BBll DailyRecap

August 11, 2009

A Long Boring Day and a Night Charged by Potential Wizard Powers

It is Day 38 in the BB House and it should be, as Casey called it, another Ground Hog day. With no competitions and nothing to do, it’s difficult to predict what kind of day this will be. Chima has bashed Russel continually over the last several days, and must be running out of new fuel for her to add to her burn-Russel-at-the-stake fire. Chima’s bond with Michele seems to be growing stronger following their lengthy HOH conversation last night, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by the other HGs.

Jessie’s paranoia eased a bit yesterday when Kevin didn’t use the Veto to remove Lydia from the block, and he finally found the courage to really confront Russel about not choosing him to play in the POV and than having the nerve to ask him for his vote.

Russel made the best argument he could to win Jessie’s vote by telling the truth: There is no way Jessie can win this game once Russel is out of the house, because the women have banded together, possess the power and the numbers to come after him. Jessie listened and gave Russ a glimmer of hope by letting him know that he would consider giving Russ his vote is if Jeff comes to him with the assurance that the three of them would join forces against the girls.

[Jessie has an inexplicable fear of confrontation in general, which seems to be why he gravitates to she-males with big mouths to do his dirty work for him. But his fear of confrontation becomes absolute paranoia when it comes to Jeff. He realizes that Russel’s assessment of the situation is accurate. The conundrum he faces now being forced to play this game with Jeff without Natalie running interference for him.]

It will be interesting to see if Russel encourages Jeff to approach Jessie and reassure him that the three would work together, and whether Jeff will pretend to go along with the plan. Other than that, and Chima and Jessie stressing out over the possibility of the Mystery Power being used, I’m hoping for a relatively quiet day. But after 37 days of watching these crazy hamsters, we all know that things can turn volatile at the drop of a dime. We’ll have to wait and see if someone is holding the match to the fuse.

7:30AM BBT: BB’s wake-up call has yet to come. Kevin is the first one up and about this morning. He makes his way to the WC, and then sits in the Green Room for a while. He heads to the kitchen, takes a seat at the counter and begins molding Play-Doh.

8:02AM BBT: Lydia and Kevin are at the kitchen counter eating their slop breakfast. Lydia tells Kevin that Russel warned Jessie last night that if he leaves the house, everyone is coming after Jessie. Lydia comments about Jeff’s demeanor and possible connection with Russel. Kevin says that it’s because Jeff has the mystery power. Lydia agrees, and says that she’s convinced that Jeff threw the POV competition.

Lydia tells Kevin that she had a dream that Jessie’s dad came to give her a pep talk, and told her not to vote Jessie out. Kevin is concerned that Michele and Chima are getting to close. Lydia insists that Michele makes up stories and Jessie agrees.

Lydia tells Kevin that Natalie told her that she intends to put Lydia on the block against Michele.

Jeff sort of staggers into the kitchen and tells Kevin and Lydia that Michele woke him up with one of her night terrors.

Jeff leaves the kitchen, and Kevin returns to their conversation about Natalie putting Lydia on the block against Michele, and questions why she wouldn’t put Jordan up against Michele. They both agree not to talk game with Michele anymore. Lydia says that it’s easy to call Michele out and catch her in a lie because she is so easily flustered.

Kevin warns Lydia that they have to be very careful about what they say to Michele, because she will run to Chima and embellish the story. They talk about telling Chima about a comment Jeff made. Kevin says they have to tell Chima and try to get “out of that sh*t.”

8:19AM BBT: BB: Good morning houseguests, it’s time to get up for the day.
Lydia says, “F*ck this sh*t, grabs her things and heads off with Kevin, presumably to find some place to sleep. As usual, the rest of the HGs ignore the wake-up call.

8:22AM BBT: BB reminds HGs that there are fresh batteries in the storage room. HGs obviously don’t care.

8:26AM BBT: Chima is washing her face in HOH bathroom.

8:36AMBBT: Russel brushes his teeth, and then goes to the kitchen and starts washing dishes. He’s soon called to the DR.

8:49AM BBT: All cameras on Chima in the HOH bathroom.

9:08AM BBT: All cameras on Chima in the kitchen finishing up the dishes Russel left when called to the DR.

9:40AM BBT: BB: Houseguests this is a lock down. Please go outside and close the sliding glass door. The lockdown message is followed by a reminder that there are fresh batteries in the storage room. HG’s finally forced to get up and out of the house.

9:43AM BBT: Control Room

9:48AM BBT: Feeds came back a couple of minutes ago. All HGs are trying to sleep. BB comes on and names each HG and thanks them [I assume for cooperating].

9:57AM BBT: Jordan said that she didn’t know that everyone else in the house was sleeping. No one responds. All is quiet on the patio, with Lydia sitting alone by the pool, her head down and hooded.

10:06AM BBT: Jeff and Jordan move to the hammock and lie down.

10:15AM BBT: Jeff and Jordan are the only two awake. Jeff teases Jordan about her hairy legs, and tells her that she doesn’t need a shave, she needs a barber. They are quiet for a while, and then both comment about how all of their sleep patterns are f*cked up.

10:22AM BBT: BB: Houseguests the lockdown is over. You are free to move around the house. Jeff, please go to the Diary Room. Chima makes her way up the stairs. Jessie asks if she’s had enough of those stairs. Chima replies that it’s the only exercise she gets, and tells Jessie that he and Nat are welcome to come upstairs. “I know you’re afraid to come up, cuz I kicked you out.” She chuckles the Chima chuckle. [She really should explore this annoying tick with her therapist]

10:25AM BBT: Michele and Jordan in Splish-Splash room, talking about everyone still sleeping, and how cold it was last night in the HN room. Michele said that it was the coldest its ever been. Jordan tells her that Jeff was freezing when he crawled into bed with her last night. Michele wishes Jordan a good nap.

