Milwaukee. Auditions this week. Man I hope they put Scottie from NC through. What a neat, low voice for a 16 year old. He can really sing. The judges love him too, he's on his way.

The next couple are forgettable, including the 15 yr old Emma. Nice voice, but needs one hell of a lot of work.

Then comes Naima. Goosebumps, seriously. WHAT a voice. Never heard the song she's singing, but OMG it's wonderful. Surely they'll send her through. And they do Wooooie! She's my favorite of all the auditions so far. What a set of pipes. Email me and let me know who YOUR favorite is.

Of course a bunch of duds go next. I so miss Simon's pithy remarks, don't you?

Then comes Jerome, doing Marvin Gaye. Jesus, falsetto and all. Dude got pipes for sure. I know they'll send him through.

Thia is up next. What a professional voice for 15. This kid is a rock star, she's my second favorite. WOW. She's pretty, too. The judges love her.

Soldier Nathaniel Jones shows up in Civil War getup. He surprises me, I wasn't thinking he could possibly sing, but he can. I bet they don't put him through. Randy is howling laughing, never a good sign. Kid could make it next year, with some good coaching. I liked him.

Terrible singer, Mason, up next. Why put us through these? My mailbag this week agreed. NONE of us want to see bad singers. I'd rather see ones that almost make it like Nathaniel.

Woah. Molly from the White House is next, singing Dock of the Bay. JESUS what a voice. Killer for sure. Graduated from Harvard, Randy belted her in the mouth by mistake... put her through, judges.

And it's time for Day Two in Milwaukee. Haley is up first. She was told to come back last year. And what a voice. She's had some training. She makes it through. Excellent.

Ty is up next, but I'm not impressed. The judges put him through, but I doubt he's Top Ten material.

Steve is up next, CPA auditor. He has quite a voice. I don't care for him. The judges put him through, though he's lacking that special spark, for me.

Up next is pure dreadful. Torture. Finally they stop her, as she butchers it. LOL she thinks she's out because she's fat. Randy tells her it's about talent. She flounces out, not a happy camper. Seriously, how do these people think they can sing? Can't hit a note, nor hold one. Gimme a break.

Another baddie. No decent notes in sight. Get the hook. Dreadful again, Albert. Randy thought it was terrible, Steve liked it. How he could, I dunno.

Scott is a surprise. Looks like a wimp, but has some pipes. Jlo likes him a lot. Says he's her fav. Not me lol

More horror is up next. Packer fan with a GODAWFUL voice. LOL get the hook.

Rock and roll Allie is up. Freaking about Steven, her idol. Goosebumps. She is now my second favorite, maybe even my first. Wonderful. Oh hell the judges don't like her. Will she make it? No from Randy, yes from Jlo. Steven is the last one to vote. And he doesn't do it fast. Finally he decides to send her, and she's on her way to Hollywood

Chris, and the fiancee that had the accident, can really sing. He's a marvel. Quite the voice, he hits allllll the notes, and holds them too.

My hometown of Nashville is next, we'll see what Nashvegas has to offer. Until then....