A long boring day, but after the Hot Dog eating contest, the game talk heats up, including a late night agreement between Jeff, Jordan and Dani..

As usual, Shelly starts her day at about 7:30a, and proceeds to work on some laundry, while everyone else is asleep.

It seems they have already attempted to wake the HGs. Adam got up and joins Shelly. They talk about Jeff possibly wanting to keep Brendon, they know he is afraid that getting rid of Brendon will make him the next target. Shelly says they are afraid because they think she will get rid of Rachel, and they need her. Shelly says they have to win next week, or they are going home.

Brendon heads outside and Shelly heads in. Brendon and Adam talk about growing up. Brendon asks Adam if he blamed his dad for their divorce.. he says no, his Mom. She had a midlife crisis and wanted to live her life. He starts discussing his brother, and we get WBRB. Shelly has joined in on the conversation. Brendon says he used to worry about being normal, until he realized that everyone has issues. He was embarrassed that his brother did drugs, but then realized that everyone knew someone that had.. Shelly mentions Cassi’s brother and again WBRB. They move on to some movie and singers talk.

Rachel up joining Shelly and Brendon, and Adam back to bed. Rachel, Brendon and Shelly move onto politcal talk: conservatives versus liberal views, and schooling. Rachel starts describing her jobs in Vegas and how she makes money by accompanying “clients”. She mentions that her sisters’ fiance was .. (WBRB, but it sounds like he was one of the clients).

Rachel and Brendon now alone, talking about what they need to do to get Porsche’s vote. They want to tell her why she is safe, get is positive and personal. They want to tell her Brendon is a strong physical guy, and she needs to keep him to compete against Jeff. Brendon thinks he might have a shot to stay - Rachel says what if it comes to a 3-3 tie, and Brendon says Dani would likely vote him out. Rachel says that would be a bad move on her part, she won’t make it very far and Brendon agrees.

Shelly back out talking with Rachel about how much the others sleep, while Brendon does his workout.

Shelly takes a dip in the pool. Jordan in the kitchen making some instant tea and then Brendan walks in and they talk about how long they were in their DR’s, get reprimanded and then Jordan goes to the DR on her own. She is only in there for a moment then she goes outside and sits by the pool. Shelly is out of the pool and tanning, Rachel is exercising and Brenden is getting food out of the refrigerator to fix something. Jordan has shredded her humilitard amd is getting in the pool. Adam joins them outside and they all chit-chat to each other.
Adam, Porsche, Dani, Jeff, and Brendan are on the patio talking about music and musicians. Jordan, Kalia and Shelly are talking about their family Christmas’ and other family things. Rachel is still stretching.
Brendan and Rachel go into the kitchen to start to snack and then go to the Candy room and take a nap.. Adam, Jeff and Shelly remain on the patio smoking and joking. Jordan stays in the pool talking to Kalia.

Adam and Dani discussing what they think the next HOH comp will be. Dani says maybe questions, but not sure what kind. Adam thinks it is too late for majority rules. Dani asks if Brendon and Rachel have been harassing him, he says they haven’t, but he is waiting for it. Adam says he is waiting for the “bacon eating HOH”, where you eat your weight in bacon. Adam goes inside to get his pizza. While he is sitting at the table, he asks Dani why they haven’t made an announcement to the house about jury, and we get WBRB. Kalia says she thinks at the next show, Julie might congratulate them. Adam says “Be careful who you evict this week, because that person will be on the jury”.

Jordan is back in her unitard and is telling Jeff about last night and her hearing Brenchel having sex in the bed next to them, others in the house have mentioned today that they thought that was what they were doing but no one is really sure that they were actually doing that. Shelly and Dani on the patio talking about her smoking around her daughter. She says that she and Tony both smoke and that they try not to smoke around her but sometimes she will walk out on the back patio and they will be smoking.
Jeff, Jordan, Porsche and Rachel outside talking about their jobs. Shelly is inside getting something to eat. No one in the house has talked game all day.
Shelly is telling Dani and Jeff about her convo last night with Rachel about her and Brendan having sex on camera. Rachel defends it by saying that they are under the covers and they don’t make any noises. Shelly tells Dani that Adam was very upset about them having sex in the house and that he is telling others about it. Jeff asks about Lawon and wonders if he is full out gay and Dani tells him that he told her that he was always with women and the guy he is with he has been with for 10 years and it is the only guy he has been with. They further discuss how Dick would have been with some of the people in the house and Dani says that Rachel would have self-evicted.