[It looks like we have a couple of hours before these lazy HGs actually get out of bed in order to spend three or four hours preparing for their evening naps. BB really needs to do something about the number of hours they are allowed to sleep during the day. It really irritated me see Natalie and Jessie sleeping with the lights out during BBAD last night!]

10:42AM BBT: Russel is making a lot of noise as he enters the Splish-Splash Room and crawls into bed. A minute later, Jeff enters the room and gets into bed with Jordan.

10:49AM BBT: Russel is called to the DR for the second time, and finally gets out of bed and goes.

10:54AM BBT: Jessie is in bed with Chima in the HOH room. Jessie tells Chima that he’s been thinking about who has the Mystery Power, and believes that Lydia might have it. He then talks about Jeff and how weird he’s been lately, how he goes in and out of the Splish-Splash room and just lets the door slam. Chima suggests that his mood may well be caused by being a Have Not. Jessie agrees that may well be. Jessie goes on to talk about his conversation with Russel last night, and how it is time for him to ‘swallow his pride’ and start playing the game to win. Jessie says that it takes a lot of nerve for Russel to come up to him and tell him that he has to vote to keep him. “Yeah, he f*cks me and then goes and tells me to go f*ck myself.” Jessie shares Russel’s justification for not picking Jessie to play in the POV was a smoke screen that would allow him to approach Chima without her thinking that they are still friends.

Chima says that Russel is just digging his own grave.

Talk now turns to Ronnie. Chima is still questioning what Russel and Ronnie had going on behind their backs. Jessie tells Chima that he told Russel that he and Nat were responsible for saving his ass the second week. Russell told him that was BS, that it was Ronnie who saved him—they had nothing to do with it. With the exception of telling Russel that he should have Jeff come to him and guarantee that the three of them would work together to get the girls out if he decides to vote to keep him, Jessie gives a pretty accurate blow-by-blow description of their conversation last night. Of course, Chima is laughing and loving the fact that she’s got Russel by the family jewels.

Jessie moans and says, “Natalie is so hot!” Chima replies, “Natalie is being a little brat.” She’s still upset about the way Natalie acted yesterday with Kevin and Lydia. Chima believes that when Kevin learned that Lydia through him under the bus in the Green Room, it put a strain on their relationship and had that not happened Kevin would have used the POV to save Lydia.

[OMG, I have to laugh while listening to Jessie talking about how Lydia should chill out about being on the block, when it’s apparent that she’s not going anywhere. I believe the most paranoid, persistent and annoying nominee in BB history was Jessie when Keesha put him on the block!]

Jessie says that he hopes Russel continues to bug Jordan so she’ll vote him out. Chima says that Russel’s bugging Jeff too, and hopes that the votes will come back 6-0 to evict Russel! She’ll do a cartwheel. [Sweet dreams Chima. Thursday just can’t come soon enough!]

In the meantime, the object of the Jessie-Chima conversation is on the elliptical in the backyard.

Jessie and Chima agree that they need to keep reminding Jeff about the things that Russel has done. Chima explains her theory that Russel won’t go after Natalie or Jordan because they’re protected by strong men, but he will come after, her, Michele, Kevin and Lydia because they don’t have a strong man to protect them.

Chima comments on how nervous Jeff and Jordan were before the POV. Chima says that Jeff called her a wild animal, but if he really wants to see her wild animal style, just let him keep Russel in the house. Chima says that she doesn’t like drama [LOL!], but if Jeff uses the power to save Russel there’s going to be plenty of drama, and Jeff knows that. She comments that Jeff barely talks game, and she doesn’t believe that he would want to be the one to create that much drama because the attention would be on him.”

Jessie: “Are you hearing this CBS?”

Chima continues to try to convince herself and Jessie that if Jeff does have the mystery power, he wouldn’t use it because keeping Russ doesn’t benefit either Jeff or Jordan. Russ is stupid to think that he can win people over by intimidating and bossing them around. He asked Jordan for a sympathy vote, and Jordan told him that she would vote for him, but isn’t. She says that if Russel says anything to her while leaving the house, she’s just going to say “6-0” [votes].

There’s a lot of laughter in the HOH room as Queen Chima and King Pinhead imagine Russel’s post-eviction interview with Julie Chen . Chima knows that Julie is smart enough to see through Russel, because he’s so transparent. Jessie continues to interject that they have to keep reminding Jeff about all the negatives there are to keeping Russel in the house. Chima wonders if Russ is still going to use his plan of attack to go after the women who aren’t protected by men.

Jessie’s perspective of his conversation with Russ last night gets slightly distorted when he says that he overwhelmed Russel with the facts that he had no explanation for, and seemed to realize that his game is over. Chima says that Russ is a sore loser, who couldn’t lose at a green light without being a punk about it.

11:55AM BBT: While Jessie and Chima lie in bed watching the spy screen and creating their own commentary, Jordan is in the kitchen very unhappy about the fridge she organized so carefully yesterday being a total mess again.
12:15PM BBT: BB calls an outdoor lockdown.

12:19PM BBT: The feeds return. Chima says that she thinks BB is pulling the lockdown business just to try to wake them up, because she doesn’t see any other point to it.

12:25PM BBT: Jeff is cursing more than he usually does, to the point the BB goes to Control Room. It turns out that Jeff got an extra day of slop for taking a sip of Gatorade yesterday. He’s really upset, and wonders what they would have done if he’d eaten a potato chip. [is BB] “gonna fire me out of here?”

12:44PM BBT: Jeff and Kevin are sitting by the backdoor talking about America’s food choices for the losers of the Have-Not competition. Kevin thinks the best was cabbage and cocktail weenies, because they could make coleslaw. Jeff thinks that it was last week’s squid and squash. Jordan is still shaving her legs, while Jeff and Kevin talk about a pasta dish with cream and vodka and red sauce. Kevin tells Jeff that he hasn’t eaten any liver, but likes the limes. Jeff asks Kevin if his back is jacked up [from sleeping in the HN room]. Kevin says yes. Jeff says, “Mine is too, big time.” Jordan is now in the pool with the raft.

