Amanda: bueno bueno bueno how is everyone?
Jokerette: how are you doing, Amanda??
Jokerette: all is good here! muy bueno
Amanda: Im gr8 thanks

Jokerette: How have you been out of the house?
Amanda: no problem I will come anytime
Jokerette: have you had any opportunities?
Amanda: Yes
Jokerette: such as??
Amanda: after the show I am allowed to announce it.. I am going to be in a new movie BUENO BUENO BUENO im so excited GOD IS GREAT Filming has already started but i cannot be filmed until after the show is off.... So, I will def announce it in may

Jokerette: gregluk asks: Hey Amanda Bueno... Its me, lol. What was your favorite competition out of all the pov, hoh, food comps etc ? 
Amanda: My favorite one was from last year the pie eating contest... I really would have done good at something like that. The fish was so hard to hold

Jokerette: Mrs_K asks: so what happened with the allergic reaction? did you figure out what you were allergic to?
Amanda: Im not allergic to anything that was allison I am hypoglycemic I will more then likely going to develop type 2 diabetes

Yennifer: tayla3000 asks: is it true that BB is not paying your hospital bill from when you passed out in the house?
Amanda: it does.. I really need to eat the right amount of carbs every single day.,. Type 2 comes with time and I consume so much sugar that I am going to develop it... BUt, im trying to just take my medicine properly and hopefully that will be enough.. I really hope they pay the bills.. 1000 for the ambulence 1500 for er and more bills to come So, when people say i faked it, I would never fake something so tramatic because look at how much money i have to pay for have a serious illness
Jokerette: who would say you faked it?
Amanda: WOW- A lot of people on websites, youtube, etc... I dont care what people think, but there are other people who have this disease and really understand it and know that it isnt a joke

Jokerette: Scottttayyy asks: how could you stand such a boring partner?
Amanda: It honestly doesnt affect me. LOL its not that he was boring, he just didnt play the game... That hurt both he and I. But, i will not lie, i too hurt our game. I did a lot of things that hurt us but he didnt do anyting to save us

Jokerette: how do you think YOU hurt your game?
Amanda: I was loud, repeated what i heard... I flirted with other people and my partner didnt like that at all. Did you guys see how upset he was with me when I talked to parker he wasnt happy

Yennifer: Aeropostale676 asks: Amanda, would you have worked with Chelsia/james if you stayed knowing they wanted you guys to stay?
Amanda: Yeah I actually would have.. From day 1 I wanted to put them up but my partner wanted jen and parker up.. So, if we would have got James and chelsia out, we would probably still be in the house But, If we stayed I would have wanted a strong person like James having my back
Jokerette: do you think he would have? had your back?
Amanda: Um, that is really hard to say because he didnt stay true to his word, ever! I would have tried that is for sure really quick

Jokerette: yes, what i was wondering.
Amanda: i want to say thank you all so much for coming in and chatting... I really really appreciate this!
Jokerette: i know he didn't keep his word - could you trust him?
kidkind: Thank you for all the fun this year amanda!
Amanda: I wish i could have given u more

Jokerette: Scottttayyy asks: who was the most annoying person in the house while you were there?
Amanda: it will be crazy huh? can they see all that i typing?
Jokerette: they sure can!
Amanda: Honestly, the most annoying person was Chelsia.... she was rude, has no respect for herself and perhaps the biggest hypocrite ever... UGH! She reprimanded me for what i wore, yet she did a strip show for the entire house come one woman.... What was she thinking?
Amanda: Honestly people.... wtf

Jokerette: did you like her hair??
Amanda: Im not a fan... But I really love long hair nothing wrong with short im italian and we love are long hair..... and the long side was way long compared to her short side.... could have been a little cleaner of a cut ya know? no bueno

Jokerette: cricket asks: Amanda, what would you change about your gameplay?
Amanda: I would have kept my mouth shut the entire time. I think I would have let alex play the game.. I should have been n ice and never ever talked about the game,. But then again, my partne never talked game so we might have went home day 1 I like the voice chats but this is nice too, i tend to talk toooooo much

Jokerette: sharrie asks: why did you put up with josh?
Amanda: I figured this. I want something bigger and better to happen for me. I wanted to leave that house a better person then him. I could have put his business in the streets, but i didnt. I wanted everyone to see that I will defend myself but will not go out of my way to hurt anyone. We live in such a cruel world I was not placed here to hurt people. I think i was put on this planet to motivate, empower and inspire people... not hurt
Amanda: I had a hard life growing up and I just wanted to be nice.. that couldnt happen

Jokerette: Derrick asks: Did the DR ever give you orders to do anything?
Amanda: Im not allowed to talk about the DR but you all probably know the answer to that question.

