Shelly slept in today but was still the first one up at 9:30am. Rachel, Brendon and Adam are soon to follow. Morning routines take place. Nothing was out of the usual to start the day in the Big Brother house.

At 11:30am Dani gets the HOH camera. The HG’s seemed to have fun with picture time today. There didn’t seem to be too much tension between them.

1:30pm Brendon and Rachel are in HN room talking about game play. Brendon tells Rachel that she needs to fight inside the house and he will fight for them outside of the house (getting an apartment, school, etc) The harsh reality that Brendon will probably be evicted is becoming more real for both of them.

At about 2pm they go outside and sit by the pool. Jordan and Jeff were in the pool. Jordan tells Brendon that she wasn’t going to vote for him if Adam doesn’t vote for him because she doesn’t want to go against the house. Rachel snaps and starts yelling at Jordan saying that they would vote for J/J. Jordan starts yelling back at Rachel telling her that she went out of her way last week to “babysit” her while she had a breakdown when Brendon left. (during this yelling Shelly and Kalia are in the kitchen…they hear the yelling but they decide they both want to stay inside and let whatever is going on outside play out) Jordan tells Rachel that they campaigned for them last week and had their backs. Brendon chimes in and tries to calm Jordan and Rachel down. After some discussion Jeff and Rachel agree that they are both hot heads while Jordan and Brendon are the calm ones. Brendon tells Jeff that he needs to speak to Rachel with more respect and Jeff tells him to make sure to tell that to Rachel too. (Rachel was sitting right there) Jeff then tells Rachel that he bites his tongue all the time and that he “can’t even taste food anymore… I have no tongue left !!!”

Brendon goes on to tell Jeff that Rachelle has a lot of emotions and sometimes has a hard time controlling them. Jeff explains that it’s the body language and facial features that set him off. Rachelle apologizes for her body language and they all start to laugh (in a nice way…it helped to break the tension)

Dani and Kalia were in the HOH room during the argument and they both agree that the more fighting that goes on between the four of them the better off they are. They confirm that Brendon is still the one they want to vote out.

The rest of the afternoon is pretty calm. Brendon and Rachel spend some time in the hammock talking about how “this is where it all began” referring to their relationship. At about 4pm the house goes on inside lock down. Speculation about what kind of HOH comp will take place and most of the HG’s believe it is going to be endurance.

The evening was filled with lots of relaxing and talking amongst the HG’s. Rachel and Brendon stayed in the purple room for almost the entire evening. They were playing a card game (with the tea bags that were made into cards) The rest of the group spent time in the living room playing words game, “simon says” and just having non game chit chat.

All HG’s were in bed by 3:15am (Jeff, Adam and Porsche were the last ones to head to bed)

What will the HOH competition be? Who will win? Will there be more drama? Come back tomorrow for the daily update to find out.