12:48PM BBT: Lockdown is over. As the houseguests re-enter the house, they check to see if anything has been moved or is missing. Jeff says, “Look, those paintings are gone,” then laughs.

12:55: Michele and Jordan are in the pool making small talk. Jordan is sharing another back-home story with Michele. Jessie, Natalie and Chima are in the kitchen. [Control Room]

12:58PM BBT: The feeds come back. Jessie is cleaning the mirror over the kitchen sink. Michele is now on the raft in the pool and Jordan wraps a towel around her and heads toward the couch. Russ is on the elliptical again. Inside Jessie is at Jeff’s side at the kitchen pretending to be his buddy while he prepare himself a bowl of slop. After all the bravado between Jessie and Chima in the HOH room, neither of them says anything game related to Jeff when they have the opportunity.

1:06PM BBT: Jessie prays over his food. Jeff says he’s so bitter about the Gatorade thing [I missed that, so hope you know what he’s talking about.] He says it’s funny how little things like that can just make you bitter. While Jessie eats, Natalie is changing her bikini top with Chima’s help.

1:14PM BBT: Jeff enters the backyard and stops to talk with Russel, who’s still on the elliptical. Russel shares the basics of his conversation with Jessie last night: The women will target the men after he is gone and Jeff and Jess will be the only guys left standing. The door opens. Russel stops talking, and Jeff sits down an lights a cigarette.

1:23PM BBT Jordan floating on the raft in the pool. Michele gets out or the pool and pulls a chaise lounge into the sun. Chima and Jessie are in the kitchen talking game again. Jessie is talking [justifying] his speech during the POV ceremony when he put Casey on the block. Jessie now whispers a reminder about how important their Thursday HOH ambush plan is imperative for his survival in the game. Chima agrees.

Jessie whispers to Chima about how whenever Lydia does something she shouldn’t, she hides until it blows over. [I’m not sure what Lydia has done this time that would force her to be hiding. Everything seemed cool between them last night during the Play-Doh hours.

1:29PM BBT: Natalie joins Jeff, Jordan, and Michele in the pool. Jordan wants to cuts Jeff’s hair. He says, “No, you’ll mess it up.” Jordan: “No, I won’t.” And they do back and forth like they do, until Jeff tells her, “Maybe later.
Jeff tells the girls that he got an extra day of slop for the Gatoraid sip he took yesterday. He’s in a bad mood and worried about being on slop again next week and not having that day to recharge himself. He explains that he went to get a Gatorade for Jordan and was walking across the yard and poured some into his glass and took a sip. Then someone called him out on it. Natalie [the hypocrite] says that it’s messed up that someone called him out. She wouldn’t have done it. Jeff says that he’s madder at himself than anyone else.

Jeff invites Natalie to play badminton. She tries to serve, and really sucks at it—she has no hand eye coordination. Jeff gives her basic instruction and she actually manages to hit the shuttle cock. And Nat says that she hopes that this isn’t practice for the HOH, because she “sucks balls,” and is never going to play badminton again! Russel comes over and takes her racket, and he and Jeff play a friendly game.

Natalie goes over to chat with her new BFF’s: Jordan and Michele.

1:42PM BBT: Kevin has joins the girls in the backyard. Chima is alone in the kitchen. Jessie joins the rest at the pool. [Everyone but Lydia is accounted for.] Kevin says that he’s going to try to stay awake all day today. Michele complains about not being able to get a full night’s sleep in the Have Not room. Jeff and Russel are still playing badminton, and Kevin says, ”It’s called a shuttle cock, isn’t it? I love it!” Kevin asks Natalie if she ever played basketball. She tells him that she was on the team one year, but got kicked off for fighting [Surprise, surprise!]

Jordan says that she loves Kobe Bryant. Natalie says, “I hate him. He’s a cheater. He cheated on his wife.” [Fish] Natalie continues to bash Kobe, said she would have divorced him. Jordan asks what it was he bought his wife, and as Natalie begins to list the items, we get the Control Room.

1:52PM BBT: Natalie and Jessie are playing catch in the pool. Jessie throws the ball at Nat’s crotch. Nat says that she’s going to go for his now. Nat tell him that she could never date him, because the would fight too much. Jessie brightens up, “Oh, so you have thought about it?” The flirting continues.

Natalie realizes that while they were playing in the pool everyone else has left the yard. “I thought we were going to have a pool party. We come out here and everyone leaves!

Michele says she wants to join the pool party. Natalie says, “Good now we can play Monkey-in-the-Middle. I’ve never heard that before. We always just called it Keep Away. Not surprisingly, Michele ends up being the monkey.

2:05PM BBT: Jeff is washing dishes in the kitchen. He’s stilled bummed about the extra day of slop. Chima tells him that if he wins HOH they will take him off the slop. She then comments on how impressed she is that Jordan blew the pool raft up by herself. Russ enters the kitchen. Jeff and Chima talk about inflatable beds. Jeff said that’s what he slept on when he lived in LA. Chima says she did the same while living in New York with a friend. Jeff sits at the counter and starts playing with the Play-Doh, while Chima finishes eating her ice cream, and goes to the WC.
Russ opens a package oftuna, and asks Jeff if his cooking it is going to kill Jeff. Jeff says he’s leaving. Russ fears that the tuna may be rotten, because the Sell By date is 8-8 and today is 8-11. They both smell it and agree that it’s sketchy, and both fear food poisoning. Russ kids Jeff about playing with the Play-Doh again. Jeff asks, “What the hell else do I have to do?” Russ replies,”Badminton,” and Jeff complains about his toe.

2:26PM BBT: Russel wants to talk to Jeff, but says later and motions with his head to indicate that Chima is probably watching them on the HOH spy screen. Jeff tells him that they’ll talk later. “I’m not going anywhere. Jeff heads outside, which Russ continues cooking his tuna.

