Lynn Chellew Goodbye Rachel, A farewell to Vegas...

I must apologize for the delay this week
In penning a goodbye for the Big Brother floozy
Apologies said read on my friends
Here it is…and it’s a doozy

Rachel you entered the Big Brother house
With fake hair and your boobs pushed high
You looked all around until you found
This season’s hottest guy

You then made a target of yourself
And made a target of your man
By jumping right into a showmance
You leapt to the fire straight from the pan

You were a strong competitor though
Winning competitions fair and clean
But that sent you on a power trip
The likes of which I’ve never seen

You openly challenged the “floaters”
When your last HOH you did win
Saying they better get life preservers
Cause you were going to do them in

But Rachel did you somehow forget
Did science not come into play
Did you not stop to weigh the odds
That another player may have their day

Maybe you do hold a science degree
But that in no way makes you smart
If it did you would know that in this game
You play with your head, not with your heart

Then came the day when this fan rejoiced
Rachel’s again nominated, it’s true
I couldn’t wait for the day to come
That I could write this poem for you

The last week you were in the house
Your true colors really shone bright
Pouting and fighting and all the fake tears
I couldn’t wait till you were out of sight

You seemed to think you were the only one
Who had a right to play this game
How dare they evict Big Red from the house
Surely they must be insane

Rachel your ego is as big as your boobs
You need to be taken down a notch
You’re nothing but a tequila soaked Vegas ho
And all in all an enormous biotch!

And your showmance with Brendon may have fooled some fans
But not me, I could see right through
It was all about how you would look
And keeping the cameras focused on you

And oh your high pitched bimbo voice
Is like fingernails on a chalk board wall
I swear to God if they could talk
You have the voice of a blow-up doll

And I have to mention the way you laugh
When you tilt your head and giggle that giggle
It simply proves to me that your brains
Much like your boobs also do jiggle

This is where I say I say a final goodbye
Signaling the poem has come to an end
It is with great pleasure I say goodbye to you
And happily click post and then click send

Goodbye Rachel, and may I add from one woman to another…cut the bimbo routine (including the bimbo launch where you fly at a man spread eagle) it really does demean someone who I think is a smart woman. You don't have to play dumb for a man to love you. Good luck in Vegas Baby!