Rachel and Porsche are in the HN room, Rachel is letting Porsche know that she can depend on Brenchel and J/J.

Rachel tells her that it’s going to be a 3-3 vote and that it is up to Porsche as the swing vote. She tells Rachel that she is “still thinking” and tells her to smile and then she leaves. Rachel just stares at the door with her devil-stare and breaths out heavily.

Brenden comes in and she tells him that Porsche is not going to vote for him, she whispers that Shelly is not a threat to her and she does not feel as though she can trust them. Rachel starts to make up things that Porsche said to her. Brendan tells her not to let what she says get to her, she says she won’t but continues to tell him that she isn’t stupid and that she knows Porsche is against her. Brendan starts to reprimand her again and he takes her to the corner of the room to talk. He tells her that she needs to stop worrying about him and that she can’t afford to make enemies, tells her that she needs to control herself. She reminds him again that she has to fight every day.

He gets frustrated and makes his hands into fists and tells her that if something bothers her she needs to just walk away. They leave the HN room together and go outside on the patio were everyone else is.
Rachel is alone with Dani on the patio so she starts to rehash ‘her version’ of the convo she had with Porsche earlier. Dani ask her if Porsche has spoken to Brendan yet and she said no. Then they start talking about burnt cookies and other things as Shelly joins them outside.

Wine is made available and Dani and Rachel start to measure portions. Others are eating spaghetti and at 8:30 Shelly starts making the hot dogs for the hot dog eating contest between Brendan and Adam. Rachel asks Shelly for the recipe of the sauce she made for the spaghetti, so she can make it for Brendon back home. She tells Shelly and Jordan she doesn’t want Brendon doing the hot dog contest because he will complain about his stomach hurting later.

Kalia and Porsche are outside working out, while Adam is laying on the hammock. Everyone is now admiring a preying mantis they found in the yard earlier.

Brendon is asking Daniele what the rules are regarding someone stealing stuff. Daniele says she thinks the rule is that you can steal it, but you can’t damage it.

Most of the HGs in the backyard, a few which are drinking the wine. Brendon informs Rachel that she has had enough wine, she is already buzzed.

Shelly and Daniele are in the kitchen, and Shelly is complaining that she hates liars (re: Rachel telling Porsche that Shelly would put her up if she won HOH). ‘When do we get rid of her?’ to which Daniele replies ‘Last week’. Shelly says that “Rachel could be dying of thirst in the desert, and she wouldn’t piss in her mouth”!

Preparation begins for the hot dog eating contest in the kitchen. Adam outside, gets Shelly to pump him up - she checks to make sure he has been drinking water and had some tums.

And 5...4..3...2...1.... And the contest begins!!

As the contest continues almost everyone cheering for Adam/Kruddy(his elf name)!

Adam takes a big lead, it looks like Brendon might have chewed off more than he can handle:

Adam finishes all 10 hot dogs, buns and even a raw egg in 4 mins!

After the contest, Rachel starts talking to Daniele about Kalia’s vote. Rachel asks if it is a 3-3 vote, will she vote Brendon out. Daniele hesitates with her answer as she tries to find a way to word it carefully. Rachel says the newbies haven’t won much, and Daniele says Kalia and Adam both just won a comp. Rachel tells her about Porsche saying that it hurt her the last time she voted to keep Brendon, so they won’t get her vote. Daniele tells her she will try, but Kalia plays with her emotions, and she doesn’t think it will happen. Rachel tries to convince Daniele that if Brendon leaves, she will be a bigger target in the house... but Daniele isn’t buying it, but she does tell Rachel that she will have her back if Brendon leaves. She tries to explain to her that they need to stop winning every single comp, you have to know when to hold them and know when to fold them. She tells her that “if” Brendan does leave that she will have a target off her back. She tells her that she is so close and they need to work together and make the best of the situation that they can. She tells her that her instinct has never been wrong and she finally decided that she had to either go big or go home, so that is what she did.