2:32PM BBT: Lydia is called to the DR. All feeds are on the pool where Jeff, Jessie and Natalie continue small talk. Natalie asks Jeff about his job. He explains that he does phone sales. She wants to know if he jokes around with his customers like he does here. He says, “Yeah.” Nat wants to know what he says when he places a call. Jeff and Natalie engage in a faux call. Jeff starts his spiel. Nat tells him that she owns the “Jessie Store.” Jeff asks, “What do you sell at Jessie’s Store? Tools?” Jeff’s best shot of the day goes right over both of their heads.

2:50PM BBT: A plane flies overhead. Natalie says she wants the fans to send a banner, “Tell us who the wizard is.”

Lydia, who has been dressed like the Grim Reaper all day, is outside with Kevin. She obviously isn’t feeling well, and complains that those “f*ckers won’t do anything.” She goes back inside and settles at the counter and begins playing with the Play-Doh. Jessie asks if she would like him to make her a shake. She declines, and continues molding the Play-Doh.

3:04PM BBT: Michele knocks on the HOH door, doesn’t get a response and comes back downstairs to the kitchen. Jordan comes into the kitchen, and Jessie tells her that he’s baking potatoes and wants to know if she would like one. She thanks him and says no, and then heads back outside.

Jessie asks Lydia if she wants to talk. No reply. He asks if it’s about him. No reply. “Is it about Julia?” No reply.

3:10PM BBT: Jeff and Jordan are in the backyard playing badminton. Natalie’s in the pool again watching them play. A couple of minutes later, Michele comes outside and takes Jordan’s place. Jordan walks inside and says, “I suck at that tennis game.” Jordan asks Lydia if she’s okay, and she replies that her whole body hurts, and it sucks. Jordan gets a drink and heads back outside, and passes Natalie as she enters the kitchen. All four feeds are on the Grim Reaper, who is now alone in the kitchen. Michele comes in to get a drink, and heads back outside, asking Jeff, “Round two?” He says, “Hold up.” Lydia tells Jeff that she feels “crappy” today. He replies, “Yeah, tell me about it.”

[I sure hope BB gives this group some alcohol tonight. We need a drunken Russel and Chima for some real excitement.]

3:29PM BBT: In the bathroom, Jeff is working at cutting his hair, and walks Jordan trough how to use the clippers to cut the back and side of his hair. Michele is in there watching and tells Jordan she’s doing a good job.”
4:01BBT the hair cut is finally done. Jeff tackles Jordan, and she yells, “I think you burst my implant!” In the kitchen, Jeff checks out Lydia’s Play-Doh Jeff. He loves it. “I’m jacked! Look at those abs and that hair!” Jordan comes up from behind, grabs Jeff’s butt as they hug.

4:04PM BBT: Natalie is sitting the hot tub eating candy; picks her nose and puts her hand under the water. [Yuk!]

In the meantime, Lydia is in the kitchen with Kevin and Michele and tells them that she’s feeling better now, but felt horrible when she first woke up. She tells them that she asked for a reprieve from slop so she could have “a f*cking hour to eat birthday cake. They told her no, it only happens for special events.

4:08PM BBT: Jess and Natalie’s plan to spend the day bonding with Jeff hasn’t gone to well. The two are sitting together and are quiet for the most part. Jessie finally says that the only reason Jeff would take Russell off the block is to put him up. Russel is in the pool now, and Natalie announces that she plans to shower soon. [I believe she’s showered more since they heard the fan messages, than she has since she arrived in the house.]

4:11PM BBT: Lydia and Kevin are in the bathroom, and she’s buzzing his hair. Jessie comes in and squares off Kevin’s haircut. In the meantime, Michele is in the kitchen making lime slop bars.

Lydia is on a chaise in the backyard talking to Russel. She tells him she’s having a bad day. Russel tells her that Jessie and Natalie have been sucking up to Jeff all day. Lydia says that she’s noticed that they’ve been giving out compliments left and right. Everyone thinks that either Michele or Jeff has the power, but no one knows what the power is. Russel complains that all Natalie does is bitch all day. He then starts bitching about Chima. He gets in his time machine and goes back to week 1, and how Chima claims that she was cast for the wrong show. She was supposed to be on America’s top model. Russ does his British accent and says, “Look at that, it’s a walking, talking Chia Pet. If you touch its weave, it gets very angry.” Lydia says, OMG, and then laughs.

4:19PM BBT: Jessie is in the shower and tells Jeff he wants to talk with Jeff. Jeff assures him that they will talk, and then leaves.

4:25PM BBT: Jeff is in the backyard watching Kevin and Russel play badminton, They’re trying to beat the record of 44 consecutive hits without dropping the shuttlecock. Kevin doesn’t think it will happen. Russel assures him that they will.

Jeff gets up and tends the garden for a few minutes, and heads inside to make something to eat with the veggies he gathered from the garden. Jessie comes in and they talk about the figures Lydia has been making. Jess says they have to make one of Lydia, and asks Jeff if he will help with the details. Jeff says he will. Jessie goes out to the backyard, which Jeff concentrates on chopping the vegetables he just harvested.

Jessie makes another attempt to bond with Jeff while he cooks. Jessie says he’s jealous of Jeff, because he can grow sideburns. Lydia suggests that they paint them on. He tell Jeff, “You have great sideburns.” Jeff gives him a simple, “Thanks!”

4:50PM BBT: Russ and Kevin have beaten the previous record with 51 continuous hits of the shuttlecock, Russel is the one who blows it.

5:10PM BBT: Jeff and Kevin are in the backyard talking about the CDT. Jeff asks why everyone thinks that he has the power. Kevin says that he feels that either Jeff or Michele have it. Jeff says that he thinks that it’s either Kevin or Michele who have it, but they won’t use it.

