We start off with another Josie/Chloe paternity teaser, knowing full well they're holding that info for later use. Then we switch to a Jennifer/Kim conversation in which Jennifer reveals that her father is in prison for life for interstate trafficing of methamphetamines and gun possesion. She hasn't seen him since high school and has no contact with him. Jennifer feels that he owes her an apology for leaving her family in troubled circumstances. She's also mad at her mom for not divorcing him. There seems to be a lot she's angry and confused about with her family life.

DeBOREah wants her pillow from home. She's no happier with the roommate situation than Kim is and just as helpless to change it.

Rhonda arrives, curls abouncing (OK enough of that first day back hairdo). She brings a mobility expert, Matt, to support Sinae. Sinae is skeptical of becoming a stereotypical blind person with a white cane. She's is LEGALLY blind which in her case means she can't see fine detail. She sees light, dark, colors, just impairment on detail and some problems with walking because she can't distinguish steps or holes from spots on the pavement. It's connected to her albinism. Anyhow, Helen Keller would call her a wuss and tell her to get on with it. Matt of course, wants her to use a cane, but she sees it as a stigma. Rhonda is working her through it one step at a time.

Jennifer works with Iyanla on her issues of trust and perception. There are counselors and then there are Counselors in the world and some are better than others. With my often skeptical attitude, so far I have found Iyanla to be one of those more amazing humans that sees a problem clearly, understands it's roots, and sees the clearest way to overcome it. Besides that, she's been dipped in honey that oozes from every pore. I reserve the right to change my opinion in the future, but so far I'm impressed. Her mothering attitude makes even the most resistant give in to their real feelings. Now, I might get tired of the tearfest later on, but so far, she's on my A list. I was going to be stubborn, because I'm a big supporter of Rana (love to Rana), but I'm going with the flow. It's California all the way, baby. New psychology, Afro-hippy couture, organic diet, and all. (Is this how cults begin? LOL)

Journaling is going to be a part of this groups activities. Jen is doing the brick thing, same as Lynelle and Hailey did once. Write your fears on the bricks and see how big your wall is. It must be a standard practice these days.

Kim and Towanda get in some cat talk about DeBoreAh. She's worthy of more.

Finally a mid-day meeting in The Loft features Sinae and the origin of her blindness. It's somewhat a mystery to her. Rhonda's insights into Deborah's need for attention are interesting. No stone left unturned. Sinae also has some family problems with her dad. Lots of problems. OK.....too many tears. It's a Bigdaddy of a cryfest. I truly hope every meeting does not turn into a cryfest.

The musical workups of the Jennifer exercise were almost a little too MTV. The music was more dramatic than the scene required. Jen couldn't stop grinning herself. It looks like Iyanla got the most exercise, hehe, while Jennifer stood there amused.

The Deborah/Sinae confrontation reeked of overproduction. Semantics make a boring argument. Deborah runs to the phone and the rest of the girls go outside to commiserate. Then, Deborah gets in the same fight on the phone with her friend. Deborah sweats like she's wrestling steers most of the time. A breast reduction might make her life easier. I'm not talking cosmetics either. That's a big load for anyone to carry around. She's going to be in more trouble before it's over. No doubt.

Nighttime meeting features Josie. (One of the complaints last year was that the counselors weren't in touch enough with the housemates, so I'm guessing twice daily meetings are to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.) Chloe sure looks like Jonathan. I couldn't be bothered to text message my opinion on that though. Rhonda goes to the plasma so we can get background info and tears from Josie. This is one big waterworks of a show today. STOP IT!!! I got all that Josie semi-talk/semi-cry I wanted last year. Blah, blah, blah. In the next shot Chloe looks just like Jonathan. I have no doubts. When she wobbled, she looked just like he did when he was drunk. I'm convinced. Maybe we'll know tomorrow, but I bet they can stretch it another day or two.