Today’s show starts at the close of Sommer’s first night. Josie, Sinae, and Jennifer are going for a plunge in the pool. The lights of LA make a pretty backdrop. Sommer sits in the hot tub section of the pool dangling her feet in the water. Sommer comments on Josie’s bathing suit and Josie says it’s her 8th grade bathing suit. Sommer replies, “You’re so like, you’re boobs were not this big in 8th grade.” Josie takes it as an insult, since she was at her largest weight in the 8th grade and it’s the only suit she could fit in after her post-partum weight. It looked to me like an innocent comment on her breast-feeding boob size, but everyone has their claws out for Sommer. She’s the “other woman” and the newest scapegoat for this group to focus on.

Towanda is on the phone with her husband berating Sommer and Sommer’s past behavior with a married man. She coulda, shoulda, woulda type stuff. Towanda likes to talk about OPP (other people's problems) a lot. That way, she’s not focusing on her own problems.

Jennifer remarks that all of them are victims of cheating. Dr. Stan is talking about Daddy’s Girl with the women and Towanda says her father could do no wrong in her eyes until she was shocked at his adulterous behavior.

Josie continues on with her complaints about Sommer’s comment, going into detail about things said about her in high school, which is what it all reminded her of. Someone said something then and she lost 80 pounds and has never been big since (until now). Sommer’s comment sent her back to then when she changed her appearance to meet the needs of others, because she felt belittled. Towanda tells Josie to not let Sommer have that much control over her emotions (battle lines being drawn). Josie doesn’t want to talk about it because it will make her cry (dramatic urges growing).

Sommer is on the phone with her friend Jessica discussing her arrival and the house. It’s awesome, on the side of a hill. She’s met all the housemates. “So far, so good”, she says. Next morning she says that she hasn’t heard anything positive about the woman that left, so she doesn’t think it’s going to be too much trouble to replace her. (Keep thinking positive thoughts, Sommer. You’re going to need them).

Jennifer and Iyanla are meeting in Griffith Park to discuss Love, since J‘s goal is to learn to heal and accept love. Jennifer has some complaints about her necklace of sorrows that she is wearing; all her fears and stumbling blocks that she wears every day inside herself. Jennifer has no idea what real love in a stable relationship looks like. Lying, leaving, yelling. This is what she’s seen. She really doesn’t know what Love is. “Take ten pictures of what love is” is her assignment. Iyanla says she can wear her necklace or not, it’s up to her. If she can see love through (despite) her issues, she can get rid of them.

Dr. Stan is probing deeper with Josie and her ability to romanticize non-existent relationships. If you recall, just a few short months ago, she was considering giving up her child because her true love, her soul mate, Jonathan, wasn’t sure if her child was his. Now she is romanticizing about her child’s biological father. Her focus on forming a family is with him now. (Someone get out the reality stick and get ready for a beating). She admits that he wanted no commitment, even though they have been friends and had an intense sexual relationship for years. Suddenly, everything is right about him, except for the fact that he wants nothing to do with Josie or Chloe. Their trust was lost after Chloe was born. Dr. Stan reiterates that Chloe, and Chloe’s love, is not the solution to Josie’s own problems. She needs to understand herself and find a balance in the way to love things. We get the half speak, half cry business about her potential relationship with him, when he grows up. Blah, blah, blah. Same script, same scene. Just replace the word Jonathan with the phrase “Chloe’s father”.

Sommer’s attempts at fitting in are being thwarted by Alpha females. The top bitches (Kim and Towanda) have named, numbered, and cataloged her and she’s not going anywhere outside their control. She might fit in if given the slightest chance, but they’ve decided that she is a “bad person”. Talk about problems!

Jennifer is having a hard time with her project, mostly because of her self-described negative attitude. Snap, snap, snap….

Iyanla comes to the meeting and puts something in the floor; Love. It comes into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Some love has an expiration date and others that last forever. First love stories are exchanged. Josie goes on and on about the real love of her life, Chloe’s dad. More romanticized yet. How do you know you love someone? What’s the difference between love and lust, Iyanla asks Sommer. How do you mend a broken heart? Towanda has a book of stories on heartbreak. Most people’s first heartbreak was from their dad. What happens if you fall in the wrong love, have an accident, how do you feel? Towanda confronts Sommer on anything she says because, “Just Because”. Iyanla wants to know how to bring anger and negative energy back to love. Towanda looks at Sommer like she rather go at it in the boxing ring.

Rhonda talks to Josie about love and how stable she is in love. Josie gets a love bank. Write down moments when you felt love and put them in the bank. Kim did something for Josie. That’s one. Talking to her mom. When Chloe smiles. How do you get love? Do you ask? Or just receive it when it’s offered. What about loving yourself? It’s a big bank with a lot of questions attached.

Jennifer meets back with Iyanla to show her pictures. Purple flowers, a dog, a mother and child, children playing. Jennifer hasn’t felt a giving/receiving love in a long time. Jen gets to leave some tags behind. She must write 3 things that 3 different people have done that showed she was loved. She's to put this on audio cassettes. (She had to write it down to remember and no wonder). She still has complaints about her necklace. She realizes the point of it, but as Iyanla says, “That’s your life, Jennifer. Deal with it.”

Towanda is still ranting to Kim about Sommer. She thinks Sommer needs to apologize. Towanda thinks it’s her duty to set Sommer straight, but I think she’s heading for more trouble of her own.

Kim and Sommer talk diet bars and food. Because of her surgery, Sommer has to eat carefully. Kim has shown the most interest in Sommer of all the housemates.

Now the bigwigs meet. Iyanla, Dr. Stan, and Rhonda meet to discuss the current housemate situation with Sommer being the other woman and the other housemate’s reaction to her. Iyanla knows that Kim and Towanda have issues with other women. They all think it will be good for everyone to learn from each other. Dr. Stan thinks that Sommer needs to understand how her experience affects other people. She uses her experience as a badge of honor, more than having learned from it. Rhonda thinks she’s a perfect candidate for the Starting Over house. (I do too. I don’t particularly like Sommer yet, but she definitely needs some insight into her self-destructive behaviors).

Josie later calls Chloe’s father, supposedly to get a medical history, but it’s obvious she’s fishing for attention for herself. He sounds as interesting as Jonathan. She knows he cares for she and Chloe and is just afraid to have a family that cares. She goes into the half cry-half talk, full of ***** mode, and whimpers about why and how they will love each other eventually. How delusional can this girl get? She says Chloe’s father is really her “soulmate”. (Hey, I though Jonathan was really her soul mate). Someone stop her before I reality bitchslap her. What an idiot!

Sommer’s solution to insulting Josie about her swimsuit is to buy Josie a swimsuit that fits. Yeah, that’s just what an offended, overweight woman wants; someone buying her clothes that they think fit better. What happened to a simple, “I’m sorry. I misspoke and I think you misunderstood me.” Anyhow, looks like more trouble brewing.