The topic changes to being on slop. Kevin says that by the end of this week he thinks he will have lost a total of 16 pounds. He lost 8 pounds the first week, and another 8 this week. Michele has lost ten pounds. Jeff says that he’s lost weight too. He doesn’t know how much, but his shorts don’t fit him anymore.

5:17PM BBT: BB calls an Indoor Lockdown.

5:25PM BBT: Lydia, Kevin and Russel are in the bathroom. Lydia tells Kevin and Russel that she cursed out America for picking liver when she was in the DR. She tells them that she was really pissed.

[There really isn’t much going on anywhere. Russel continues his elliptical workout, while Natalie, Michele, Jessie and Chima are in the kitchen talking and laughing. Which is a good thing, because I’m watching the show.]
7:19PM BBT: Jeff and Michele are in the backyard. Michele is doing her daily BB duty of adding water to the hot tub. Michele suggests that she, Jeff and Jordan have a meeting. Jeff says, “Yeah, let me go and wake her ass up. She sleeps until 2:30am, and then wants to keep me up all night.”

Michele leaves. Jeff is on the elliptical and Russel on the couch. Russel tells Jeff that he probably knows more about him than his friends. Jeff: “You’re probably not around your friends this much.” Russ seems completely lost in thought, laughs out of frustration and says, “I have absolutely nothing to say!”

Michelle asks Jeff if he has any warm clothes she can borrow to wear in the Have-Not Room. He tells her that he didn’t bring many warm clothes with him. Michelle says that if she has to pick the Have Nots, he won’t be one of the people she picks. Jeff says that the last night he has to spend in the Have Not room will be a little better, because he’ll be by himself and can use all the pillows.

7:37PM BBT: Jeff goes to the HOH room to listen to music. Natalie, Kevin and Jessie are in the room, and think that it’s Chima coming in, and are shocked to see Jeff. Jessie and Natalie fall all over each other because Jeff is there. [it’s really funny to see these two grovel like this for Jeff’s attention.]They offer to scoot over so he can lie on the bed with them. Jeff declines the offer, and explains that he needs to listen to some jams. They ask him if he likes Prince, and he says, “Definitely!” Jeff grabs the headphones and lies down on the floor next to the HOH bed to listen Prince. Jessie and Nat talk about playing chess, but don’t leave the room. Chima is showering, and Kevin is sleeping at the foot of the bed like a good lap dog.

7:40PM BBT: Michele and Jordan are in the backyard preparing to exercise.

7:55PM BBT: Jessie and Natalie have hi-jacked the chess board and are now playing chess on the HOH bed.

7:59PM BBT: Jeff leaves the HOH room.

8:08PM BBT: Jeff enters the backyard and asks Russel if he wants to play pool. He must have declined, because Jeff playing pool by himself. Michele and Jordan are still exercising.

8:22PM BBT: Chima is in the HOH, and asks about Jeff being there. Natalie tells her that he didn’t say a word the whole time he was there. Chima thinks it’s weird that Jeff didn’t say much. Jessie and Natalie agree. Chima asks, “Why was he here?” Natalie tells her that he was listening to Prince. Chima says, “I thought you almost said Russel, and I was gonna say that he [Russel] is not welcome up here. They all laugh, and begin talking about their good-bye messages. Chima says that her good-bye message will be a long one.

8:32PM BBT: Russel and Jeff are now playing pool.

Meanwhile, the strategy continues in the HOH room with Natalie saying that if she puts Jeff up, Jordan has to go up with him. Chima ask Jessie if he’s been mean to Michele. He says no, but every time I walk into a room, she walks out. Natalie says, “She’s crazy.”

Kevin says that he wants Jeff gone, because he doesn’t know where his head is. Chima says that Jeff isn’t playing. He’s non-committal, but Michele is playing the game. Chima tells Jessie that if Michele wins, they should be worried. But if Jeff wins, they have nothing to worry about. [Let me remind you all that Chima was on Team Brain. Makes you wonder how she could miscall this one so badly.]
Nat says that she’s not oppoised to putting Jeff up, but she really wants Michele out, because she feels that Michele is coming after her.

Kevin says that Michele scares him, because she could very well have the power and is doing a great job of covering it up. Chima assures Kevin that Michele doesn’t have the power because if she had it, she wouldn’t have been running up to the HOH room all the time after Chima won. She then adds that Michele would win the power because America wouldn’t vote for someone who is so socially awkward.

8:41PM BBT: Jessie and Natalie’s chess game ends in a stalemate, and a ridiculous argument ensues and goes on for far too long. The highlight comes at 9:07PM BBT when Chima tells them that the argument isn’t over chess it’s sexual tension, and they should do it and just get it over with. [If you’re interested in the details, I suggest flashback.]

9:07PM BBT: Kevin leaves the HOH because of the non-stop bickering between the love birds, while Natalie is screaming for BB intervention.

9:11PM BBT: Michelle enters the HOH room and the fight is still going on. Chima says, Look at what you’ve walked into.

9:12PM BBT: Jess is playing golf in the backyard. Jordan asks if he’s a good golfer. He tells her that he’s not good, but can keep up. Jordan is getting ready to get into the hot tub. Jordan asks if he likes his new haircut. Jeff tells her that she did a good job. Jordan points out that Lydia helped.

9:18PM BBT: Michele is in the backyard preparing to do laundry. She tells Jeff, “You have a very cute vocabulary.” Jordan asks Jeff where he got “stone” from, and does an impression of him saying “Wassup?” Jordan then tells Michele that she thinks Jeff busted her implant when he tackled her earlier. And that if her jeans get any smaller, she doesn’t think she’ll be able to get them over her ass.

Jordan is getting out of the hot tub to go shower. Jeff tells her that he will check her implant later tonight to make sure it’s okay. Michele giggles, “I don’t think Jordan heard you.”

9:58PM BBT: Russel is asleep in the Splish-Splash room.

