On a beautiful day
In the middle of the ocean
Sixteen strangers convened
Not a one with the notion

That the game had just started
and here is the kicker
"The clothes that you're wearing,"
Said Jeff with a snicker,

"Is all that you get,
Oh wait, here are some shoes!"
So with that they jumped over
With nothing to lose!

To a small village they went
100 balboas for each tribe,
To purchase what they could
In order to survive.

They bargained and shopped
When much to our surprise,
Morgan tribe headed for camp
With only meager supplies

On an island of their own
Drake set off to find water
Only to find themselves quickly
Becoming mosquito fodder!

Jon was the least bitten
To which he did boast;
Perhaps, like I, the mosquitoes
Found his demeanor quite gross!

With fervor and teamwork
Drake built quite a nice shelter
not so with the Morgan tribe
Where all was a skelter!

Morgan constructed their lean-to
In the oddest of places
Where rocks from the cliff
Tumbled onto their faces.

Despite the problems that posed
The tribe's focus and worry
Was in protecting their hoohahs
From the crabs that did scurry.

A Drake member named Rupert
Suddenly had a strange notion
To grab the spear and a net
And procure fish from the ocean

His bounty was well received
by all except one named Burton
Who brought back only one fish,
I'm sure his ego was a hurtin'

The next morning tribes were greeted
By some tree-mail (minus the tree)
It heralded of a competition
Up for grabs....immunity

The task was to transport a cannon
From point A out to point B.
Each team encountered pitfalls
And all manner of adversity.

Three men from Morgan tribe
In the midst of the competition
Dropped trou and exposed their assets
To bewilder those from Drake, their mission?

Drake tribe pulled out in front
Then got lodged upon the sand
Morgan tribe came on with a fervor
Pushing their cannon as hard as they can

But alas as luck would have it,
the sand became Morgan's bridle,
Leaving Drake to pass right by them
To claim the immunity idol

Dejected, Morgan tribe returned to camp
Where alliances began to form
Rumors spread and lies were told
'Twas the calm before the storm.

Tijuana confronted a sheepish Nicole
Who denied she conspired against her
Saying that Lilli was to blame for this
A Scout Leader lying?? yeah sure!

At Tribal council that night
Fences laid there quite broken
Nicole has been evicted
Thus the tribe has spoken!

What surprises will tomorrow bring
To the tribes of Morgan and Drake?
Don't look to me for clues and answers,
I'm just going to make you wait!!