Week of May 17 - May 21, 2004
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Monday ….

I really prefer to start my Mondays on a slow approach. This hit the ground running thing is only going to lead to trouble. Who can keep up? Everyone is up to something. Susan is going to see her father finally. If you think you've seen scrunchy faces and tears up to this point, just wait. This is not rehearsal, this is the real thing. These pauses while waiting for word from her dad are more than pregnant. They are cloud bursts of emotion. Downpours in fact. She is so excited that she has to call and tell someone. At first I was a little peeved that that we didn't get to see this reunion, but it's Susan and her feelings that we're concerned with, not satisfying our priorities. She got her resolve, though, and seemed quite pleased with her first meeting. Will she have a further relationship? Sure, she will. The finale was a bit of let down after months of buildup but, how often do you get to share the best day of someone's life?

Amy is preaching to the choir. Actually, she's talking to students about living and studying overseas, 3/4th's of which have already done this. But she does a great job. The remarks she received from her coach were honest and encouraging. Did I miss the answer to the hair question of Friday? What's the point of a build-up if you don't include the resolve.

Lynnell and Hailey. Can you say fruitbasket turnover? It's a big mess. Hailey tries to talk to Stage, but that goes about as well as Josie's conversations with Jonathan. Stage is a jerk. Little more you can say, except that he is more immature than her, and that's a big slice of pie. Lynnell is getting the picture, but it's so fuzzy and unfocused she doesn't know who to be mad at. How about Amy? That'll have to do, because that who's she's gunning for today. Amy did screw up and offer Hailey a glass of champagne, but there's a lot more anger coming from Lynnell than that. I think Lynnell doesn't like the way that Hailey and Amy actually get along and have adult conversations that leave Lynnell out. It's hard to tell with the editing as we didn't see the incident, but it seems a bit blown out of proportion. Lynnell is still in controlling mode. She's angry about her life, so she blows up at others. A simple conversation would have sufficed, but blowing up is the way she seems to communicate. They'll work it out, but everyone needs some sleep first.

Why are we getting Jonathan's viewpoints now? I made breakfast during his and Josie's segments. It's a much better use of my time. Someone let me know if and when she shows anything resembling a learning experience. Watching someone tread the same dirty water over and over is beyond boring. It's irritating. He has no part in this show until he takes a paternity test and shows responsibility. And that means never, most likely.


Conflict is never fun. Lynnell and her "huge wall" is tiresome. Amy seems threatened and Lynnell seems angry. Work it out, ladies. Rhonda sees right through Lynnell and calls it like is. Are we going to meet Hailey's twin? He doesn't sound very interested in SO. Did you see the commercial with Hailey and Lynnell? New hair colors (everyone's a brunette now) and smiles all around. At least we know they survived the interim.

Susan finally gets to tell her story at morning meeting. More scrunchy faces (the scrunchiest) and another downpour of tears(the teariest) and emotions all around. Susan has been a good housemate from day one, always supportive of others and quietly (and patiently) following her steps to her goal. Congratulations to her. The best thing her dad said to her was that this was just the beginning and that they had a lot of time to get to know each other. Knowing your heritage is important and she lets Josie know this.

Josie is full of crap as usual. Someone tell her what a family is. It's nothing like what she has in mind. Good luck with the therapist. Drop the Princess Leah hairdo. It's not flattering, but it did make me laugh out loud. I kept thinking of lines from Star Wars during her therapy session. Her therapist said, "you must learn to avoid the Dark Side". or something like that. Jonathan reminds me of some of the creatures from the movie. Something kinda slimy that slithers instead of walk. "I don't want to talk about that", he says in reference to a DNA test. What then, the weather, latest fashion on the runways, what? Rhonda won't take that BS like Josie.

Leah is an unusual person. I'm not quite getting what her problem is. Who cares if she labels herself lesbian or not? Who is this woman with her at the lesbian coffeehouse? I missed the first five minutes. Was she introduced then? Leah's problems include a lot of shyness and uncertainty. It's not easy meeting new people, but she did it. I'm thinking let's get Erika's sister Ebony in on this one. She was bright, funny, and an out loud lesbian. She could act as role model. It's hard to get an honest responce from people when there's a camera in your face. Who is this woman coaching her? Leah is still finding her place in this show and the world.

