On the heels of Christa's ousting
Sandra knows she's next
She's set on hiding their supplies
Oh, she's sorely vexed!

First the axe, then a canteen
And next the fishing gear
By the time Sandra is voted out
She'll have hid all they hold dear!

The boys told Lill that Darrah's next
Which set off a warning bell
With them so quick to cut Dee loose
They might go for her as well

Seamail beckons the remaining five
"Second Chances" is the name
Before them lay a series of tasks
They've already faced in the game

Lill got off to an early lead
Slipping her hands right out
But then got stumped with directions
Are you sure she's really a scout?

Like usual Burton pulled out in front
The others continued to lag
Before you could even blink an eye
Burton took the checkered flag

For completing the challenge, Burton had won
A feast for him to enjoy
But no one knew there was something more
Like a brand new shiny Envoy!

What happened next made my skin crawl
As Burton & Jon beat their chest
Spouting gems like "women are dumb"
And between them, there's one brain at best!

Little did they know, that back at camp
They were plotting the mens' demise
Whichever one didn't win immunity
Would be in for a nasty surprise!

When the boys returned from their little trip
They wooed Sandra to their side
Jon made her swear on her two precious kids
On whom Sandra promptly lied!

Immunity awaits on the following morn
With rope & bridges that draw
I couldn't quite tell what I beheld
'twas the strangest thing that I saw!

They must use their canteens to get water
Fill their tube to retrieve a key
The first one through all five sections
Gets the sword of Immunity

Thank goodness Darrah had lost some weight
As her paws slipped right in the tube
When poor Lill tried, she got wedged tight
When you need it, you never have lube!!

Darrah blazed right through the course
But slipped into the drink
Allowing Jon to make up ground
That dirty rotten fink!

My eyes were glued, I held my breath
Would Darrah battle back?
With speed and quickness of a cat
She blazed right through the pack!

For the third time in as many weeks
Darrah wins the Immunity
Will the girls stick with their plans?
You'll have to wait and see!

Now Lill has begun to crash & burn
Jon thinks there's something odd
But Burton laughs, and says it's nothing
Of which, he's seriously flawed

It's Tribal Council once again
And mutiny is in the air
With three votes of a possible five
Burton, you're out of there!

The strangest thing occurred just then
I've never seen it before
When Burton's torch was extinguished again
The jury high fived and roared!

In three days hence, the show will end
It's bound to be absurd
As Jeff so eloquently remarked
"Ain't nobody playing for third!"