720am Shelly wakes up

845am Brendon wakes up

945am Adam up

1115am HOH room Rachel and Brendon fight: Brendan upset saying Rachel never said thank you for him taking the dive for the HOH so she could eat this week. Brendon tells Rachel that her Post-Traumatic stress from last season is coming into play again and that's why she's feeling sorry for Dominic right now. Brendon says "When I'm not there you are a purely emotional player and that is a danger in this game." Rachel says "I just want you to respect me and I want to make decisions with you, not just you and Jeff." Brendon says "you're right." Rachel says I just wanted to remind you that "without me you wouldn't be as successful." Brendon says 100%, I love you. Brendon says if either of us wins we both win. I want us to remember how unimportant the money is, I want to show everyone we are perfect for each other and that there is no one else on this planet that is better for me, and you are my soul mate. Rachel responds by starting to kiss Brendon. Rachel says "I'm sorry that I don't always agree with you". Brendon says he is very proud of her and he is proud she won the HOH and would have probably beat him on the gum balls. Their fight ends.

1130am Remaining HG’s awake

1230pm HOH camera picture taking Rachel about group picture: “Guys, let’s all look like we actually like each other.”

1pm Brendon/Kalia arguing in BY. Brendon tells Kalia she is 100% a floater. Kalia says she doesn't have to convince him of anything. She says when you go back and see the film you will see that I was 100% with you. She says "I cannot wait for you to see it, I cannot wait, I cannot wait!" Kalia says "Brendon keep playing the game you played last time and see if it works."

Shelly sitting on the couch and says "Here we go..."

12:40 pm Dom takes a tin-foil wrapped Franklin from behind a frying pan that is hanging over the sink/stove wall, rips him in half and Puts him back in behind the frying pan. He and Dani crack up laughing.

115pm Kalia yelling at Jordan. Kalia says ya'll have lied, everyone has. Jordan says we were going to keep Dominic but they were going to backdoor Jeff. Kalia says I'm not an idiot, I'm not stupid, I get that, I got that. Jeff says the plan was all screwed up from the beginning.

(Jordan is trying to get everyone in the kitchen for a house meeting.)

Kalia says the biggest problem is the way you talk to other people, it makes it like "I've played this game, I've been to the rodeo before, blah, blah, blah. Brendon says that Dani tried to convince Brendon and Rachel that JJ were coming after them, then she comes up and tells us we need to back door Jeff. Kalia says she told the DR thousands of times that "I'm with the Vets now." Brendon says what final deal did I make with you? (Conversation keeps getting interrupted and over-talking). Kalia says she told Jordan that she promised her she would never put her up. Kalia is yelling and saying I have to play my game too. I'm suddenly the liar. Dom says Kalia it's because you and I were the easy ones to blame for everything. Kalia says from day 1 you guys have been in power, what was I supposed to do? (Yelling very loudly). Jeff says I was getting back doored and I never cut a deal with you. I only said I want to go to the JH with my girlfriend. So don't say I made deals with everyone in the house. Dom says but others in your alliance did.

Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, Jordan, Dani, Lawon, Kalia, Shelly, Dom all in the kitchen. Dani: "Rach, you're an idiot." Bren: "Don't call her an idiot" Now yelling between Bren,Dani and Rachel. Jeff calls Daniele a loser and Daniele calls him mature. Jeff says it’s not gameplay but her ego that wants him out of this house. Bren says Dani was demanding that they use the POV and BD Jeff. Rach says Dani was threatening them. Dani says she never said she would put them on the block. More yelling back and forth. Rachel to Dani: "Dani, you're ridiculous. You have an evil heart."

225pm Dom asks if we should hug it out. Everyone says no

230pm House meeting is over.

250pm Kalia upstairs trying to save face to Jeff in the HOH room.

7pm Shelly and Jordon talking. Shelly says Dani thinks she can flip the whole house and keep Dom. Dani told Shelly that she is stupid to stay w/the vets and that Dom, Dani & Shelly are strong and can run things on that side. The rest of the vets come to talk. Shelly says her vote is w/the vets for sure and that Dani is trying to turn Porsche. Shelly wants to make sure that she is not being played the fool, the vets tell her that she is the only one that they can trust and she can trust them, but once it comes to final 5 (J & J, B & R & Shelly) Shelly is going to take them down. They all laugh. Brendon says Dani is really a horrible person and says when they all wanted to give up and Jeff was the only one who said they could make it if they tried. Brendon says Dani got greedy and wants to prove she is equal to Evel Dick. Porsche walks into the HOH and says that she doesn't want to get stuck in the crosshairs down there. Shelly asks Porsche if they are trying to switch to Dom and she says yes. Shelly says Dani & Dom have said that Porsche is on their side and she only goes upstairs to get info for them. Rehashing all that happened earlier. The vets say they did this to bring it out in the open and it did. Porsche swears she is with the vets.

1030pm Daniele mocks Brendon's "Don't talk to my fiancé like that" She says she should of said "Oh I'm sorry, that's your job"

130am Jordan is telling the group that when she was eating her hot dog today she heard BB banging outside setting up the comp and she heard what sounded like a big fan so she was wondering if wind has something to do with the comp.

345am All HG’s are in bed asleep except for Dani and Dom who are in the HN room talking.

4:10am Kalia wakes up and goes into the HN room saying someone is snoring too loud and she can’t sleep. She also says her legs hurt and Dom and Dani tell her to go take some aspirin.

4:30am Lawon now comes into the HN room and they all laugh saying "We love our Pajama Jam group" Lawon leaves again after they all laugh and make fun of the other HG's.

5am Kalia, Dani and Dom all geting ready to go to sleep in the HN room.
5:14am Kalia changes her mind and goes back out to sleep in her bed. Dom and Dani are falling asleep

5:20am All HG's finally asleep and dreaming about the HOH comp for tomorrow