I don't know what you're doing tonight but, I'm having Mexican for dinner. I wish I could borrow their chef, but it looks like chicken enchiladas with green chili sauce from the Tacqueria instead. I'm not doing the pinata, but I might slap at something with a stick later on. Want to come over and share?


Middle of the week and middle of the road. Everyone's into their own thing. Leah's going to church and it's not the one PJ went to. Susan is wrapping up her story and she'll be packing soon. Carrie Fisher is going to be knocking on that door any moment and telling Josie that hairdo is copyrighted and not for everyday wear.

Does Leah live in a small town? She's never been to an alternative church before and never heard words of affirmation from a minister. This is a good enviroment for her. She's never had the acceptance she seeks. Part of that's OK, but she needs to learn that affirmation mostly comes from within. It's as important to not care what others think sometimes. Friends are always good though, and she's met some good ones. She's just now getting to know the housemates, too.

Josie is meeting with new mothers. They are sharing information on new motherhood, but all of these women have husbands and families and don't seem like Josie's crowd. She's still trying to rely on Jonathan for support, but she doesn't have a clue. You can't get support from someone more damaged than you. You might get a few words of encouragement, but even Hailey is more mature than Josie. She sees right through Jonathan's excuses. What a super creep. Now, Hailey is playing the "poor me" card. Everyone is against her. She want's people to respect her right to privacy. HELLO JOSIE! You signed up to be on a reality show where keeping secrets is not a part of the show. Is it possible that she has the premise wrong and is taking her steps backwards? Sure looks like it. As usual her drama takes control of the show. It's like watching repeats already. She's a mess, still...

Susan is going to see Sandy who Rana says has been helping Susan all through the process. Have we met her before? Susan got what she came for and really seems different - more relaxed. A little glow even. She has a lifetime of family to look forward to. Like she says, the end of her goal is a happy beginning. She does talk a little about her dating life later at dinner, but it was a sad story.

Lynnell is trying to get her son (Hailey's twin) to come to Chicago. He says he has to work, so she calls his boss. It is interfering, but his boss is a bitch from hell and Lynnell all but tells her. (I would have). It's a frigging restaurant, not the ER, but you'd never know it from the ATTITUDE the boss gives. If Kevin gets to Chicago, it will be a miracle. Lynnell does a good job of beating the hell out of herself afterwards. "It's just been a rough couple of days", she says. Tell Me.


I wish Starting Over didn't come on at 8 AM here. Some days I'm not awake good yet, or I'm just not in the mood for reality tv so early. It's a mid-afternoon kind of show or even a night time show, but some days it's too much for breakfast. I need to get another vcr (damned lightening) or a tivo and stop complaining.

Rhonda woke me up but good. She really, really likes that megaphone and she looked pretty damn hot in those cammos. She's just one step away from knocking some sense into Lynnell and Hailey. I FEEL LIKE she might be making progress, but Lynnell is a bundle of mixed emotions that are hard to untangle. I FEEL LIKE this exercise might be good for them but I FEEL LIKE Rhonda didn't mean for Lynnell to use this to complain about Susan's weak coffee. Hailey's dad calls. He doesn't sound too dad-like to me, maybe even a bit neglectful. He didn't read an emotional letter than Hailey sent him when her friend Benny died. It sounded like Hailey might be an afterthought in his schedule, and she's perceptive enough to get this. Her brash exterior is obviously a result of being brushed off more than once. He apologizes and hems and haws. Later, he calls back after he's read the letter(He's had it for months). It makes her feel better for now, but it doesn't make it OK. Hailey is learning more about herself every day and actually making efforts to change. She's really a dynamic person and it's great to see her blossom. Amy is a good friend for her.