10:00PM BBT: With the exception of a sleeping Russel, all of the other houseguests gather to play Table Topics Original game, which BB most certainly provided to break the horrendous boredom that permeated most of the day. This social interaction game is recycled from last season, and I have to say this group did much better than the last. The game finally comes to an end at 11:24PM. Updaters Zap, Jolt10, IceTheBest, and JanJan managed to do a complete blow-by-blow of all the questions and answers. Check updates or use Flashback to view.

11:30PM BBT: Jeff and Jordan are on the hammock in the backyard talking politics. Jordan asks Jeff who he voted for in the last election. He says it’s a secret, but ultimately tells her that he voted for Obama. Jordan tells him that he voted for McCain. Jeff explains that it is important for the country to have a charismatic leader, someone who can speak well and be upbeat. “Have you ever listened to his [Obama’s] speeches?” Jordan: “No.”

In the meantime, with Jessie and Chima watching, Natalie is trying to play badminton with Kevin and really sucks at the game. [It would be great to see an HOH with a badminton theme!]

11:40PM BBT: Jeff and Jordan have moved inside. Russel is awake and in the WC with Jeff and Jordan., Michele brushes her teeth. Jeff plucks his eyebrows and tears up a little bit. Jordan is in the Green Room clipping her toe nails and waiting for Jeff. Russel comes in and tells her that he wants to talk to her in the Splish-Splash room.

Jeff comes in, followed a few minutes later by Michele. Jordan turns to Michele and tells her that Russel wants to talk to her in the Splish-Splash room, “Do you know what it’s about?” Michele says no. Jordan is freaking out about having to talk to Russel alone.

Michele tells them that Jessie and Chima just came up to her in the kitchen and told her that she is on the wrong should join the other side. Jeff wants to know what that means. Michele says that she doesn’t know what it means, it seems so random.

Jordan finishes clipping her toe nails, brushes them off the couch and onto the floor, and heads for the SS room to talk to Russel, who’s still in the WC messing with the zit from hell. Russ crawls into bed in the SS room, and Jordan enters seconds later and asks, “What’s up?”

Russel says that he knows he talk to her a couple of days ago and talked to Jeff today, but just wants to know where her heads at. Jordan asks, “About Chima?” No. “About the votes?” Yeah. Jordan tells him that she’s back and forth on everything, but she’s pretty sure that the majority of the house is voting to evict him. To be honest, everybody’s voting to keep Lydia here.

Russ says, “Okay. I know I talk to Jeff and he said he’s going to vote for me.” Part of the reason is because of last week, and how he kept his word to keep the two of them safe. He tells her that part of the reason the other side is pushing so hard to get him out is because they know that he and Jeff are friends and working as a team. He explains that if they vote to keep him, with him as an ally Jeff and Jordan go from being at the bottom of the totem pole to being at the top. Jordan says, “Right.” He explains that it’s easy to fall in line with what the other side wants them to do, but if they do that they can never win.

Jordan brings up the fact that even if the vote was 3-3 that Chima would break the tie. But just her and Jeff’s vote wouldn’t matter. Russ tells her that he has another vote but can’t tell her who. He points out that all the power has been on the other side of the house, and if they don’t make a move now it’s over for them, they will just get picked off one by one. They know that if Russ is gone Jeff and Jordan are easy pickings, but if they keep him everything changes.

Jordan brings up their conversation the other when he was drunk, and how he told them that it’s a game and eventually he would have to stab them in the back. “How do I know if it’s five of us, that you’re not going to turn around and back stab me and get me out?”

He explains that what he meant was at the end of the game, and points out the she and Jeff can’t both win the game. But if they don’t make a move now, they don’t have a chance to get that far, because the other side is so dominant they wouldn’t stand a chance.

Jordan explains that she just doesn’t want to piss everyone off. Russ tells her that if she does nothing, she’ll just be picked off. “You can make a move now, or sit back and pray that you and Jeff win HOH back to back, back to back.”

Jordan wants to know who the other vote is. They whisper inaudibly. But Russel finally says that there are two other people and Jeff knows who it is. He ultimately explains the girls/guys separation in the house, and how by keeping him and getting Jessie and Natalie on their side, they can pick everyone else. Jordan asks if she can talk to Natalie. Russel tells her know, because at this point Natalie thinks that she’s just giving him a sympathy vote. Jordan asks if she can talk to Jessie, and Russel tells her to talk to Jeff, because he knows what’s going to happen. Jeff is going to talk to Jessie to voted to keep Russel, because it takes the target off Jessie’s back and puts it on Russel.

Jordan asks who he would put up if he wins HOH. He tells her Chima, and explains how dangerous she is in the game right now. Jordan calls him out about telling Jessie that he had to work Chima to get him off the block and put Jeff up. Russel explains that Jessie was really upset about him picking Jeff to play POV, and basically that he had to do what he had to do to stay in the game.

While the Jordan Russel conversation is taking place in the SS Room, Michele and Jeff are still in the Green Room. Michele tells Jeff that the other side is working hard to recruit her, but she would never join them. Michele asks Jeff, if he really believes that Russel can be trusted if he stays. Jeff explains that he doesn’t know…it depends on how things play out and if the power is used. He asks Michele who she wants out, and she tells him her targets are Jessie and Lydia. Jeff stresses the importance of getting out Jessie or Natalie, because” with them here, there is no room in the final two.

Michele asks Jeff if he would use the power to eliminate someone if he had it. Jeff says, “F*ck yeah, I would use it!”

Shortly after midnight BBT, Russel encourages Jordan to talk with Jeff and their conversation ends. After a brief detour to the kitchen and WC [I think to check to see if anyone is inside] , Jordan returns to the Green Room. There is a lot of stealth whispering going on as Jordan explains her conversation with Russel, and how he says he can get Jessie and Natalie to vote to keep him. Jeff says that he told him that to, but he doesn’t have them [Jessie and Nat]. He explains that if Russel asks if he has her vote to tell him yes, and if the other side asks just tell them that you told him that, but don’t intend to vote for him.
Jeff tells Michele to just assure Chima and the others that she’s with them. “Jessie really hates you! You know that?”