Yennifer: lukemason asks: did you know about James adult movie passed before entering the BB House ?
Amanda: omg
Jokerette: snark!
Amanda: NO NO NO.. He told me that he was bi but never mentioned gay porn. I almost died when I found out. What is chelsia gonna thing?
Jokerette: let me tell you, it was a shock when WE heard/saw it
caren: I don't think she'll care
Amanda: I think she might care I would... I dont care if you did, but u better tell me

Yennifer: KrusstyKrabb asks: Do you still talk to Alex?
Amanda: NO When I saw the youtube video of him saying i was taken away from my mother I decided never to talk to him again.. I was sooooo upset that he made that up.. That was a lie. . I have a wonderful mother who has been by my side through everything... She is my world.. Nobody could ever seperate us.. Why would someone lie about something so serious SHe was hurt by that as well if anyone has that link could they please post that does anyone have it available????
Jokerette: they'll find it!
Amanda: I sent him a text saying i could not blv he said that... He said he would tell my mother sorry.. You dont make that stuff up.... oh and not to mention there is another youtube clip where ALEx TELLS ME TO KILL MYSELF! Im sure someone could find that easy too
Amanda: P.S. Did anyone find those links?
Jokerette: caren has the chat tho!
caren: Chat video:
Amanda: look in the ask section someone said they put the video on its under nikinicole 1:46 seconds into the video someone put it in the ask section...
caren: Link of Alex sayin "kill yourself" - - Link of Alex making comments regarding Amanda's family - (1:46)

Jokerette: llf asks: What could you put on your audition tape to help you to get on big brother ( the two minute tape)?
Amanda: On the tape you need something to set yourself apart from everyone else. You need to be original, but always be yourself.... Remember this, "its better to be hated for who you are then loved for who you are not." Someone will fall in love with you so dont fake who you are in your tape. Your true colors always shine through....

Yennifer: do you think it's bad to say you're a super fan of the show in your audition tape?
Jokerette: you got along, didn't you? In the house?
Amanda: I have no clue why one does anything... We had a crazy relationship.. sometimes we got alone, sometimes not........
Amanda: WOW i know... Not everyone is innocent... see the proof is in the pudding

Jokerette: Nelly asks: Amanda, are you and Parker in/considering a relationship? You guys looked so cute together
Amanda: Thank you, but no, Parker and I are not together.. We are friends and that is how it will remain... He is a really great person though. Friends are always good

Yennifer: Bubba asks: Hey Amanda.. who have you rooted for and rooted against in the house since you got back and started watching the feeds?
Amanda: I really want adam to win LOL

Jokerette: Adam? Why adam?
Amanda: he is so crazy but now he doesnt have a job and I would love to see him win the money.. He is really a nice guy deep down BALLA
Jokerette: sheila needs it to, tho, doesn't she?
Amanda: Well she is writing a book and Im sure if she sells that book she will be just fine
Jokerette: what kind of book?
Amanda: an autobiography

Jokerette: YOU should write one about BB!
Amanda: LOL, i already started two years ago when my father killed himself
Amanda: I changed a lot when he did that
Jokerette: life changing experience
Amanda: What doesnt kill us only makes us that much stronger

Jokerette: how would you say BB changed you?
Amanda: BB made me realize that people are really really cold. You should never open up to ppl the way I did. I realize that you can only open up to those who care about you... No matter what you do in life remember that when u stand for nothing you fall for everything. Make sure you stand for something. BB made me realize that i need to keep fighting for what I believe in

Yennifer: Naomi asks: Bueno Amanda! Just curious that if there was anybody else in the house you could have been paired up with, who would it be and why?
Amanda: I would not have minded being paired with James... He is crazy but he was tough and would have got me through the 1st couple weeks.
caren: You have got to be the most positive houseguest I've ever enountered Amanda, it's wonderful
Amanda: Thank you caren.. I always say PMA positive mental attitude.. ur mind is so powerful. The moment you get weak, people run all over you!!

