* AldenWynn has joined #jokerschat

<AldenWynn> wuz happenin'!!?!

<Jokerette> hey Alden!

<Jokerette> did ya watch ai tonight? ;)

<Jokerette> or is it not time there yet?

<AldenWynn> How are my fellow reality tv-o-holics?

<Strkaholic> Excited that you are here!!!!

<Jokerette> manic! hooting!!!!

<AldenWynn> I watched AI 2 nite what did you guys think?

<Jokerette> yeah!!!! this is truly special :)

<avichaiyl> Kim L is the best :)

<Jokerette> I thought clay wasn't as good...

<Jokerette> ask alden!

<avichaiyl> Carmen has lots of friends

<Jokerette> was clay all that great tonight??

<hopper> phhtt..I thought clay was great tonight

<Anise> I did too :)

<hopper> and he showed he can do upbeat to boot

<Jokerette> so who was best tonight?

<AldenWynn> I thought Simon was on with his comments about everyone except Josh Gracin i thought that was one of his best performances 2 nite

* Jokerette faints :)

<Jokerette> me too!

<hopper> was also glad to see Josh do a switch

<avichaiyl> I agree Alden

<Jokerette> who did you think did the best, Alden?

<AldenWynn> I have Clay, RuuuuuuuuBen, Josh, and Treynce as my top 4! What about ya'll?

<avichaiyl> What about Kim L??

<Jokerette> I am with you totally... Ruben here... does that mean Clay is your favorite?

<hopper> not a treynce fan

<AldenWynn> @ nite i think Clay then Josh then Kim locke 2 nite

<Jokerette> who do you think will go?

<lacy> Ok...so tell us what you really think of simon and paula??

<AldenWynn> I love Paula she is as sincere in person as she seems on the tube

<Jokerette> What was simon like during your audition?

<AldenWynn> Simon is a big teddybear they make him out to be a villian but he is right on most of the time

<Jokerette> so he's not a total asshole? :)

<Jokerette> (I agree. I think he usually says what others fear to.)

<Jokerette> Oh Strat! I know you have questions!

<AldenWynn> Simon was VERY complimentary to me throughout the entire audition process for me my first audition in Nashville he said i was the best male vocalist he had heard yet!

<AldenWynn> The only time i caught the wrath of Cowell was when i went out and partied the night before!;(

<Jokerette> you auditioned in Nasville then? How was it? (and congrats on the compliment)

<Jokerette> how did he know you partied? LOL

<hopper> Simon's a keeper imo..show would be too sappy sweet without him

<AldenWynn> I got straight A's from all three judges up until the infamous NIGHT ON THE TOOWN

<Jokerette> Does the network follow you guys around?

<AldenWynn> He knew i partied b/c it was set up by FOX

<Jokerette> the entire night out? So why is it infamous? (I missed that show)

<AldenWynn> I was told by producers to go to all 75 remaining contestants hotel rooms and coax them into coming out with us instead of staying in and practicing

<Jokerette> was it hard? did they want to go?

<AldenWynn> i wasn't cut b/c of my abilities, Paula told me i was cut b/c i got into the altercation with fellow contestant Marcus

<Jokerette> how did that come about?

<Anise> and who really won?

<Anise> :)

<AldenWynn> OF COURSE everyone wanted to go with us but most everyone had substantial will power, but we had one KICK-ASS time Baby!!!!

<Jokerette> were ya out all night???

<Jokerette> what did the cameras miss? ;)

<AldenWynn> Did anyone else on the chat see that episode? If so can someone who types faster than me please fill in the others on what happened that night?

<avichaiyl> And did you take any groupies home with you?

<AldenWynn> Thanks! :0)

<Stratos> ok...what led up to the marcus incident?

<AldenWynn> we were out until 4;30 am

<Jokerette> (strat knows that ep Well. LOL)

<AldenWynn> No, i did not take any Cowgirls home from the saddle ranch chop house(aka- the mechanical bull riding bar YEE HAW!!)

<AldenFan> Did you ride bull?

<Anise> come on Alden, who won the "altercation" between you and Marcus?

<AldenFan> I bet on alden :D

<UnkleKevin> Alden, lets get to the good stuff now, just how good does Kimberly C look in a 2 piece???

<Jokerette> And did you know Frenchie at all?

<AldenWynn> Marcus was a brownnoser who got on everyones nerves and sold out his own groupmates on several occasions and so i waited until we left the Alex Theatre one day after taping and told him off But there was a FOX hidden camera that caught the whole thing on tape

<Stratos> do you think yo uoverreacted?

