Opening note: So can Dan and Frank really work things the way they plan? Will Jenn have second thoughts on using the Veto? Let's find out . . .

7:30 AM
Dan gives a shout out to Joker's updates and his wife, Chelsea.

"So, here we are you and me, me and you. All comes down to next 4 hours. If you missed my handy work last night I had my funeral told something nice to everyone except Danielle. She did not take kindly to that. I went upstairs to the HOH bedroom with Frank. My conversation went better than normal and it was up to him to get Jenn to use veto on me. When I went to bed last night, Jenn was on board. Good Morning East Coast feeders. It's amazing what 24 hours can do. I came up with this plan. I also slept 20 hours in there. Now I understand why criminals come up with their best plans in prison. They have nothing to do but think and sleep."

10:00 AM
In the backyard, Frank and Dan are talking quietly. Dan says about Ian, I will say, you know what, you got cocky. Frank says, yeah, think so. If they ask if we are working together I will say absolutely not. He says Shane might straight up work with him. Frank says he thinks they will assume they might have something because Dan was up there for a long time last night. Dan says you can say that I swore to you that it wasn't me who ratted them out. Dan says if Ian asks. Dan says he will put us up together. If he puts us both us we got problems. Frank says he has a nice little speech. He's going to thank him and say "Ian not only did you vote Mike out on Thurs. but you me one of my closes allies up and she went home. So I'm not your closest ally any more. Since you have the veto I can't put you up so I'm putting up your closest ally. Like a not so wise man once said "Pop a squat."

10:30 AM
Joe says to Frank and Jenn Outside, "Last night, Brit, Dani and Shane were all in the room and I was sleeping. Ian pops in and turns on the light and says "Who's all in here? Can we talk?" Then someone piped up quick and said, "Joe's here".

On another camera, Danielle thinks she has shingles.

11:30 AM
Britney just asked Ian if he was using the veto and he said no. Then he heads off to the DR while Britney went to check on Danielle.

POV Ceremony

12:35 PM
Feeds back from the veto ceremony. Ian did not use his golden ball veto and Jenn stuck to her word. She used her POV and took Dan off; now Britney is on the block where she sits with Danielle! One of these two ladies is going home on Thursday.

Meanwhile, up in the HOH, Frank and Ian are fighting. Ian is arguing with Frank, confronting him about Britney being up on the block.

12:45 PM
Britney is in the HOH and very upset. She's in tears. Britney saying that when she goes to jury she will be looking for people who treat others well, she really looks for that.

1:00 PM
There is more fighting between Ian and Frank; then, Ian called to the DR. Shane hugs Britney as she cries over his shoulder to comfort her. For the next while, Britney and Dani are in the arcade and Dani comforts her.

2:00 PM
Dan and Danielle are talking in the kitchen. Dan asks Dani if anyone still thinks they are working together. Dani says not one of them. Dan said to Dani he expected her to be upset about Brit leaving. Dani says I am! Dan leaves room & then Dani says out loud "I'm really upset she's leaving. She's my best friend." Dan asks if Dani has Shane's vote. She nods yes. He says Shane told Dan that the plan was to keep Dani to the end. Dan and Dani named their 2-person alliance "The Surgeons" because Dan cuts them up (other hg) and Dani sews them up.

4:45 PM
Britney is alone with Dan in kitchen now. She is silently glaring at his every move. There is an awkward silence among them. Britney asks Dan, do you have anything to say to me? Brit is talking to Dan about how she feels and asks him if he feels she's subhuman. Conversation between Dan and Britney ends. She tells him if you want to avoid awkwardness, I'm going outside so stay inside. Dan goes to Arcade Room. Jenn walks into kitchen and Britney says to Jenn when he does this to you prepare yourself to hear the sorry's and then Britney heads outside to continue the Dan bash. Jenn joins Dan in arcade room.

6:07 PM
Britney goes into the arcade room to talk to Dan. She says she has been mad all day, but now realizes that of course he did what he had to stay in the game. She's said a lot of stuff today about how much she hates him but she doesn't. She can't fault him for not throwing his game away when he left his wife and family for the summer.

9:00 PM
Joe telling Shane that he wants to keep Britney. Joe says that if we keep Brit we tell Frank no deal and go four against two in HOH. If we keep Dani, we work with Frank and Jenn. He says if he keeps Dani he wants to do the final four with Frank and not go back on it. Joe telling he would keep his word to Frank if he keeps Dani.

11:54 PM
Shane tells Britney that Frank told Joe that if he keeps Britney he will hold it against him. Shane tells Britney he hasn't made up his mind. He is scared of Dani being so emotional. Britney asked are you scared of Dani going back to Dan. Shane, "God I hope not." Shane says, it's a hard choice, but doesn't give her an answer on his vote. Brit says no matter what, he needs to go after Frank. Says that Dan's acting all alone, but that she knows he made a pact with Jenn and Frank and asks if Danielle would go back to Dan. Shane saying how Brit helps him with his social game but Dani wins competitions.

2:00 AM
All HGs asleep!

I guess they're in bed early because it a long and stressful day.

So, can Britney pull it together long enough to put a plan of her own in place or is she going to give up? Who is Shane going to vote to keep: Danielle or Britney? Is Joe the swing vote and who will Ian vote to keep? Stay tuned . . .

Thanks so much to the Joker’s Updaters for your wonderful updates; this couldn't get done without you guys!