Jeff explains that his strategy until Thursday is to just try to avoid everyone. They hear Chima’s cackle, and the discussion quickly changes to how disgusting Jordan’s toe nail clippings are and how Jeff really needs more contact solution. Jordan tells him that the solution is a luxury item. Jeff says, “Not really.”

Michele is stealth whispering and I can’t make outmost of what’s being said. BB tells Michele to reattach her microphone [it was upside down, which explains why we couldn’t hear her.]
Jeff talks about how obvious Jessie is being about trying to pretend that all of a sudden he’s their friend. Michele agrees, and tells them that Jessie has hated her since day one, and she thinks it’s because she told him that she didn’t begin watching last season until after he was evicted, and didn’t have a clue who he was when he entered the house. Jeff agrees that’s probably the reason, and points out how stupid that is.

12:24AM BBT: Jeff explains to Michele and Jordan, “There’s Yin and Yang in life. You have to think positive! Good things happen!” A few minutes later, Jeff gets up and leaves the room, telling the girls he has to pee.

Jordan and Michele talk about who to put up next week. Michele wants to put up Lydia and maybe Kevin. Michele tells Jordan about the deal she made with Chima, promising her that she wouldn’t put up Chima, Jessie or Natalie if she wins the next HOH. She explains that she had to make the deal, because it was either her or Russel, and she has no intention of keeping the deal, so putting Lydia and Jessie up would be another option for her. Jordan tells her that if Jessie wins the upcoming HOH, one of the three of them is definitely going home.

Jordan says that Russel told her that Natalie is giving him a sympathy vote. Michele tells her that if she didn’t hear it come from Natalie’s mouth that Russel is probably lying. She’s worried that Jeff may have leaked things to Russel because they’ve been so close this week.

Jordan assures her that hasn’t happened, and the only reason the other side has been so nice to them this week is that they are afraid of the wizard power. Maybe the person with the power will use it.

Michele says that if she had it, she would use it to get Russel and Jessie out.

Jordan says that Chima told her that if she didn’t go up on the block this week, that she had to promise to vote Chima’s way. She doesn’t like the fact that Chima threatened her that way.

Michele says that it would be great if the Wizard power could get both Russel and Jessie out!

Michele explains Chima’s “Girl Power Alliance” plan. Chima wants Jeff out first, then Jessie and Kevin, leaving all girls in the house. Chima would vote Jessie out, because she feels that he’s very arrogant. She explains how Jessie and Natalie have fake fights in an attempt to throw off the other HGs about their alliance, but the fights just aren’t convincing. Michele says that she wants Jessie gone first, and her next target would be Lydia.

Michele again vows to never go against Jeff and Jordan. She swears it, and tells Jordan if she every hears anything about Michele coming after them to come to her because it’s a lie. Jordan says that they have her back and can trust them 100%. Talk turns to the blow-up between Michele and Russel, and how she and Jeff had Michele’s back. Michele tells Jordan that she wants the two of them to make it to the end if she can’t. They leave the room.

1:00AM BBT: Jeff has been in the backyard shooting pool with Kevin. Kevin beats Jeff for the first time. Jeff wants a rematch. Kevin declines, explaining that he wants to go out on a high note. Jeff says, “Good luck sleeping tonight, I’m gonna terrorize you!

1:01AM BBT: Natalie tells Lydia that she doesn’t talk to her mom anymore. Jordan is in the kitchen, and Jeff is in the WC.

1:20AM BBT: Feeds 1 and 2 are on Jordan, Kevin, Natalie and Lydia in the kitchen. Fees 3 and 4 are on Michele, who is sleeping.

1:42AM BBT: Jeff and Jordan are in bed in the Splish-Splash room having their usual late-night chit-chat about nothing. Jordan wants to know what language Asian people speak. Jeff is pissed that he got an extra day of slop, wants more contact solution. Jordan asks Jeff if he wants her Popular shirt if she gets evicted Thursday by the wizard power. Jeff tells her not to worry about it, “we are not getting evicted this week.” She teases him about being cocky, and the subject turns to food.

1:55AM BBT: Jordan asks Jeff if he would adopt a child from another country. He tells her that he plans on having his own kids, but he doesn’t know what bringing kids from other countries would help, when there are plenty of kids in the United States that need good homes. Jordan says if she was stable with her husband, she would want to adopt a baby.

2:00AM BBT: Lydia talks about Michele and the tests they took…FOTH.

2:05AM BBT: Jeff and Jordan are whispering now. They are sharing the conversations they had while separated. Jordan tells Jeff about her conversation with Russell in the SS Room, and Jeff tells her about his conversation with Michele in the Green Room.

2:13AM BBT: Jeff and Jordan leave the SS Room. Jeff goes toward the bathroom, and Jordan heads out to the backyard.

2:14AM BBT: Natalie, Lydia, Kevin and Jessie are in the Green Room, and get quiet when Jeff walks by. Jessie tells Kevin not to worry, he’s got his back. Talk turns to speculation about Russel’s “epic” speech, and how he’s breaking out in “craters.” [Personally, I’d call Russel’s zit a mountain, but we know how good Jessie is with analogies.] They solidify their final five alliance by assuring each other that they have the votes to make it happen.