<Jokerette> oh christ! hidden cam.

<Stratos> over-reacted that is

<Jokerette> How did he sell them out?

<AldenWynn> Well if you go to k92radio.com sometime and click on the morning thang link you can see for yourself i have pictures of all the top 12 contestants hanging out at the Glendale Hilton in ALL DIFFERENT capacities

* Jokerette sees UK bail instantly for that site :)

<Stratos> Frenchie...what are your impressions of her removal?

<UnkleKevin> lol, i saw a picture of all of them in the hot tub on another page

<AldenWynn> Marcus sold out his own bandmates(we were put into groups according to your voice range) and he would call their faullts out on camera in front of the judges to hide his own screw-ups

<Stratos> in your opinion...did he deserve the altercation?

<AldenWynn> It really sucked how they did MY BABY Frenchie D. She and i got very close during taping for the show

<Stratos> do you think it was a stunt on the part of fox?

<AldenWynn> However she has already done contract nego. w/ J records(Clive Davis' label) when Clive Davis thinks you have something you kno you've got it!

<AldenWynn> No Frenchie told us she had posed for money(she was a college student) and my question is what hollywood woman hasn't posed before she made it BIG it is a small handful i can tell you that!

<Stratos> so...the producers knew 100%

<AldenWynn> They didn't know WE(The contestants)knew

<Stratos> so...do you think they (fox) did it for publicity?

<Jokerette> was she totally hurt over this?

<AldenWynn> has anyone picked up the PEOPLEExtra magazine(May 19th edition special American Idol edition)Yet I'm on page 30

<AldenWynn> Yes i think FOX cut Frenchie for publicity

<Stratos> what about Jared Andrews...did you get to know him?

<AldenWynn> No frenchie is very resilient you don't carry yourself like Frenchie without being knocked down a few times along the way

<AldenWynn> Yes I can hardly believe that S#$@ about him isn't that crazy he was such a fun loving easy-gion' laid back type guy that must have been a sick twist of fate!

<Stratos> what did you think when you heard the news?

<AldenWynn> Jared was very cool, i hope for his sake it's not true! I was at a loss for words I still am

<Stratos> it was shocking

<Stratos> very shocking

<Stratos> How close were you to corey clark...other than the party scene?

<AldenWynn> Pervoious question: YES< Marcus deserved to be confronted about his "Diarrhea of the mouth" and since no one else would I DID!

<Jokerette> (bravo!)

<AldenWynn> Corey was a Blast to hang out with! I also hope for his sake the thing about him abusing his 15 year-old sister isn't true(It takes a real hero to beat up your sister)

<Stratos> very true.

<Stratos> How do you think the marines are handling the Josh situation?

<AldenWynn> I don't think Corey can sing at all SO, the loss to the show wasn't devestating

* Stratos applauds Alden

<Jokerette> Are there any others now, you believe shouldn't be there/

<Jokerette> ?

<AldenWynn> First off i love this country and all it stands for and if you don't support the president and our troops then GET THE HELL OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* Jokerette stands and applauds ALDEN

<Stratos> ok Alden...If you could remove someone from the competition and place yourself in their place...who would it be?

* Strkaholic Stands and applauds as wel

<Jokerette> and why? ooooooeeee!

<AldenWynn> I think Josh is O.K. where he is because the country's soldiers need someone to take their mind off the pending conflict and that responsibility Falls squarely on Josh's capable shoulders So, GO JOSH

* Jecka just got back and is on her feet applauding

<Kayeita> Technically if you love your country and all it stands for, then freedom of expression and opinion, whether or not it is the same as yours, should be something you value, no?

<AldenWynn> Pick one any one! Ha! Ha!

<AldenWynn> Touche!!

<Kayeita> Don't mind me. I'm canadian. =)

<AldenWynn> I also believe that if your a kiss-ass sissy and choose to run your mouth like a loose cannon then you should be readfy to suffer the consequences

<Stratos> like marcus?

<AldenWynn> C ah Nah Dah A

<Kayeita> no.. c-eh.. n-eh.. d-eh

<Kayeita> =P

<Jokerette> lol :)

<Kayeita> Anyways what are your thoughts on Carmen's return to the show?

<AldenWynn> I actually apologized to Marcus the night we were cut Cause i'm not a BULLY contrary to popular belief

<Stratos> what did he say?

<Kayeita> Do you think it was deserved, and do you think she is using her opportunity to the best of her ability?