She promises her that after this week she will have her back and she has to depend on the fact that Rachel has hers. Rachel tells her that she is confident that she is going to win this upcoming HOH, Dani tells her that it is going to be True/False. They continue to talk as though they will be a team after this week and Brendan leaves. R says that she and B both agree that he would never make it to the end because everyone in the house is threatened by him and he would constantly be on the block and fighting to stay. R says that Jeff is not as great a competitor as he thinks he is. She says that she can not depend on him to keep her safe and Dani agrees. R says that she is so frustrated that Jeff is going to make it further than her and Dani tells her that she is selling herself short, she tells her that if she is team Dani then she needs to be more confident and stop selling herself short. She tells her that there is a difference in being confident and being cocky. R tells her that she will have her back and D tells her that she will do the same. R says that there is no competition against her and she starts taking trash about Adam and the other HG saying that they have nothing on her. They both promise to each other that they will keep their alliance a secret. The conversation turns to them going over the votes this Thursday and who they think will leave on a double eviction week - R thinks it will be Kalia. D says they will talk about that when the time comes and at 10:21 they thank each other for being on the same page and R goes downstairs to sit with Kalia, Porsche and Shelly while Brendan and Adam shoot pool.

Jeff and Jordan outside on the hammock. Jordan is worried on whether they are making the right decision. She is worried that if Shelly wins HOH, she doesn’t know who she will put up. She sees that Daniele is very talkative and been downstairs much more this week. Jeff has noticed that Shelly is kissing Adam’s and Porsche’s @$$ now. Jordan asks Jeff if he trusts Adam all the way - he says Yeah, as much as you can in here.. they think something is up with Shelly..
something is not right, but maybe Shelly is just playing everyone else, and is truly on their side.

Jeff thinks the next comp will be physical, they hope it isn’t questions, if it is T / F that is a crapshoot. Jordan thinks it will end up being her and Rachel against everyone. She thinks that Dani will just have the others do all her dirty work. They both agree that it is weird that Shelly and Dani are getting so close, Jeff agrees that she is kinda ignoring them. Jordan says that they should probably call her out on it - ask her why she is all of a sudden not as close to them. Jordan wants the order to be Dani, then Porsche, then Kalia. Jeff says Adam explained that if him and Rachel go on the block next week, they only need three votes to save him - Adam, Jordan and Shelly. Jordan says that’s right, we can’t get rid of Shelly yet. Jeff says if he wins, he will put up Dani and Kalia, because they can’t take their best friend off. He says that Dani is not his target, Kalia is. He will put her in the same situation that Kalia put him in. They say they have to win next week, because Adam and Shelly are cool with the others.


R takes B to the bathroom and fills him in on the convo and tells him that D says that she is not going to save him. She tells them that their only chance of him staying would be if Kalia or Porsche will vote to keep him and she doesn’t think that Porsche will do it but they may have a chance to work with Kalia. He tells her to just stop worrying and he goes into the kitchen to make coffee. After R uses the bathroom she goes up to B and talks very low and then B says that they are just going to have to wait and see what happens. Rachel goes to the refrigerator and offers him a beer and opens it and he ask her why she does it, she laughs and says it because it is Porsches’. He gets angry and tells her to come with him into the HN room and she goes in there and ask him not to yell at her. She tells him that he should have not come back because he is just going to turn around and leave. She argues that she doesn’t care, He tells her that she is making him livid right now because she is making it so hard for both of them. She whines that she is going to be the #1 target and he replies that it’s because “You make yourself the target”.

