Different Strategies with Dave gone.

Remaining HG’s:


This Week:

O8 wins HOH.: Puts up Justin/Dana. Lets say Dana gets POV and takes herself down. Jun goes up. Justin gone. Robert, Jee, or Justin gets POV they take Justin down. The one who didn’t get it goes up, Dana goes out. If no one uses POV, Justin goes out.


The O8 will cast their 3 votes for Justin should he remain on the block. However, should he be removed and Dana is left with a stooge, 3 votes for Dana.

The Stooges are a bit more complex for voting. If Dana/Justin remains in tact Jun votes out Justin, Robert Dana, and Jee Dana. Justin goes 4-3. If Dana is down and a stooge in her place, Jun, Dana, and the remaining stooge vote for stooge on the block. Vote would be 3-3 HOH breaks the tie sending out Justin. Though it now tests the loyalty of the alliance. The stooge that had votes will be pissed when they realize they were voted against unanimously by their alliance. If Justin is down and Dana remains on the block, Jun would vote for a stooge, Justin Dana and the remaining stooge Dana, making it a 5-1 vote and Dana is gone.

Stooges win HOH: Puts up Nate/Ali. Lets say no one uses the Veto, and Nate goes. If Nate or Ali get it and take him or herself down, Erika goes up. Nate or Ali is still gone.


The stooges will unanimously cast their 4 votes for Nate should he remain on the block. They will cast 4 unanimous votes for Ali if she is the remaining one. If veto isn’t used, Nate is definitely a goner.

The O8 side, if Nate and Ali both remain up will cast their 2 votes for Nate making it 6-0. They know it’s in their best interest to follow the stupid stooges. If Nate comes down it will be 2 votes Ali making it 6-0. Nate would be an idiot at that point to not follow the majority. (Shhhhh, I know I know!)

Next Week:

O8 wins HOH:  Puts up Dana/Jun (if Dana didn’t go) POV used by Jun or Dana and Robert would replace whoever goes down barring he was not the veto holder otherwise Jee would go up if Robert held POV. If Dana remains on the block, she goes. If Jun remains, the stooge replacement goes. No POV used, Dana goes. If Dana already has left in the prior week Justin/Jee go up. POV is used, Jun or Robert would go up. If it is a Justin/Jun paring, Justin goes. Same for Justin/Robert. If it is Jee/Jun, Jun goes. Jee/ Robert, Jee goes.


If Dana is still in the house and this is week 2 of power for O8, we have 3 votes for Dana. (Assuming Justin went as planned) If Dana takes herself down then it would be 3 votes for the stooge that replaced her. (If they were smart, which I’m hoping they are. Jun isn’t a physical threat in this game, nor really a mental one as far as challenges go. Smart cookie however in reading people). If things didn’t go as planned last week, then 3 votes for Justin this week.

The stooges (hopefully without Justin) will cast 2 votes for Dana making it 5-0. If Dana took herself off then I think she’d cast 1 vote for the stooge and the stooge 1 vote for Jun. The stooge would leave (hopefully) by 4-1 vote. If Justin remains this week (damn him!) and is up against a stooge he’d go by a 4-1 vote. Jun would vote Justin, and the other stooge for the other stooge. (Smart would be to try to keep Justin in.) Though in any situation this week it could end up 5-0. The stooge group might vote majority to try to keep safe and not go against the O8.

Stooges win HOH: Ali/Nate go up assuming O8 had the power the first week. Nate goes. Though if Ali were the winner of HOH the prior week, Ali goes. (They would see her as a threat at this point, I think) If the stooges held power and Nate is already gone, the pairing wouldn’t really matter. Though the stooges will still be targeting Alison, I see an Ali/Erika pairing at Ratberts request. If an O8 wins POV, they’d take one down (which would be smart because Stooges then have to nom one of their own). If no POV used, Ali still goes.


If Nate left the prior week, that means Stooges were in control of the power. That said, Ali would get 4 votes. If she takes herself down, then Erika would get 4 votes. If they weren’t in power last week (The Stooges that is), Nate would get 3 votes. If Nate or Ali get POV and take himself or herself off then the remaining person would get the 3 votes.

If this is the second week in a row O8 has been without the power, they are pretty much done for. The person left voting should just make it unanimous and have it end up a 5-0 vote and call it a game. Even if they had the power last week and lost it this week, it still looks pretty hopeless. 2 up for noms, 2 votes, a POV winner from O8 would still not help. It would only put one of them right back up on the block. I still say make it a 5-0 vote and fend for yourself at this point.

Next Next Week (Or week 3 without Dave):

Who’s left? Could look like this depending on how the power shift took place:

O8 wins HOH.:

If this is the 3rd week in a row, WOW, is all I can say. That would mean there is a combination of only 3 stooges left. 2 up 1 votes, they’re dead. The only thing that could screw it up is POV this week. If a stooge gets it, it means one of the O8 will have to go up in place of a stooge. That gives the stooges 2 votes instead of one. We have 4 O8’s left. One is HOH and now one is nomm’d so only 2 votes remain. If there is a power struggle at this point and one of the O8’s is drawn to the darkside….oh my, what a play that would be. The O8 that is up could be gone. Otherwise, it would come down to a possible tie and HOH breaks it. It could also be a way to get rid of a stooge on the stooge side without too much effort. So, it could go 4-0, 2-2 tie (HOH breaks it) or possibly 3-1. This week will definitely be interesting.

Stooges win HOH:

If this is the 3rd week a stooge has held the power, I have long given up watching the show! Anyway, it’s going to be interesting after they get rid of another O8 member. There are only 2 of them left at this point and going by what I think will happen, it should be Erika and Jack. One goes and it sure isn’t a surprise. At this point you just don’t know which one. I would think if Erika is still in there, Robert would get her out by now. 3-0 vote. Unless by shear luck the O8er gets Veto and takes themselves off and gives a sympathy vote to their partner. Ok, so it could be 2-1. Big whoop!

After these three weeks it’s every man and troll for themselves. You have a cast of 5 remaining. I can’t go much farther in my speculation until I see the next few weeks unfold. I guess with the eviction of Dave imminent, I needed to find a reason to keep going. Here it is. This has given me reason to want to watch. I want to now see how my predictions turn out. Some might agree, and others will disagree with what I’ve stated here. None of that matters. This is only the inner workings of a feeble-minded BB watcher trying to get back the excitement of it all.