2:15AM BBT: Jeff and Jordan are now in the backyard. Jordan is worried that Russel was awake and listening to their Green Room conversation. Jordan tells Jeff that after their conversation, she trusts Michele, because she didn’t out their alliance when the blowup with Russel went down. Jeff doesn’t really care about that. He understands that everyone will be after them eventually, and starts explaining the benefits of keeping Russel. Jordan is hesitant and tells Jeff that she just can’t trust him. Jeff points out that lots of people would be gunning for Russel if he stays. Jordan tells him that Russel told her that Natalie is going to give him a sympathy vote. Jeff says that if that’s the case, they have the numbers to save him. Jordan is afraid that if they tried and failed, they would be on the block next week.
Jeff explains that Chima and Natalie are getting on each other’s nerves, and without Jessie they would be nothing. Jordan tells Jeff to get Russel out first so they don’t have to worry about him, and then go after Jessie.
[Control Room]

2:22AM BBT: Jeff states that he ‘doesn’t give a f*ck about what Chima wants.

In the meantime, the Natalie, Jessie, Kevin, Lydia discussion continues in the Green Room. Lydia says that Russ will use anything anyone told him against them on the live show.

Jessie explains that Jeff takes everything with a grain of salt. During the HOH lockdown on Thursday, Jessie is going to call Russel out for trying to get Jeff put on the block if the veto was used. He hopes that this will prevent Jeff from using the wizard power to save Russel. He wants the knowledge that Russel was willing to sacrifice him to save himself to be the last thing on Jeff’s mind.

Natalie points out that they don’t need Michele’s vote. Jessie says that if Jeff and Jordan don’t vote with them on Thursday, that next week everyone in the house is going to be after them. Natalie reminds Jessie that Michele told them that she will NEVER put Jeff and Jordan on the block or vote against them, and that Michele believes that once Russel is gone, Jeff will be nicer to her.

2:31AM BBT: Kevin leaves the Green Room and requests Tums on his way back.

2:36AM BBT: Back to Jeff and Jordan in the backyard. Jeff tells Jordan that Michele doesn’t know how to play the game and doesn’t trust her, but needs her right now.

Jordan asks Jeff if keeping Russel would help Jeff’s game in the long run. He says, “He says yeah, definitely,” because he could count on Russ to win some comps, and believes that he would be loyal to them for saving him. He points out that the rest of the house doesn't like Russ and is gunning for him. Jeff asks her what other chance do they have at this point?

Jordan appears to be coming around to Jeff's way of thinking.

Jeff says he doesn't give a f*ck about what Chi wants. He doesn't care what Michele promised Chima, he'll throw Michele out of there if she goes against them. He explains that when the time comes to turn on Russel, he can use the fact that Russel tried to backstab him by asking Jessie to save him and put Jeff on the block in his place--and he’ll tell Russel to his face.

Jordan asks if he thinks Russ would put them up. Jeff says no. Jordan says that Mi might go after Russel, and Jeff tells her that if Michele puts Russ up, it would be okay with him. He tells Jordan that he’s going to tell Russ that he has Michele and Jordon’s votes to see how it will play out.

Jordan tells him that she has already told HOH crew that she told Russ she was going to vote for him, but she's not going to. She explains that she's covering her bases.

Jeff likes that, and says he would love the final three to be the two of them and Kevin. Jordan wants that too, and wants Jessie gone. Jeff says once he's gone the house is ours. He doesn't understand how Jessie ended up on easy street, but he's been there since the beginning and everyone has been on his nuts. He doesn't get it. Jordan says that Jessie might get the votes if he makes it to final 2. Jeff assures her that there is no way that Jessie is getting there.

Jeff advises Jordan to just tell people what they want to hear. Tell Russ what he wants to hear, tell Jessie, Natalie and Chima what they want to hear...” just keep your head down, Jordan.”

2:46AM BBT: Jeff tells Jordan that he sees the two of them in the final two. Jordan asks if he really does, and he says yes. He believes that they can make final four and final three deals with people from here on out, and just stab them in the back when the time is right. Jeff tells her that she needs to pull an HOH out of her ass.

2:55AM BBT: Jeff explains that if Jessie leaves instead of Russel, that Chima and Russel will kill each other off. Natalie and Lydia would fight because Jessie is gone, and he would inform Natalie about the hand jobs Lydia gives Jessie with she’s sleeping. He explains that all he wants is final two. After that it’s out of his hands

2:59AM BBT: Jeff and Jordan leave the backyard, and go lie down in the SS Room. Jordan tells Jeff that if she wins the final HOH, Julie will ask her who she wants to evict, and she’ll say “Jeff, it me and you in the final.” And then Julie will say, Jeff you have been evicted.” Jordan laughs and says, “You would be so pissed.” Jeff tells her, “I hope you like that jaw, you’ll need a new one!”

3:06AM BBT: The discussion in the Green Room turns to Jessie’s sex life. [Zap has a recap of that conversation in Updates. I choose not to go there.]

3:20AM BBT: Jordan and Jeff talk about the Jury House. Jeff gets up and heads to the Have Not room for the night.

3:27AM BBT: In the Green Room, Natalie tells Lydia that she didn’t like her, but after talking with her today, she likes her. Jessie comments on the "girl crush." Natalie keeps commenting how Lydia intrigues her and how if she were to be with another girl it would be with somebody like her. Lydia shrinks away and hugs Kevin in mock fear. Jessie jokes that the conversation is making him feel sick. They joke that Natalie and Lydia will be besties, and Kevin and Jessie will be besties now. Natalie says that Lydia is growing on her, and Kevin says that Jessie is growing on him. When Natalie tries to get Jessie to say that Kevin intrigues him, or that he might lie with Kevin in a freezing situation where they needed each other's body heat, Jessie just keeps repeating "Sorry, Kevin!" Natalie reassures Jessie that she is straight - Lydia says that's what they all say - but Lydia intrigues her.

Natalie and Lydia wrestle, while Jessie and Kevin watch.

3:55AM BBT: Natalie asks Kevin, “Do you and your boyfriend hold hands or PDA at all? Kevin says, “Only in the gayborhoods.”

4:00AM BBT: Control Room

4:39AM BBT: Kevin goes to bed.

4:46AM BBT: All HGs are now in bed.

[Again, I want to give a shout out and my many thanks to the dedicated over-night updaters for their absolutely awesome coverage.]