He is breathing heavy and is visably angry and she is non chalant about the situation. He says that he feels that she has given up and she argues to him that she is fighting, but she just fights in a different way. So he tells her that she should just play her ‘Rachel game’ and make herself a huge target. He tells her that she knows how she is behaving and her attitude is shitty, he says that everyone wants him out because he is the best competitor. He tells her to get off her ego and says that everything is about her. He tells her that her attitude is disturbing to him and he wonders if she is going to be like this after they are married. She tells him that he is so emotional and that he acts crazy sometimes, he tells her that it is because of her and the things she does. He tells her that he has fought hard so that she could stay in the game over him. He gets angry and hits the bed and says that she does not know what is going to happen. He is frustrated so much because she can not control herself, he stands up and says that he is done, she tells him “Good, be done just go”, he sits back down next to her and tells her that is he leaves then he leaves but he is tired of her saying that she doesn’t care, she immediately replies that she doesn’t care. He whispers something to her and she answers him in a normal voice and he shhh’s her and tells her that he is going to have to go to the DR and vent, she tells him to go ahead and do it. He just continues to tell her that he is frustrated and starts to lip talk and the R says out loud, “Then talk to me like an adult”. He hushes her again and they continue with their argument in a very low whisper. Brendan asks her if she ask who opened her beer is she going to say that it was her and she says no, so Brendan says that he will say that he did it. They talk in low whispers and she just responds with “No, because you will yell at me”. He tells her that she needs to learn to let things go and that when the show is over they are going to spend lots of time in therapy. She tells him that she just knows that people are talking about her behind her back and he again get frustrated with her. He reminds her that Janelle was probably the best competitor in BB history and she never won. He wants her to just be his fiance and hug him. She reminds him that she fights every single day to be here and he just asks her to stop saying that because she says it over and over again. She remind him that she loves him and that they are getting married and she hopes they don’t fight like this when they get out. Production saves everyone and calls her to the DR. It ends (finally) at 11:01 Porsche meets them at the door when they open it and asks them if they opened her beer and Rachel says “No” and P says that she almost spilled all of it because when she went to get it out of the fridge it was open.

Kalia and Dani in the kitchen, K ask D to go upstairs. She goes over her convo with R and D tells K that if she wins HOH she has to put up J/J and K says ok. D starts to go over the scenario she explains that if J/J vote to keep S over B that they are stabbing R in the front and she will be with them 100%. Dani tells her that if B leaves that J/J need to go up and they need to send Jordan out. If R gets HOH she says that she would also put up J/J because she will be so angry. She continues to point out with jellybeans how the votes will go.

Jeff returns to the hammock with Jordan and they just swing and count the votes for the 100th time. Shortly Adam joins them and then Brendan comes over and they all just chit-chat.

Dani says if things go the way they planned, and they get rid of Jeff and Adam, it will be a cake walk to the finals. Porsche has joined Daniele and Kalia in the HOH. Porsche goes up to the HOH and tells D and K about her beer being open in the fridge (Rachel opened it earlier). P is scared to drink it cause she thinks someone but something in it! K tells her to go and get it and they will split it. Porsche start rehashing Rachel campaigning for Brendon. Dani asks her if there was any way she would keep Brendon in the game, she says no... Dani says good, because she would punch her in the neck if she did. Daniele jokes about her conversation this morning with Brendon about people stealing your stuff, and he thinks it might have been Shelly that took it (it was Porsche).

Rachel and Brendon now talking to Jeff and Jordan at the jacuzzi. Rachel says she definitely doesn’t think that Porsche will be voting for Brendon, and Kalia will do whatever Daniele tells her. Jordan tells Rachel they don’t really know where Adam is at, she thinks he is still 50/50. Rachel tells Jordan that she would never turn on her. Jordan tells Rachel that she told Shelly earlier that they need Rachel, she can’t put her up if she wins HOH (if they kept her), and Shelly agreed. Jordan mentions that Dani, Porsche and Kalia are all being nice now, because they know they might not be in power next week.

Rachel joins Jeff and Adam at the pool table. Kalia and Porsche are still in the HOH room drinking the last of Dani’s wine. Jordan and Shelly are at the jacuzzi and Brendan is in the DR giving his farewell speech to Shelly. Shelly walks over to the patio and Dani joins her and they whisper to each other about what might happen next week. Dani tells her that she believes that Adam is the one that will probably win the next HOH. She goes back over how it made her feel when Dom was evicted, she goes over small parts of the convo that she had with Brenchel and J/J the week that Dom left. She talks about how they told him that she said things against him and how it made her cry when he confronted her about it, she said that she was so angry that they literally made up lies about her and she just can’t forget about that. She continues to say that all four of them did that. Shelly starts working on Dani again with her “I’m so glad that I got to know the real you this week” and Dani says “I know, me too”. She continues to tell her that she keeps trying to prove to J/J that she is not against them. K comes out to join them and D says that she looks wasted. D asks if P is pissed at her and she tells her that she isn’t. Dani starts talking about her birthday being in 4 days. K starts asking people when their birthdays are and Dani and Shelly start talking about past birthdays.

