Jordan Dorsey, a music teacher, is up first with Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and he's amazing for me. He jazzes up the old song, hits the high notes, nice tremolo. Have to admit I love him. Could have dressed better, but we won't hold that against him.

I'm not mentioning any of the bad ones. I understand some people think they're funny, but they simply irritate me. I don't want to hear that shit, at all. Do most of you? Let me know. and I'll count how many do, and how many don't want to hear the bad ones.

Sarah Sellers has an interesting voice. She does a song I don't know, but really puts it out there. Low, raspy, lovely tone. Steven likes her lips. LOL and her voice. I believe they'll put her through. WOW Jlo says one of the best we've heard. I have to agree.

Jovani is next. Wow what pipes he has, singing something in Spanish, I assume. Wonderful voice. He's all over Jlo, who tells him he has a powerful voice. Steven agrees. Hollywood bound. Keep an eye on this one. All 3 men take off their shirts, I'm not sure why. Jovani has a six pack not to be believed. Delicious indeed. Steve Tyler is built too. Randy, well, Randy is Randy.

We blow some time on Louisiana facts. Randy was born in Baton Rouge. The state flower is the magnolia. Facts I never knew (nor wanted to.) Randy's old football coach shows up with a contestant. Jaquelin is the girl, and she has quite nice pipes. High voice. Sounds gospelly to me. Randy says powerful. Jlo likes when she went from soft up. Me too. On to Hollywood for this one.

A geek is up next, Brett. We get this whole backstory on how different he was in school. Yeah, he looks weird too, long frizzy hair and a guitar. Only 16. But can he sing? He has a soft, high speaking voice. Bohemian Rhapsody, my favorite song he sings, hits the notes. I have to like him. Don't LOVE him. But it's nice. Steve calls him fabulous. All three yell "YES" and he's onto Hollywood.

An ugly man walks in. Kid, rather. Looks Mick Jaggerish. He puts Lady Gaga Bad Romance out there, and does it really well. The judges don't like Gabriel, so that's my first fail. Rats. He can really sing.

We have a bunch of bad weirdos next. Filler in between the good ones, I suppose. Alex, a thin geeky looking kid, comes in. Proud Mary he's singing... get the freaking hook. Sounds nothing like any Proud Mary I ever heard. Steve says off melody. Understatement. AWFUL.

JC, a short fat kid, walks in next. 15 only. Sitting on the Dock of the Bay, and by gawd he can sing, young voice, but pretty damn good. Wonder if they'll put him through. Interesting voice. The judges seem to like him, he sure doesn't look like an idol. Jlo yes. Randy yes. Steve yes, and he's on his way. Not one of my favs. I'm waiting for my black gospel singer.

Next is a sob story. Paris, 23, from NO. Pregnant 18. Docs told her kid had hydrocephalis, she shouldn't have the baby. Daughter is Kira, problems with hearing. Beautiful, Paris is. She tells the judges about her special needs daughter. Very good voice. Very professional. This one will make it far. She has Jlo in tears. That ends day 1 of New Orleans. 37 made it to Hollywood.

Next week Milwaukee Wis. As always, email me who you liked. and if you pick the idol, you get a tee shirt. The coveted JU tee shirt with our new logo