

An outside lockdown is called. Some Houseguests scramble to get some breakfast and take it outside.

Jordon takes the opportunity to get some pool time (ed. In other words, an excuse not to where the unitard for a awhile) only to find the pool water is murky from the suds and foam from last night’s HoH comp..

She manages to get some sunning in too.

Just before Noon, they are allowed back in the house to find a table filled with hard boiled eggs and jalapenos. Jeff was charged with placing three Houseguests to Have Not status. He chose Dani, Kalia and Porsche.

Porsche makes the best of it and borrows a sombrero from the table.

Dani and Kalia say they can’t eat the Jalapenos and will only eat the egg whites. They realize they will lose the beds they spent last week protecting.

Porsche tells Jeff and Adam all the things she can make with eggs. Jeff compliments her attitude and tells her he just wanted her to have the full Big Brother experience. She says wants to win a competition too.

Kalia requests to be alone with Jeff out back. She knows she will probably be nominated. Jeff said he told her what would happen if she nominated him two weeks ago and she doesn’t fight it. She mainly wants to run the bus over Rachel for things she did behind Jeff and Jordon’s back. She puts on a good face and says it sucks to be on Have Nots, but she will live.

Kalia leaves to and heads to the Have not room. She starts crying and Shelly finds her and tries to give comfort. Kalia takes the opportunity to throw Rachel under the bus with Shelly too and notes that Shelly seems to be more aligned with Jeff and Jordon than she is with Kalia and Dani.

Dani takes a turn with Jeff too. Jeff says she won’t be nominated. He is concerned she’ll use the Veto if she wins. She’s concerned about going up if the Veto is used by someone else. They both try to assure each other but neither seems really convinced.

Later Porsche makes sure Kalia and Dani know that she threw out all the Benifiber-spiked Muscle Milk.

The Have Nots set up their room using an abundance of towels.

1:30 PM
Another quick lockdown outside and when the Houseguests are allowed back in, they find the dining table has been replaced with a smaller one.

Jeff tells Jordan he has an agreement with Dani. If he doesn’t put her up, she will throw the Veto. They are both a little skeptical and consider putting Dani up anyway. They eventually decide to stick with the plan to put up Porsche and Kalia.

Jordon lets Jeff know that Shelly volunteered to be a pawn. Jeff says, “
NO! Is she crazy?”

Later Porsche tells Jeff she won't put him up next week if he doesn't put her up this week. Jeff jokes, "So we're really talking game now after 45 days?" and they awkwardly laugh about it.

Big Brother is watching… or is it Big Sister is watching…

4:00 PM
Feeds go to Trivia during the nomination ceremony.

5:15 PM
Feeds return with Kalia and Porsche nominated and lots of chatter about the possibility of 7 people playing in Veto this week.

Rachel makes a case to Jeff and Jordon that Porsche should be the one evicted because she has been getting close to winning in recent comps.

Later, Adam compliments Jeff on his classy nomination speech.

Porsche stirs some slop with Dani reading the slop rules.

They did pretty good with the slop battered jalopinos…

But Porsche grabed her slop bowl by the lid and it crashed to the floor.

Out on the Hammock, Jordan tells Jeff reasons Kalia should be evicted and they should try to make a deal with Porsche. Jeff is agreeable as he relaxes with his eyes shut.

Jeff and others encourage Jordon to skip around the yard with glasses on to look like the bee girl in the Blind Melon video.

7:00 PM
Kalia bashed about Rachel. Dani chants back at her, “Nominee syndrome”. '

After some Trivia on the feeds we are returned to the house to find they picked Veto players. Everyone except Rachel is playing. She will host.

Porsche tell’s Dani, "You have to take out Jeff before Rachel. I know it's painful and she's annoying as hell but you have to. He's the only head left on the dragon.” (ed. Not sure why she chose to say this today or why it’s up to Dani to make it happen).

We learned that Jeff pulled Rachel’s key out first today.

Shelly asks Kalia to help them get out Rachel. Kalia prefers if Dani wins Veto that Kalia comes off and Adam goes up.

9:00 PM
ShoToo Crawl
After battling his way back into the house, America’s Choice, Brendon, was evicted again and is this season’s first member of jury. Jordon’s veto competition punishment of wearing a humilitard will be over in one more day. The conclusion of the HoH competition and next nomination ceremony will air this Sunday.

Kalia apparently informed Rachel where her stuffed cow was hidden.

Adam retrieves four beers and a bottle of wine from the storage room.

The Have Nots look longingly as Adam puts them on the counter.

Jordan wants to know what Dunce means. Jeff and Adam laugh at her.

11:00 PM
Rachel announces, “I am not playing [in Veto] tomorrow. Might as well get drunk.”

Kalia is making a birthday crown for Dani out of a Frosted Flakes box.

Rachel follows Dani around apparently wanting to antagonize her. Dani is trying hard not to take the bait. Rachel looks satisfied with her efforts.

Jordan advises Rachel NOT to irritate Dani further.

Shelly tells Porsche and Dani she wants to cut off pieces of Rachel’s stolen stuffed dog and place pieces of it on Rachel’s bed.

Kalia brings Dani a Birthday crown and sash. Everyone is celebrating Dani’s birthday. Adam sings her a song he made up.

Jordan is called to the DR. Everyone cheers for her because she will get to take off the humilitard.

Dani reports to everyone that she has to wait to celebrate her birthday so Big Brother can focus on Jordon’s humilitard punishment coming to an end. But, production did sing her some songs in the DR.

Jordon reports that she and Adam need to do the cruddy dance before BB will let her take off her costume.

Jordan is back to normal

2:00 AM
Most everyone is settling into their beds, but conversations continue for quite some time, mainly in the HoH and the Have Not room.

Jeff and Jordon are recalling the day to each other and Jeff quizzes Jordan on house events. After going through many scenarios, they would still want to get Dani, but Kalia would be the target if nominations stay unchanged.

Everyone has drifted off to sleep by 3:30 AM and the house goes quiet.

Will Dani really throw the Veto? Will the nominations change? Will Dani get her BB Birthday party? And will Rachel be hung over? I wanna know!

Another good job with the updates today. Thanks Updaters!