Brendan joins them outside at the pool table and Rachel starts to fake laugh and Dani calls her out on it. The patio talk turns to the hotdog eating contest. Rachel joins them and the talk is about boyfriends/husbands, etc.

Jordan leaves the jacuzzi and joins the girls at the patio while the guys are playing pool. No game talk.

Jordan returns to the jacuzzi to warm her feet, Shelly joins her. Jeff and Brendan are shooting pool and Adam and Kalia are talking on the patio. Rachel joins them and starts painting her toenails. Porsche sits on the patio with Kalia.

Jordan, Shelly, Porsche and Rachel are on the patio girl talk. Dani and Kalia are back in the HOH room but not talking game talk, just discussing what she wrote in her blog. The three guys are still shooting pool.

Feeds change to the HOH and K is nervous about making a deal with R and Dani is letting her know that no matter what she will always keep K above anyone else and to trust her. Together they make a promise to each other that no matter what happens they are there for each other. Dani tells her that if it gets to the final three or four and K ends up screwing her over, she will still vote for her because she understands it’s just a game and she loves her. She spends the next twenty minutes reassuring her that they are good.

Jordan and Jeff on the patio talking about how Rachel is now trusting Dani. They both don’t understand how R can be friends with someone that is constantly making little jabs and comments about her both behind her back and to her face. Brendan and Rachel are in bed having sex for the second night in a row, regardless of the fact that cameras are on them. Adam is sleeping and J/J are outside - waiting for it to be safe for them to go to bed.


Dani and Shelly in the living room talking very quietly, Shelly is just shaking her head yes and saying “right” every second or so. Dani seems to be discussing how she thinks that Rachel is going to get votes to keep Brendan but how she doesn’t feel that she has the votes. Porsche walks by and Dani tells Shelly that she finds her disgusting. Dani confides to Shelly that she needs to make moves that show that she is trying to get out from under her father’s shadow. Shelly tells her that she has every right to want to do that. She tells her that she is playing a wonderful game and she is proving that she is deserving to be here every day. Shelly continues to ‘play her game’ and Dani just seems to be venting to her. Adam is back up and out on the patio with Kalia, Porsche and J/J smoking.

Shelly joins J/J outside on the patio and tells them that they need to talk to D because she is worried that they are not on the same page. Everyone except J/J and D are in bed asleep

3:30 to 5:00

Dani is outside on patio w/ J/J telling them that her goal is to get Brendan out, work with them, get Rachel out next week. They begin comparing notes, and talk about who their targets should be. Jeff says that his main target is K and Jordan says hers is P. D tells Jordan that K has always told her that no matter what happens she will never put Jordan up. Jordan says that she doesn't understand that because she doesn't talk to her. Jeff says that he is going to tell R and B to their face that they are not voting for him to stay. They all agree that R is crazy and that she is impossible to control. Dani says that next week would have to be Rachel, Adam or Shelly. Jeff tells her that for sure he will put up Kalia, because of what she did to him, and says he also isn't sure about Porsche. Jeff asks, "so where do we go from here", and Daniele says that they (J/J) are not her targets, and she can promise Kalia will not put up Jordan. After about two hours of discussion, they end the conversation saying it doesn't make sense to go after each other. They can work together to get the others out (R/A/S/P/K). The three of them agree that they are all on the same page and agree to trust each other regardless of what they hear and go inside to bed.

After the talk, Dani heads up to the HOH room and Jeff and Jordan have a quick discussion in the bathroom.. they talk over some of the points Dani made, and seem to have noticed that Dani kept bring up Rachel, Adam and Shelly as targets, and it doesn't seem like they can trust her. Regardless, it seems that Brendon will be going home.

At 5:30a, Jeff and Jordan head to bed.

Will the Jeff, Jordan and Daniele deal stick, or are Jeff and Jordan on to Dani's plans? Is Brendon guaranteed a second exit from the house? Where will Rachel's allegiance fall if her Bookie is evicted?