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Jokers: Amy, we'll let everyone say hi.. then start your tons of questions :)
AmyCrews: I'm here! It was tough getting in. Buckie's here too.

Jokers: So Amy, are you watching bb4?
AmyCrews: Yes!
Jokers: Any favorites, least favorites?
AmyCrews: I LOVE BB4! I like Michelle, Alison and Nathan the best. I hateDavid b/c he trashed me on the live feeds.

Jokers: Hey Amy, you were my BB3 houseguest and I really miss your sense ofhumor and your stories. I've always thought it would be cool
if you kept a blog/online journal on the web. I'm sure it would be anentertaining read!. Do you have any plans to keep a weblog in the future
AmyCrews: I have never thought about it...but that would be a good thing formy new website

Jokers: If we could see your daily conversations in the Diary Room, what do youthink would be most surprising?
AmyCrews: You wouldn't be surprised. They aired all the good stuff

Jokers: Do you see any alliances that aren't apparent to the rest of us yet?
AmyCrews: No...but hell. I didn't see ant in my house.

Jokers: How have things in your life changed since big brother?
AmyCrews: Not much! I love meeting people who watched the show! But otherthan that..I get pretty good concert tickets...and I'm back at my same job.

Jokers: Any commercials, or the like? work wise?
AmyCrews: No commercials...yet. But I'm having fun.

Jokers: Yet, eh! Movies? TV possibilities?
AmyCrews: Maybe

Jokers: Amy, wouldn't you love to enter this house & shake them up.....I knowyou can do it!!
AmyCrews: YES!!!!!!!
Jokers: What would you do??
AmyCrews: I want to be the house mother SOOOOO bad, and Marcellas needs to behouse dad. We could straighten those people up.
Jokers: And which housemate would be the house baby, Amy?
AmyCrews: OHHHHH! I don't know, maybe Nathan.

Jokers: Amy, what was the most important thing you learned from being on BigBrother 3?
AmyCrews: The most important thing I learned was about myself.
Jokers: What about you?
AmyCrews: I learned to be more comfortable in general
Jokers: That you're stronger than you thought, too?
AmyCrews: To be more honest. To really be myself in all situations
Jokers: We thought you did well.. you were yourself.
AmyCrews: I was

Jokers: Do you watch BB4? If so, who do you think is most like you, in thisyears cast?
AmyCrews: I LOVE BB4! I think Alison is most like me.
Jokers: You do??
AmyCrews: Not in ways you see...but emotionally.
Jokers: How so?
AmyCrews: If my ex was in the house...I would have acted more like her.

Jokers: Welcome to Jokers, Marc (again) lol
AmyCrews: I love you! I'm good!
Marcellas: I love you too my goddess! I hope everyone is being gentle w/ my Amy!
Jokers: Amy did you do diabetes weekend?

Marcellas: Hey jokerette!
Jokers: Hiya cutie :)
AmyCrews: No...the most undignified injury...I was attacked by a dog onThursday.
Jokers: God. what happened, Amy??
AmyCrews: I was appraising a house. Shannon Doherty's aunt's dog attacked me
Jokers: OMG! Are you OK?
AmyCrews: Yea...pain medication...rest..I'm healing

Jokers: Are you still attracted to Roddy? (both LOL)
AmyCrews: NO! Hell no! Being locked up makes you think strange things. It'slike jail.
Jokers: Did you have issues when you got out, both of you?
AmyCrews: A few issues.

Jokers: My question is who do you think has the cutest wardrobe this year?...and what do you think of Erika's pink boots!
Marcellas: I think Nathan is the best dressed boy though a little fay!

Jokers: Anyone y'all find attractive this year?
AmyCrews: Nathan. He's a cutie, but probably way too egotistical
Marcellas: I loved Jun's short pleated skirt the first night.

Jokers: Would you be interested in "starring" in an all-star version of BB?
AmyCrews: YES! I want to be on more BB. It would be fun.

Jokers: Do you think you could have handled living with your ex for 3 months?
AmyCrews: YES. If it was the ex I wanted to live with. If it was the guy fromHS, I would have walked out the first night.

Jokers: Marc.. and you? What would you do if YOUR ex had showed up?
Marcellas: If my ex had been in the house, I would have pulled an Amanda andhad sex!

Jokers: Which houseguest do you talk to the least after getting out of thehouse? The most?
Marcellas: I don't talk to Gerry @ all.
AmyCrews: Tonya...Not my least fav...but I haven't talked to her since I leftLA.

