Minus Simon and Paula, what is this season going to bring? I have my doubts. I adore Simon, believing he was the best part of the show. Was it the same without him? None of these judges wanted to say no, nevermind being snarky like Simon did with such elan.

Wow 125,000 people tried out this year. Steven Tyler, Arrowsmith, is a new judge. He wants to find a Janis Joplin. He's one of the most peculiar. He looks like he had a facelift go drastically wrong. Too nice, too.

Jennifer Lopez is another judge. 55 million records later, she wants a super star. Wants to be compassionate. Can't say no, either.

Randy Jackson is back. He's excited about Steven and Jennifer. But will anyone be as harsh, as charasmatic, as Simon was? Hell no. This is going to be a season of sweetness and light, unless Steven or Jlo grow fangs. Don't hold your breath.

This year's winner will be signed to Innerscope Records: Jimmy Iovine who's recorded U2. He wants to develop artists.

Auditions start in New Jersey. I'm going to simply list my favs, who sticks out for me. Prior to the judges comments of course. Yes, you'll have to trust me

Rachel was on the show before, made it to Hollywood. They put her through, I'm not so sure. Her high note was kinda shaky.

Kenzie Palmer, 15, has a deep, rich voice. I hope she makes it on, though she does sound country which I hate.

I'm not into Tiffany, who got up there and cried. OMG they put that through LOLOL Not so good, for me.

Robbie, who was in a wheelchair young, and is only 16, does Yesterday and blows it out of the park. I like him a lot.

A lot of duds. Really BAD singers. JLo is learning how to say no, which is a good thing. Most of these, I yell "Get the hook!" Cringe-worthy singers. How can they not know they're bad, I need to know? Even Brad on the Bachelor is bad, but knows he's bad. How can these kids not know?

Ashley sings show tunes, and is the first awkward idol. She has more personality in her little finger than most of the others. She belts a show tune and Randy says no, but the other two agree. I really like her, and she's going to Hollywood Yes indeedy. Can't wait to see what she does there. She has quite the voice.

Melinda is last on day 1, from Kosovo. Her parents had to flee. Green card lottery, dad tried for it. They won, and came to the USA. And OMG what a voice this kid has. Backed by her parents of course. Her voice is mature, wonderful.

Devyn I like a lot. The singing waitress. Depth to her voice, and quite a range. Very much show tunes again, but I hope they put her through.

Brielle is very good too. Dad beat cancer. With a flower in her hair, she sings her heart out. They bring in Dad, then give her her gold ticket. Very heart-warming scene. And I just love her. WHAT a voice.

Travis, 16, with a twin, from the Bronx, is the last singer. He was in a shelter for a while. Sad tale. We see the nasty place. And poor Dad, who says they lost their home. Robberies and killings happened there. He kept waiting to move out. His brother kept his spirits up by telling him about his talent. Back story aside, it's time for Travis to sing. He's exhausted he says. and yes, he's got pipes. Slightly nasal, but a wonderful voice when he sings Eleanor Rigby. He sings another song for them. They send him to Hollywood, and that wraps up Day 2 of auditions in New Jersey.

Tomorrow night is New Orleans, and it looks like many characters are waiting.

If only these singers I picked knew I picked them, they'd all be depressed. I have a habit of picking the ones who don't make it past Hollywood. We'll see... maybe this year I picked the idol.

I'm interested in your picks. Email me jokerette@jokersupdates.com or PM me on the board, before the end of this week. Next article I'll put your picks in. And if you pick the Idol, I'll send you a tee shirt So take notes on who you like, and fill my mailbag. Next article will be all yours.