Jokerette: amanda do you watch the feeds?
Amanda: I sometimes watch the feeds. Im still hurt that im not in the house so i try to stay away sometimes... Its soooo addictive though

Jokerette: Psleestak asks: Why do you think some of the girls in the house were so quick to get naked in the hot tub and act so crazy?
Amanda: I think they did stuff in the heat of the moment. perhaps they thought it would help them. I knew when Ileft that house i had a life to get back to. I didnt want to do anything that would hurt me...

Jokerette: I don't see you running around naked, anyway! You wouldn't would you?
Amanda: LOL no i would not have ran around naked.. My outfits were pretty close to naked anyways... But yeah i wouldnt get naked on tv

Jokerette: brandy_07 asks: have you spoken to ali and are you two friends ??
Amanda: Yes I have spoken with her. SHe is really busy with work right now, but we are friends and I would love to keep in touch with her! The game is over... It was only a game.

Yennifer: is she different then when she was in the house?
Amanda: Ali is a really nice girl outside of the house. She was trying sooo hard to get along with people that she did stuff to fit in. She is cool though...

Yennifer: HappyPeanut asks: Ok Amanda, the guys want to know, are yah single or attached? LOL
Amanda: Technically Im single... My relationship is complicated.. LOL LOL..I do want a husband. who wants to marry me?? Anyone?
Yennifer: awww - i'm sure you'll get plenty of offers!
HappyPeanut: girl you better be glad the chat is modded or you'd have men going
Amanda: WOO HOO

Yennifer: Anon6246 asks: Amanda, who was the most vulgar of the houseguests?
Amanda: We all know that answer.. Chelsia
Jokerette: worse than James and all?
Amanda: Yeah I actually think she was worse them james
cjj3: or nat stripping?
Amanda: Well chelsia stripped too

Jokerette: Missy_away asks: Do you think you would have been a part of Team Pink or Team "Christ"?
Amanda: OMG... Good question I wouldnt have wanted to be part of something that wasnt 100% true. We must live in truth and action not by word or speach.. So onthat note, probably team pink
caren: Team Bueno baby!!!!!
Amanda: Or team bueno baby!

Jokerette: reading asks: hi amanda do you think natalie is a hypocrit like alot of people do that she just uses religion when convenient for her>
Amanda: I know that I am not here to judge control or change people you are who you are... But, like i said earlier live in truth and action not word or speach. THey always say actions speak louder then words...
Jokerette: do you think nat's actions haven't 'spoken;?
Amanda: I think her actions are different then what she preaches.. But I do like natalie.. I really do.. I actually feel really reall bad for her
Yennifer: why bad?
Amanda: People abuse her to her face and she still doesnt get it..

Amanda: I almost died at what Matt said on the show yesterday he said he hopes she wins so she would buy him stuff. OMG
Jokerette: yeppers that's mattie isn't it?
Yennifer: maybe she'll get it when the show is over and she sees all of it again
cjj3: Do you think Nat is playing clueless on purpose?
Amanda: I think that is really how she is.. I dont think she is putting on an act.

Jokerette: blub asks: Hey Amanda, I loved you on the show and really missing seeing you! How did you feel about CBS's decision to allow the houseguests to vote either America's Choice or James back in the house, without even knowing who America's Choice was?
Amanda: I think that was a bunch of crap. If they knew it was alex they would have def brough him into the house... But they really denied his chance. I felt bad for alex that would suck

Jokerette: cjj3 asks: Amanda do you think the length of your teams HOH hurt you and Alex? I'm not positive, but it seemed like you two were HOH for longer than the usual HOH period.
Amanda: Yes i think it really hurt us. While everyone was getting close for those 10 days we were in the hoh room. It really hurt us and I was so upset by that! it didnt work good at all

Jokerette: <Anon6295> I want to know how she has been feeling since she fainted on the show
Amanda: Since I passed out, I have been doing so much better. I need to eat so much every day to maintain my glucose levels. If i dont eat that is exactly what happens.. My knees buckle and I go down. My mother has seen that all too many times It sucks having this.. I almost passed out while driving.. My brother started to freak out that was just three days ago

Yennifer: Ashleee asks: what's your view on natalie denying the BJ'S?
Amanda: I think she is afraid to admit it I dont know why she is but she is in for a rude awakenig when she gets out... I feel bad
Yennifer: do you think maybe she thinks no one knows for sure??
Amanda: I think she doesnt realize that the feeds show everything

Yennifer: Nelly asks: Amanda, do you think Chelsia and Ali really relations?
Amanda: well thats what they say. To be honest I really dont care either way if they did or didnt... I would hope not for allisons sake