Jokers: How do you feel about the nude videos/pics of you on the net?
AmyCrews: That sucks! But I guess that's part of it.
Marcellas: Well you looked good. You have a nice chest and it's real!

Jokers: For both: What was your biggest regret in the house?
AmyCrews: Libations
Marcellas: My biggest regret is not going more w/ the flow. I took everything soseriously.

Jokers: I notice amycrew.com says coming soon. Are you going to develop thesite?
AmyCrews: YES Actually...Will and Michael are doing it.

Jokers: Marc: What does Amy Think of the Jury being sequestered this year? WouldDanielle have won if Jury was sequestered?
AmyCrews: I think it's good. I would have voted Dani had I not seen the DR's.
Marcellas: I would not have voted for Dani. I think she still would have lost,but not by so much.

Jokers: Hey Ames! The show's not the same without your wit and charm. Did Jasonever take you to the fair?
AmyCrews: This year he will. We were on the show during the fair last year.

Jokers: Amy, don't you think you could teach little Michelle a thing or twoabout beauty?
AmyCrews: Yea, some. She's young. She'll figure it all out.

Jokers: Hey Marcellas!! :-) How would you liven the BB4 house up?! ;-)
Marcellas: I think the one thing this cast is missing is a sense of whimsy.Nobody just wants to play and have fun.
Jokers: Too serious, do you think?
Marcellas: That is what I think I brought to bb3.

Jokers: Can there be too much plotting? DO you think they know too much aboutBB?
AmyCrews: YES. They watched last year.

Jokers: OK...gotta ask..did you see Josh's pics in playgirl, and if so, did youhear "the laugh track"?
AmyCrews: YES. Marc sent them to me labeled as "nightmare".

Jokers: Amy it drove many posters crazy how you never asked anyone any questions- is that a southern thing?
AmyCrews: But when I ask people questions...they think I'm a stalker. That'show is it out here...I just thought the people in the
house would be the same.

Jokers: Did any/all of you know the extent to which there is a web communitylike this that follows BB when you were in the
AmyCrews: NO. But Baby Jason told us that the web was watching.
Jokers: Tons of them
AmyCrews: We knew...but we didn't know to what extent.
Marcellas: Yeah we knew. Amy we should have shut up. I hate the bashing we tookand continue to take from some people on the web.

Jokers: Did Hadley enjoy her 15 minutes of fame? And did you lower the value ofthe house after the undignified canine attack? :)
AmyCrews: Yes...and yes.

Jokers: What is your favorite reality show that's currently on TV?
AmyCrews: BB4
Marcellas: I like Americas Next Top Model.

Jokers: Amy - what do you think of Danielle 1 year later? Do you talk to her?
AmyCrews: Yes. I really love Dani.  When I broke up with my latestcrush...I called Mama Dani for advice.
Marcellas: I'm still conflicted about my feelings for Dani. Why do people thinkshe played such a good game?
AmyCrews: I think Lisa played a good game b/c personally I think she fooled usall.
Marcellas: I think Lisa made the right choices @ the right times.

Jokers: Marcellas, I loved you soo much last year! Are you working in fashion?Are you going to have a fashion show?
Marcellas: Yes. I'll be doing a show based on fashion. In Los Angeles iswhere my show shoots.

Jokers: What did you all do to pass the downtime in the house last year?
AmyCrews: PLAY CARDS...and gossip with Marc.

Jokers: Did they ever see any banners?
AmyCrews: Yeah, one. Most of the HG's were asleep.
Jokers: What did it say?
AmyCrews: It was no big deal though. It just asked us to pay attention to anybanners.

Jokers: Do either of you have any clues to additional twists?
AmyCrews: No. Those people don't tell me shit.
Jokers: Marc neither?
Jokers: Not in touch, eh? CBS?
AmyCrews: I get very minute clues.
Marcellas: No backstage gossip this season :(
Jokers: Do you think that's fair?
AmyCrews: We're in touch...they just don't spill. Part of it.

Jokers: Do you think these houseguests are strategizing a little bit too soon inthe game? They seem to be all work and no play.
AmyCrews: Yeah...they need to relax
Marcellas: as J and D proved last year, you can never make an alliance too soon.

Jokers: What was your favorite part of the house, and least favorite, excludingpeople?
AmyCrews: I liked the food...and the confinement.

Jokers: Are Roddy and Jason friends finally? Roddy really liked him and Danielleconvinced Jason that he was using him.
AmyCrews: We're all pretty much okay...I think.