Josie is getting a big dose of reality (Rana is trying anyhow). She's talking to a housing counselor. She's homeless, except for the SO house and some imaginary friend's house where she might stay for a month or two. She's counseled on shelters and dumb as she is, she's not dumb enough to think that a shelter is the best choice to raise a baby. There is no back-up plan, or even a first plan that makes sense. It's a mess.

Amy is doing a 'zine. It's travel tips for students living abroad. She's gnashing teeth and going for perfection, but the woman supervising her is very adept at reading Amy and steers her in the right direction. Hailey is collaborating on the artwork and it's damn good. Red's Travels- hilarious. Amy talks to her dad, and he's a good communicator. What can you say about a senator/dad that did laundry and folded clothes all morning? She mentions that maybe she got some of her commuication skills from him and I think it might be true.

Rain comes for a visit. Lynnell fills her in while Josie is out of the room. The editing of Jonathan coming up the walk as they discuss the DNA testing is like a scene from "Jaws". Wait until Rain sinks her teeth into him. Josie begs Rain not to bring up the testing and she doesn't, but that's all everyone else is talking about (except Jonathan). Josie still tiptoes around Jonathan like he's broken glass. His main concern is that he is not embarrassed publicly. Well, I FEEL LIKE he's way too late for that. Don't you?

Friday ….

Surprise! Rhonda got the message, and during her confessionals, those bangs were completely pushed back. OMG, she has a forehead! and really pretty eyes. That stylist gets a big tip from me today.

Leah's problem of living out loud may be more complicated than it seems, but the approaches they are taking to her problems seem downright silly. Play, play, play, play, play. Shut-up. She is an adult and I'd like to see a little adult conversation instead of constant play therapy. Her conversation with her mother wasn't very revealing. It was rhetoric filled and frankly I wasn't feeling it nor Leah's tears. It's just all too vague and overly "sensitive". Anyhow, don't cry on my shoulder unless you and I know what you're crying about. Otherwise, it's just a dramatic scene without meaning. I hate whining. When she does set down with Rana and talk it out, the truth is that her childhood was a miserable hell and very complicated. Why not start there instead of making more snowmen?

Day two of communication bootcamp is taking a different tact. It's focusing on affirmations instead of accusations-presumed innocence. Lynnell and Hailey are learning, but what a slow process. Big hurts are also the topic of discussion. Hailey is still very angry and can't let go and forgive her mother for divorcing her father. Putting herself in Lynnell's place and presuming innocence is difficult, but Rhonda forces the issue. It's hard to hold grudges and see someone's elses side of the story. Hailey feels that her mother never trusted her and feels that maybe she never deserved it. Kevin, Hailey's twin, seems to play a big part in this story, but I FEEL LIKE there's more to the story than we've learned yet. The letters they wrote were excellent at getting to the heart of the matter. Like Lynnell said, they're finally looking at each other as women instead of mother and daughter. Hailey wins the prize for achieving new levels of self-understanding this week. Her letter was a breakthrough.

Amy needs to touch up her roots, but she's rushing to finish her 'zine. Late to the printer, she's hoping she can get it printed today. She does and it looks great. She's enjoying focusing on her own things, instead of taking care of others business. Hugs all around.

Josie is still hanging around doing nothing. She did write her letter. It sounded just like what they wanted to hear. She says she's putting Chloe first in all things. Hailey sees right through Josie. She's the one that listened to her yell at her child all night long. Now Josie says she is going to arrange the baby's sleep schedule to suit hers. Right. Babies can really cry loud can't they? I see trouble brewing in Hailey and Josies future. Hailey thinks Josie is rough with the baby and has heard Josie refer to her as "you little bastard". I know new mom's have lots of pressures and different people express them in different ways, but this doesn't seem like the best use of language given the circumstances. Her plans are as definite as the weather and her call from J was nauseating (as usual).

Susan gets a call from her dad. It was the first time her dad ever called her. NO SCRUNCHY faces here. Only one of delight.

So here's the score this week. Susan won her game and got bonus points. Amy pulled off an ninth inning comeback. Hailey scored huge points with an occasional assist from Lynnell. Josie sat it out on the bench.

Next week looks interesting. Who are all these visitors and new arrivals so late in the game? Stay tuned.