<AldenWynn> Carmen has a vibrato like a sheep and i don't like her voice at all either! But everyone on the show fills a quota-She's the Kelly Clarkson this year the downhome wholesome type

<Stratos> If you could remove someone from the competition and place yourself in their place...who would it be...or would that be carmen?

<AldenWynn> kim c is the nikki mcKibbin

<AldenWynn> Pick one any one! Ha! Ha!

<Jecka> How do you feel about Kimberly Locke... she keeps getting in the bottom 3, do you think it's deserved?

<Kayeita> Have you voted for anyone?

<AldenWynn> I don't know about Kim L. cause she hasn't been consistent yet, If the competition on Disco night she would have WON hands down(With Raining Men) she owned that song and the crowd that night!

<Stratos> some would say Kim L has been more consistant than others

<AldenWynn> I always vote for the best that night most of the time that is Clay or Ruben!

<phusion> Who do you think is gonna win?

<Jokerette> I'm with ya there.. but i think ruben has better voice.. which do you prefer?

<AldenWynn> Everyone is entitled to there opinion but OPINIONS are like a@%HOLES EVERYBODY GOT ONE AND MOST OF THEM STINK!

<Steve3> In my opinion, Clay was the best tonight, and Ruben must have had a cold, but was still good

<Stratos> If you could do it all over again...would you have stayed and practiced with your group?

<phusion> Alden, do you have ANY songs available for us on the internet or?

<AldenWynn> Clay has a more polished classically-trained voice and Ruben has that awesome mellow i'll-just-stay-inside-2day-and-listen-to the-radio-voice! ;)

<Steve3> It must be quite difficult when they have themes, since all the voices are different, and some are not always suited to the theme, or is that song selection

<AldenWynn> I wouldn't trade my night in Hollywood for anything it made me famous(More like INFAMOUS) but i have gigs all over the country b/c of my appearences on AI2!

<Kayeita> what kind of set do you sing on your gigs?

<AldenWynn> You can hear my stuff at Aldenwynn.net as well as enter some awesome FUN contests!

<Jokerette> www.aldenwynn.net

<Stratos> if you had a friend who wanted to be on the show...what would you tell them...just to suck up maybe?

<AldenWynn> Everybody likes oldies so i throw some of those in i always start with an UP-Tempo song and then slow it down and bring in some of my own original stuff at the end of the show for the climax

<AldenWynn> Suck it up in response to what?

<Stratos> if they were to audition...does that help?

<Jokerette> as in, be super nice to to judges?

<Jokerette> do they respond to that? )bet they do)

<AldenWynn> The judges are easy to be nice to if you GOOD! it's the back stabbin contestants you have to suck it up for!

<Jokerette> :D

<Stratos> what was your best AI experience and your worst?

<AldenWynn> There's only one thing the judges hate more than a terrible singer and that is a suck-up!

<AldenWynn> Best AI experience: the night on the town in Hollywood and making all these new friends!

<AldenWynn> Worst experience being caught cussing out Marcus on camera My MeeMaw(grandmother) wouldn't speak to me for a week! :(

<AldenFan> are you doing commercials and other things, now that you're done with the show?

<Cougar> Who do you consider to be the suck ups on the show? I am happy you are sharing your time with Joker's tonight. I am enjoying it.

<AldenFan> I just want you to know I think you're wonderful and I wish you were still on the show.

<DressageRider> Hi Alden... WELCOME!!!!!

<AldenWynn> I sang at a Washington Wizards game recently and I am talking to the Baltimore Orioles about singing for them and also at Nascar.

<AldenFan> nascar would be neat :)

<Cougar> That's neat

<Stratos> Do you have any regrets about the show?

<DressageRider> NASCAR would be way cool!!!!!

<XDigi> Didn't the Nashville American IDol sang at Nascar?

<Jokerette> gawd, is there a nashville ai? LOL

<AldenWynn> My only regret about the show is not having my full length demo already done and with me while I was in LA.

<Jokerette> have you considered coming to nashville??

<Jokerette> cutting demos here? and so on?

<AldenWynn> yea, I have recorded in Nashville before

<DressageRider> KAZ!!!!

<Kayeita> You should try to do a NHL playoff hockey game. They always televise the national anthems.

<Stratos> what do you think of Trenyce...is she only suited for a cruise ship as simon seems to think?

<Kaz> LOL

<AldenWynn> Yea, NHL would be cool!

