California here we come. No more midwest, white bread, run of the mill show. Can you say gone Hollywood (Hills)? We start out with Josie in her tiny Chicago apartment telling where Jonathan is now (the armed services) and how worried she is. My sympathy meter drops to negative 8. Amy is acting as greeter at the new house. Yay. Go Amy!!! First in is Towanda. The house is really nice with spectacular views of Los Angeles. Next in is Jennifer. She seems easy to live with. Next is someone that looks/acts like a drama diva. Kim, in her Chanel suit and Vuitton bags, and tons of luggage. She is immediately unhappy with her room and tries to force the issue. They smartly give her the room with the tiny closet. Amy is unfazed. She's known drama divas before. Kim is a complainer/manipulator from the word go.

Next in is Deborah. Say it De-BORE-ah. I used to call my sister, Deb this when I really wanted to irritate her. Deborah needs a recharge. She's a little depressed. Her first question is, "Where are the naked men?". She claims to be pre menopausal and experience hot flashes at night, but she's determined to have a man in her life. She ends up rooming with Kim, and since she has as many clothes as Kim, it's a problem. Kim tries to get her involved in the complaining to the authorities, but Deborah's not interested. Kim continues to complain. She doesn't like the room or the roomate. She can't let it go. Kim thinks she is going to have to "finangle" her way into Towanda's plush upstairs room, but she obviously hasn't met the women in charge, yet. They will eat Kim for breakfast.

Lunch buffet for everyone. Still lots of first day nerves and curiousity about who is yet to come. Kim has a problem with Deborah sleeping in the nude. Kim, well, she's got lots of complaints.

Next entry is the baby of the house. Soft spoken and gentle seeming, Sinae has a good sense of humor. One look at Kim, and she notes that Legally Blonde is in the house. Amy gives everyone grocery money and instructions for driving the van and getting groceries, noting that their sixth housemate (Josie) will arrive later that evening. They are to include her in their shopping and to be back by 6 PM. Sinae tells everyone she won't be driving as she's legally blind. It's a recent occurence. Deborah is always in there with a comment. Right or wrong, she's got to say something. Sometimes it's appropriate, sometimes not. Towanda shows good organizational skills for grocery shopping with a group. Deborah is driving them on LA freeways and driving them crazy with her constant talking. Jennifer gets in her face and lets her know that she will drive home. They have a bit of a confrontation. Shopping is Four against One. Deborah decides to do her own thing, while everyone else shops together. There's one in every crowd, and Deborah seems determined to be "the one".

Kim is on the phone with her husband (can you say whipped) complaining, yet again. Rehashing old complaints and coming up with a few new ones. Her husband is probably having the time of his life and rethinking his marital status (if he's got any sense), but it sounds like he's accepted his fate and tows the line when and where she says.

Finally, we meet Rhonda and Iyanla Vanzant. New hairdo for Rhonda. All the house rules and ways to leave are discussed. At last, Josie arrives with Chloe. She's the celeb of the group in a way, because everyone already knows who she is.

Next, the Loft. We get the spiel about it being a sacred women's space. I loved Rana, but I'm going to have to get used to Iyanla. It's kind of like having Maya Angelou in the house. Everything takes on a sense of awe when she says it, but I bet she can get down and dirty with the facts when necessary. She sure worked her way around Kim and shut her up about the room complaints with just a few sentences. Woo hoo. I'm impressed. She saw right through Kim, twisted her around with a little verbal magic, and put her in place with the least amount of words possible.

Stories are starting. We start out with Jennifer and her family. It's a dysfunctional mess. Her mom has MS, her dad's in prison. I think it's gonna be a whole different show this time around. Not as many things will slip by the counselors. It looks like there will be more in depth probing of feelings, and it looks like it's geared more to the dramatic response. If real problems are bettered, I'm all for it. If it only serves to better ratings, well, we'll all complain. LOL. The show changed stations and times in my area, and I note that it's now followed by Jerry Springer. I hope this isn't any indication of what's to come.