Today we're on to Josie's story. She reveals that Chloe’s father is her best friend since 4th grade, not Jonathan. She states she has no contact with Jonathan and she is focusing her efforts toward herself and Chloe. Josie does seem to have learned a few lessons and have a degree of self esteem she certainly lacked last year. Deborah's foot is once again inserted into her mouth when she questions Josie with an almost disdainful tone. Josie's answer shows some maturity and understanding. It's certainly more progress than Deborah is showing, as in fact she is sliding down the slippery slope of becoming the outcast of the group. She's building defenses even before she has a use for them, almost as though she knows she is going to be offensive. Her conversation and tears with her friend Pam reveals just how insecure she really is. All I can say is RESISTANCE IS FUTILE DEBORAH. Get with the program, slow down, be quiet....listen. If only she listened as fast as she talks. Anyhow....

Josie has driven everyone to a public park to meet Iyanla. Lots of palm trees - definitely California and Californian psychology. Write on a toy sailboat's sail the one thing that would make your life easy or fulfilled. Everyone's idea is totally different. Some things were emotional, some physical. Cast your wishes upon the waters and set them free. I think there is sometimes a little too much meaning attached to totally irrelevant actions. The boat casting was a flop pretty much, but Iyanla squeezed some meaning from Kim's screw up. Ritual and performance are definitely powerful at times, but sometimes a toy boat is just a toy boat.

Deborah is eating alone. Separating herself further from the group than she already is.

Josie is working with Rhonda on balance, both in her life, and on the balance beam. I don't know. I'm all for the symbolic, the hidden connections between thought and reality, but they are really stretching it today. It's a bucket of rocks any way you look at it. Rhonda's pink sweater is the making of some fellow's dream today. It is form fitting to say the least and a very nice form it's fitting. Josie still has a bit of a pudge, but that's allowed for how long after you give birth? .....(Not nice throwing things ladies). Rhonda's bangs are gone, but those beer can curls need to take hike, too. It's time for a nice tapered cut. Rhonda's California jewelry doesn't necessarily compliment her hot school girl image today, but someone in wardrobe loves big dangly, earthy necklaces. Yep, we're in California.

Rhonda in the filmed segments has BedHead. The kind all the actresses like to wear to film openings and award shows. Interesting, but maybe not a daytime look. Josie and Rhonda are actually covering some ground. Josie is trainable if not clever. She's got some smarts, just not the psycho-social ones she needs just now. One thing that seems to be prevalent this time around is tears. It's almost like a session or segment can't really be any good until someone cries. It's a bit tiring. Rhonda squeezes a few more out of Josie before it's over.

Kim is riding high on the thrill and drama of knowing Towanda's secret. It's not THAT exciting and let's hope it's revealed as soon as possible. It's a dead horse, now leave it alone. Kim seems determined to ride side by side with Towanda. It's the closet thing to the Jones in her current neighborhood. Wow, what a friend! (what an asskiss!)

Finally, meeting in the Loft. Today is Kim's story. They all grab for the Kleenex first, so that should give some clue as to what's expected. Kim's nice house, Kim's Jag, Kim's closet. Kim is buying a stairway to Suburbia. All this crap to fill in the hole of a no content life. Perfection on the surface, nothing below the surface that's talked about. Finally some tears over Mom. Kim fears Death. (most people do. it's instinctual). She is from a broken home, problems with Dad and step mom. Problems with her sister, estrangement. Other broken relationships. Step-daughter problems. Ughhhh. She admits she doesn't know who she is, she doesn't know what she wants, and the only things that make her happy are external things. Welcome to Suburbia!

Deborah brings the conversation around to herself, as usual, and Iyanla steps in like an experienced traffic cop. Maybe like a nun from grade school. The music is from a Western. Maybe it's Sheriff Iyanla. Deborah doesn't really know the rules of engagement. She's so far in denial, she doesn't see that there's any problem. Iyanla proceeds to show and attempt to explain her inappropriate behaviors. Afterwards, Rhonda settles in the floor of the bedroom where Deborah is packing to leave and attempts to persuade her to not leave.

Kim uses the drama to further her own personal hurt and need for attention. It was her show, and someone changed the channel in the middle of the show. She's afraid she will flip out or "go off" on Deborah. She insists that's what she does. She loses control. (Can you say spoiled brat tantrum?) Iyanla turns it all back on Kim and shows her how her behavior might mirror Deborah's rather than oppose it. Iyanla is starting with the basics of the thought process, working to the root of the problem, and showing the way to change or overcome. She also includes self responsibility as part of the process, and who could argue with that.