Downtown rush hour traffic is not the problem around the Starting Over house. The sky shots show just how dramatically the house is perched on the hillside. The views are fantastic. Iyanla greets Kim on one of the spectacular decks and they go inside to talk. How real does Kim want to be? Iyanla takes Kim into the guestroom to see something. Iyanla asks Kim what she sees in the mirror. Someone that looks nice, looks pretty, kinda flashy. Inside she sees a girl who thinks she’s ugly. She sees ugly, angry, judgmental, sadness. She feels like people won’t accept her if she doesn’t look all put together and pretty. Iyanla wants Kim to take all the makeup off. Kim admits she’s had her eyes done and had botox. She has a huge fear of getting old. One layer at a time, they are removing Kim’s efforts at being pretty. Iyanla wants Kim to bring her all of her makeup and present herself just as she is. Kim is upset and doesn’t see the purpose. Bring the jewelry, the Vuitton bags, bring it all. Kim is swelling up like a blowfish and saying, “No, no, no.” “This is not funny. It’s so pissing me off.” Sommer dares to laugh and Kim takes offense. Iyanla keeps pushing and taking. She gives Kim boring clothes, no makeup, a plain bag and shoes. Kim cries saying she’s going to feel old, frumpy, fat. She’s angry and pissed off. She’d like to break something. It’s a ride straight to Tearsville, a familiar setting these days. She has to go work with old people with severe aging problems. Kim says she will have an anxiety attack. Someone must drive her. She is still angry and Iyanla offers her a plate to break. She goes outside and Iyanla goads her with all the reasons she should be angry. “Call it all up!”, she commands, “Put it all into the plate!” Kim smashes the plate and runs into the house in tears. Kim does not enjoy not getting her way.

Sommer is working to make good with Josie. Her joke has been taken the wrong way. She asks Jennifer what to do; a good idea when trying to start a conversation.

Sinae is helping with Chloe because Chloe has been up since 3 AM. Josie is catching up on some sleep.

Jennifer is having problems finishing her assignment. She isn’t sure what the love is that she received from her parents. Jennifer doesn’t like listening to her voice on tape, but Iyanla forces the issue. Her first tape is to her mom. Jennifer has the voice of a nine-year-old child and it really shines through in her tapes. The one to her mom only had a fragment of a sentence, but Jennifer tells Iyanla she didn’t really miss anything. Iyanla says that her mother did. Jennifer says that the way her mom showed love was lending her money and not asking her to pay her back. Iyanla is disappointed in Jennifer’s lack of depth of thought. Is that how she feels about a mother’s love? Jennifer is defensive and bitter about her childhood experiences of having to be the responsible one and cries when provoked in the slightest manner. Who is she mad at? Who made her give up her life in service to her mom? Iyanla makes her address her mom directly about her difficulties with her mom’s disabilities and how it affected her parenting. Jennifer at least has a voice now. She is capable of speaking up for herself. Tags are coming off the necklace.

Dr. Katz is meeting with Sommer. They discuss how difficult it is to be the new woman in the house, and how she is not being accepted as she hoped. They talk about the control issues around the house and the logic of the only one you can control is yourself.

Kim is continuing to harp on her assignment. She recounts all the times she goes without makeup and nice clothes. Sinae gives her a piece of the plate on which she has written, “Trust the Process“. Kim overreacts to the chuckle that Sommer gave her earlier and now she says Sommer is downstairs laughing away at her when in fact Sommer is quietly working out on the treadmill. Kim is stirring trouble and acting out.

Kim arrives at the center. She feels embarrassed and apologizes for the way she is dressed and the director says it doesn’t matter. The director fills Kim in on how their program is directed. Kim gets information on all the seniors. It’s a one-on-one adopt a senior type program. She is picking her senior based on how she’s dressed and how cute she is. (Geeez) She is meeting several of the seniors and getting some first hand info about growing old.

Sommer is attempting to have a conversation with Towanda about the anger she feels from her. Towanda says she doesn’t like what she says some of the time, but that’s her problem. It’s the world according to Towanda.

Rhonda brings weight problems to the open table at an afternoon meeting. Kim thinks she looks like a football player. She wants a tummy tuck, a boob lift, everything. If she could fix it all, she’d look more like a model. She hates herself now. Josie feels uncomfortable with her weight and brings up her conflict with Sommer. Sommer doesn’t feel comfortable with her weight and Rhonda questions her decision to spend 25 thousand dollars for surgery. Why couldn’t she do it at the gym? Lots of judgments passed around from Jennifer and Towanda. Not much support from the other women. Another strike against Sommer, but no one mentions Kim’s past or future surgeries, just the exorbitant cost of Sommer’s surgery. Josie could buy a house with that. Jennifer thinks it’s not necessary unless you’re morbidly obese. Sommer says everyone is different and that’s the route she’s taken. Rhonda wants to show them all that they have the same problem concerning weight. Tonight at 7:30 there is going to be a special guest at the Starting Over house. It’s Belly Dancing lessons. Towanda is ecstatic. She’s always wanted this. Josie notes that Kim has changed into a nice outfit and worked some makeup from somewhere (I’m guessing Towanda’s drawer). Get out some scarves and shake your booty.

Jennifer is driving to the Post Office to mail her tapes to her family. She feels like she’s finally accomplished something. Josie says she’s supporting Kim in her process by wearing no makeup or jewelry either. Jennifer spills the beans and tells Josie that Sommer bought her a new bathing suit. That doesn’t sit well with Josie. Kim is still complaining about her assignment and Sinae thinks it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Smart girl, Sinae!