Jokers: Amy & Marcy: So tell us the truth, how much do you watch the live feeds,and do you go to places like JokersUpdates and read about what happened in thehouse?
AmyCrews: I read...I don't watch. I like chat rooms, but no one ever believesit's me.
Marcellas: I come here to defend myself and see my friends. But I am not reallywatching the show.
AmyCrews: I watch the show.

Jokers: Is anyone in the house now that you would consider dating?
Marcellas: No way! Yikes!

Jokers: Amy and Marcellas, do you guys sometimes feel this BB4 crew is invadingYOUR house? I still tune in expecting to see you guys!
AmyCrews: Yes! I get homesick. That's MY damn tacky bad condition house.
Marcellas: I miss the house. I'd go back and win!

Jokers: To what extent, if any, do you feel Arnold Shapiro manipulated the gamein any way?
AmyCrews: I don't think Arnold manipulated. I like Arnold.
Marcellas: I love Arnold. He's so cute like a sweet father.
AmyCrews: Grandpa

Jokers: Do you feel that BB producers ever mislead you and btw love you both!
AmyCrews: No. We did it to ourselves

Jokers: Amy, how did you feel when you found out you had the chance to re-enterthe BB house?
AmyCrews: YEAH!!!! I knew from the moment they told me that I would go back.I just knew! I had a very weird feeling.

Jokers: If there was a BB for past contestants, who would you want to be inthere with??
AmyCrews: Chiara. Dani...but I would know she is scandalous. I would like herthis time
Marcellas: Roddy. Hardy. Sheryl from Season 2.
Marcellas: I can't do that again. Tanya and Lisa. Monica from last year.

Jokers: She did a number on that reality documentary.. Tonya did.. did you seeit? Reality People?
AmyCrews: No...but I read the People Magazine review.
Marcellas: I didn't watch but heard it was bad.

Jokers: Question for Amy, Are you going to move to LA too?
AmyCrews: No...I love Memphis.

Jokers: Robert is trying to make a deal with Justin and Jee and winner givesloser 50,000. Isn't that against the rules? Can they get a penalty nom for that?
AmyCrews: Yes...it's against the rules
Jokers: Can they get a pen nom, you think?
AmyCrews: But I don't know about a penalty nom.

Jokers: Amy and Marcellas, we used to LOVE listening to you two talk aboutmovies: have you seen any good ones this year?
AmyCrews: Not any that have stuck out.
Marcellas: I haven't really seen anything this year. Charlie's Angels was adisappointment.

Jokers: How much do the BB producers do when you get voted off to ensure thatpsychologically that you're doing ok?
AmyCrews: They hook you up with the shrink.

Jokers: Have to re-ask one: Amy, saw you and Roddy at the casinos in Tunica, butdidn't say anything. Did ya win any money?
AmyCrews: We had SO much fun in Tunica...then Roddy stayed here in Memphisfor the weekend.

Jokers: What did you think of David and Amanda's having the first BB USA sex inthe house?
Marcellas: Unreal!
AmyCrews: To make her mark on BB b/c she knew she was getting kicked out.
Marcellas: Who wants to be known as the woman who got f**(ed on TV and badly!

Jokers: I don't know if you can talk about this or not, but did the BB producersever tell you what to do? This year I caught houseguests discussing that theywere told to cuddle more.
AmyCrews: Our house guests weren't like that. We weren't told that. Marc andI weren't even told to be more mean...we just were
Marcellas: I don't believe the producers would say that. This isn't temptationhotel!

Jokers: You guys are great, Do you think there will be a reunion show withall past houseguests?
AmyCrews: I don't know. Depends on ratings.

Jokers: Did any of the BB3 houseguests fight with you about things said, afterthey saw everything on the tapes?
AmyCrews: Chiara and I talked, after a jug of wine and we got it all out andwere fine.

Jokers: Do you think reality shows will hit a brick wall and start descending inpopularity?
AmyCrews: Yes
AmyCrews: My mom has a great idea for a comedy sitcom with me and Buckie andMarcellas.
Marcellas: Yes reality should end soon.

Jokers: Do you guys think Amanda and Dave have a chance outside the house?
AmyCrews: NO. Reality love doesn't last...unless you're Trista

Jokers: Who do you dislike from this years cast?
AmyCrews: DAVID. He said that if I'd been in his house, He would have kickedme.

Jokers: Thank you Amy and Marcellas!