Cast of the upcoming series “All American Handyman"
Credit: HGTV

HGTV will be starting a new show on Sunday September 5, 2010. Twenty men and women will be competing to become the All American Handyman. The show will be hosted by Molly Culver.
Credit: HGTV Credit: HGTV Credit: HGTV
The show will be judged by Mike Holmes, host of HGTV’s Holmes on Homes and Scott McGillvray of HGTV’s Income Property. In addition there will a secret judge each week. The show will start with twenty contestants but by the end of episode one, only ten will be moving on as finalists on the show. The first challenge is going to allow the handymen to build anything they like but when time is called they will be judged on their work.

I must admit that I am really looking forward to seeing this show since I have such respect for the two judges. Mike Holmes has been “making it right” for his clients for years and Scott McGillvray has been making homeowners money for years as well. Both of these men are very no nonsense kind of men and it should be a great show. I also think I will like this show because it doesn’t matter how popular you are or who your friends are in the house or who you want to vote off the island, in this competition, you have to impress the professionals and to me that is a more interesting stage. I also think it's time that the other sides of HGTV are shown in a reality show, designing is great, but someone has to build first. Now they just need a show that competes for landscapers!

Just for fun, there is a quiz on the HGTV page to test your handyman IQ. According to this test, they would hire me! I got 8 out of 10, not too shabby for a short, round, old lady!