<Kayeita> Sorry. its that canadian-ness showing again. Canucks live for their hockey. =)

<Jokerette> could he sing at curling? ::::;flee

<Kayeita> Well, Jokerette if he could sing at nascar, curling may work too hehe

<Jokerette> What did your family think of you doing the show?

<AldenWynn> Trenyce -- I think that she has a great voice and a good look, but her facial expressions scare me sometimes.

<Jokerette> LMAO!!!

<Stratos> the growling?

<DressageRider> HAHAHA!!

<Kaz> LOL, clay does that to me too

<Jokerette> and what's her name, dancing???

<AldenWynn> They loved it until the afore mentioned Marcus incident!

<Jokerette> :|

<AldenWynn> Clay has those Freshman magazine faces!

<XDigi> Clay's looks like he had a facelift... it pisses me off when he whipers "Thank you"

<XDigi> errrrrr

<Jokerette> hey, imho, it's a good thing to speak one's mind. at least you said what others thought, right?

<Jokerette> did anyone, later, agree with you?

<AldenWynn> What pisses me off is when all of the contestants sign language their numbers at the end of show.

<Kaz> LMAO, I thought it was cute ONCE

<Stratos> they just want to be known...number wise

<Jokerette> ever tempted to sign a bird?

<phusion> Were you CRYING like most of the others were (in the same room as you) when you got cut..

<Kaz> that would be funny

<AldenWynn> tweet tweet......

<Jokerette> one finger salute? ;)

<phusion> And you know that you guys made Paula Abdul CRY? lmao

<Kaz> clay can;t cry, he would be a river of makeup

<Kaz> tammy faye

<phusion> lol

<AldenWynn> You don't even know - she burst into tears and ran out and was gone for 45 minutes!

<Jokerette> !!!! for real?

<Jokerette> how did everyone react?

<AldenWynn> maybe he's born with it, maybe it's maybelline

<Jokerette> muaah

<Kaz> lol

<Kaz> why did PA cry??

<Kaz> was she drunk again??? LOL

<AldenWynn> all of the drama queens in the room face down watering the carpet - so they were too busy to notice Paula

<Kayeita> what, is paula drunk a lot on the show or something? what am i missing? hehe

<AldenWynn> Paula cried when they told us that our group didn't make it to the final 32

<Jokerette> do any of them do drugs to get through this?

<AldenWynn> no...paula was not drunk and never was

<hakishiroom> kayeita...simon always jokes around that she is drunk

<Kaz> simon always asks her that

<Kayeita> hehe. tonight is the first i've noticed it

<AldenWynn> dude, dawg.......we're all on drugs - hahaha!!!

<Kaz> sorry, I had to leave for a sec, I shouldn't make a statement and not be here to back it LOL

<Kaz> wassssupdawg, dude.

<Jokerette> Well Alden.. we've sure kept ya long enough :) We love you! Thanks for doing the chat.. hang out if you like! Rest of ya.. this is your chance!!

<Jokerette> ask away!!

<Strkaholic> Thank you Alden!!!

<Jokerette> There is so much I'd love to know about what happens behind the scenese

<Kaz> me too

<Jokerette> that we DON'T see..

<Jokerette> is it always the first take??

<Jokerette> or does someone fuckup, then they redo song?

<AldenWynn> no, you get one chance!

<AldenWynn> that's the best part of it

<Jokerette> no exceptions? I love it!

<Jokerette> do they help you figure out what song to use?

<Jokerette> coach you?

<AldenWynn> There is a list you have to choose from.

<Jokerette> christ that must be hard.. if there's nothing you like?

<AldenWynn> Thanks for having me here! It's been fun chatting with ya'll!

<Jokerette> smoooch we'd love to have you back, you :)

<AldenWynn> Sure! Anytime! =)

<Jokerette> are you in touch with frenchie?

<Jokerette> per chance? would love the two of you.

<Jokerette> talk about outspoken!!!!

<Jokerette> I will try to locate her also.

<AldenWynn> no dice - she's on her way to becoming a star!

<Jokerette> hell she can do a chat :)

<Jokerette> publicity is publicity!

<Jokerette> we'll pump your site ;)

<Jokerette> anything else you'd like to add, for the article?

<Jokerette> (and you TOO are on your way!!!)

<Jokerette> ((got looks for the job, right crew?))

<AldenWynn> A big thanks to all of the people who continue to support me and other musicians who write original music and are trying to do it their way!

<Strkaholic> OH yeah!!!!

<Stratos> original music is good

<AldenWynn> Thanks again and good night! Peace & Love!