Rhonda is trying to help Deborah get off that bad foot she got started on. Deborah is not dumb, in fact, she’s quite bright, but her behavior is just inappropriate at times. It’s almost like she has social Turret’s Syndrome. Get a group together; watch Deborah bring conversation to a halt with a verbal explosion inappropriate to the conversation. So, she’s crying like a baby now. The rest of the housemates have their own opinions of Deborah. Rhonda pushes and nurtures. She is sympathetic and understanding of much of Deborah’s behavior. Do they still do hormone therapy for menopausal women? Deborah could certainly benefit. You’d think she was loading freight down at the docks the way she sweats. It must be irritating for her, because it bugs the hell out of me watching her. Someone turn down the thermostat and give her a fan.

Sinae visits a new doctor with Rhonda, and he tells her nearly the same thing as the previous ones. He says, in fact, that with new glasses she can lead a fairly normal life. I don’t think vision is her biggest problem. I’m guessing dependence and inexperience are her biggest hurdles. Getting a taxi home is not that big a deal under any circumstance. Rhonda’s still got that pink sweater on. Wonder how many days we’ll see that.

Kim’s exercise is to ask Deborah out to dinner; just the two of them. Is this an exercise or simple revenge on Iyanla’s part? LOL. A few traffic missteps and they find The Pig, a barbecue place. Deborah is a nicer person in a one on one situation. Kim is making an effort to be sincere. This could be any two friends or acquaintances anywhere. No outbursts, no interruptions, just a simple conversation. I knew she had it in her. Maybe they won’t be best friends, but it’s a start.

Later, Iyanla and Kim work with flashcards from hell that depict words related to negative feelings and how they relate to one’s life. Iyanla let’s nothing slide when she refers to the matching Burberry skirts and shopping bags in Kim’s family photo. Thinking you’re better than me really means you feel less than me and need something to show me you’re better. Iyanla goes right to the heart of the problem. Really as much as I want to pick on her for her sometimes TV driven dramatic presentations, she’s right on the money with her assessments.

It’s a new day, and today is going to feature Towanda‘s story. Rhonda gives credit to Deborah for waiting her turn and notes that as part of her process, she is waiting till last to tell her story (because she’s been so impatient and rude). Towanda has been part of a singing family group, The Braxtons. Starting with five members, then Toni got signed, and Tracey got pregnant. Then the group of three split after one sister got signed and hid the fact from the other two. Both Towanda’s parents were ministers. Her father was caught committing adultery and was forced to step down from his ministry. Her parents split. Having to face all these family problems has been difficult. She is a newlywed and married her fiancé at the courthouse, despite growing up in the church. There were family conflicts with marriage dates that led to her courthouse marriage. Her goal is to discover her true self.

Now, the assignment was a bit strange to me. I’m with Towanda’s husband on this one. “What’s that supposed to do?“ She’s been a professional singer for many years, so I assume the assignment is as much to familiarize Iyanla with Towanda’s abilities as it is for Towanda to show she can stand up and sing on her own. Can she do it on her own? Hell yeah! She sings an excellent rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” both times, once with a sign that says “Towanda Smith” on it, and the next time with a sign that reads “Toni Braxton’s Sister”. Towanda laughs out loud at the second sign. It made little difference to Towanda or the audience what the sign said and few seemed to pay it much attention. I think it’s a terrible position for her to be in. There are X amount of spaces for successful singers in the entertainment world and to see two siblings get signed and one succeed tremendously does leave your dream feeling a bit trampled. It doesn’t mean it’s not possible, but it doesn’t make easy. You’d hope she would have lots of support from her family, but in this case, that’s just more trouble. It has happened in other show biz families and groups. The Jackson Five became Michael Jackson. The Supremes became Diana Ross. David Cassidy even stepped out on the Partridges. Anyhow….

Sinae discusses her feelings about independence and her mother with Rhonda. Sinae is 18 and going to be a senior in college. Wow! Even Rhonda is impressed. Next, there is discussion about Sinae’s personal relationships and past boyfriend. Tears, tears, and more tears. Rhonda wants Sinae to accept her blindness and she also wants them to leave a blank space where they might work on a few other things. You’re thinking my way, Rhonda. There’s more than bad eyesight going on here.

Kim continues on with her flashcard exercise with Deborah and when Deborah gets the gist of the exercise, that’s it’s only how Kim feels about the words, she remarks, “So, you could use a dog to do this”, which I admit made me Laugh Out Loud. Is it me, or does Kim dress a bit like a teenaged hooker. Deborah gets nothing from this exercise, but Kim is trying. Kim admits she is not very aware of herself. If they could get Sinae in on this conversation it could be the blind, leading the blind, leading the blind.

Towanda tells Deborah what her assignment was and Deborah launches into her own version of “The Star Spangled Banner” which makes T’s fur stand on end. The ride, or walk on the treadmill in Deborah’s case, is only going to get bumpier.