A goodbye poem for Monet

Monet this is a goodbye poem
Written by a Big Brother fan
If you’re trying to pinpoint why you were evicted
I’ll be glad to lend you a hand

There are a number of reasons
Why you're no longer in this game
I'll go through the list one by one
And I'll give each reason a name

The first reason I name just plain greed
When in the first comp you grabbed the money
Didn't you know that would put a target on you
Hell everyone knew that honey

The second one I like to call supreme bitch
The things you and Britney said about the others
Not since the gathering of the obnoxious Nerd Herd
Have I seen bigger bitches on Big Brother

The third reason I name pure bad judgement
In with who you chose to align
Too bad you didn't see that Britney was poison
Too bad you didn't see the signs

Because of all this you are the second to leave
The second to walk out the door
I just hope that before you left
You scraped some dignity up off the floor

I really thought we’d see good game from you
At first I thought you’d be a good player
Turns out all you achieved in this house
Is to prove you are a hater

And so there it is, your goodbye poem
Your exit, your swan song
Hell call it whatever you like Monet
I don’t care, just as long as you’re gone

Thanks Monet for helping make the Nerd Herd look like Girl Scouts.