Auditions continue on Idol Week 3 (Both shows, one review, woot)
Austen is where it's at. I reckon we're up for some southern talent. Up first we have a country singer with great pipes, sister and all. Corey can really sing. Doesn't do much for me, as I don't care for country. Yes, I live in Nashville. Yes, I'm a traitor. Live with it LOL

Woah. The next up is Holly, who looks like the wind can blow her away, but belts out the song. The judges turn her down, she turns bright red and starts to cry. They give another chance for once. Can she sing through those tears? I like her, I hope she makes it, but she's pitchy as hell. Still crying in the middle of the song, then continues and belts it out. Amazingly, they put her through. YAY I really like her She's probably 5th or so in my favorites.

Bad singer up next. ACK God my ears lolol can't deal with it. It literally made all three of my cats get up and run from the room LOL

Cowboy John is up next. I like him so much, I just want him to do well. He does have a voice. Maybe not the best, but not bad at all. The judges love him, so he's going through for sure.

Day 2 of Austen auditions. Will they find more cowboys? Courtney with the cowboy boots is really into Ryan. Bet she can't sing, betcha betcha. Be damned, I'm wrong. Think I'd learn not to go on appearances. She has PIPES. Randy doesn't agree, but Jlo and Steven do. She's on her way and even gets a hug from Ryan.

Really cute couple walks in. She can sing. A little pitchy, but on the whole hell yeah. I just hope he can too. He's not that good, but he's in tune. Maybe they're so cute the judges will put them through. Yep they're both through. Doubt they'll make it far, but they are so damn cute, they'll have a blast.

Janelle is up, and what a pretty girl. Nice voice, too, but OMG I'm so sick of country. Don't they KNOW maybe one country person gets through? Sing rock, you fools. The judges cut her off, but send her through. We'll see how she does with decent music.

There is a series of bad singers. I am tempted to forward through it, but I'm afraid I'll miss someone good if I do. To my amazement, Randy is actually rude to a couple of them. Good for him. I so miss Simon

Casey is last, and I can just tell he can't sing LOLOL could you, when you first saw him? He just has the look and sound of someone with a shitty voice. Watch him walk out and KILL a tune. I'd be so amazed! Well, it turns out he's not all that bad. He does miss the high notes, though. Scats nicely. OMG they put his ass through, to my amazement. On to Hollyweird.

At least no more country music, I hope. I HOPE. Enough is enough. Victoria is first up, and uh oh, she brings GAWD into it. The way she sings, she needs him. Truly dreadful.

Tim is up next, and I like his voice. Not the best, but not bad. Hits the right notes anyway. Randy says no, Jlo likes his tone, but... will she? Won't she? She does, and he's on his way.

Daniel and Isaac are up next. They're buddies. Daniel is so bad Randy winces LOL. He's nowhere near the tune. Randy says "this is not for you." Simon would have murdered him lol. His buddy walks in. The buddy is no good either. What a waste of time. Why oh why did we have to hear these two?

Karen came via Myspace. Wow what pipes she has. She's wonderful. She makes it through with ease. I really do like her. Top five for sure.

Tenetia is up next. Gawd she's bad. And weird, with it. I can see why they auditioned her lolol she's funny as hell! I wish I could have seen her MySpace audition. She chases Randy right out of the room, as he bails in disgust. I think they had to have Security drag her ass off rofl!!

Heidi is up next. Bellydances, and doesn't sing badly. They put her through.

Matt is up, and man oh man is HE weird. Can't sing either LOL. Dressed nicely though. He's another character and has them all cracking up. But it's no go.

A couple more truly dreadful singers. What a waste of time. One worse than the next LOL And then the two brothers show up. Mark and Aaron. Man they do one hell of a rendition of Lean on Me. Well done. Incredible performance. I hope they make it through. And they do. Good news. I want to hear more from them.

Cooper is last. Super weirdo. Dressed oddly, and talks about snakes. Nuts. As in, totally deranged. Nearly 60, too. Doesn't lack for guts.

Next week is San Fran, and then Hollywood begins, finally. Amen. I've had enough of auditions. Time for the real thing, isn't it? And then we'll see where all our picks wind up.