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<Jokerette> Amy!!!! how are you?
<QueenAmy> Thank you@!
<Jokerette> crazy ain't it :)
<QueenAmy> I'm good!
<Jokerette> tell me.. how's it been going?
<QueenAmy> Really good!...and really busy
<Jokerette> you ever recover from that dog bite? :|
<Jokerette> anything you can tell us about, the busy? :)
<QueenAmy> Yup
<Jokerette> here's one for ya..
<Jokerette> Do you think there will be a BB All stars? Would you join in?
<QueenAmy> I hope there will be. I mjight do it...depending on where I am in life when/if they do it
<Jokerette> that would be killer!
<Jokerette> What were DR sessions really like? How long would they last? Did they really prompt you on things to
<Jokerette> say, or help you with your strategy?
<QueenAmy> They never told me what to say...the lasted as long as I could get them to listen
<Jokerette> rofl!
<Jokerette> no prompting from them?
<QueenAmy> No
<Jokerette> Amy, can you believe the amount of booze these HGs get? & if you were in the BB5 house would we see
<Jokerette> you playing the role of Diane Drew's bed mate?
<QueenAmy> first I thought so...but now he's sort of getting on my nerves
<Jokerette> is he now! what bothers ya?
<QueenAmy> He doesn't seem all that strong
<LotusLorraine> uh oh, I thought Drew was Amy's favorite :)
<Jokerette> Stinkytoad: Are you watching this season, if you are who is your favorite. If not why?
<QueenAmy> Well...he's a hottie...but he seems easily influenced
<Jokerette> ;) I'd have to agree,, I think all of JU does.
<Jokerette> LaughingCow6: Amy, after the show - did you ever meet any of the Diary Room people in person?
<QueenAmy> I am watching...I like Marvin, Cowboy...and maybe Nikomas
<QueenAmy> Yes! I LOVE the DR people
<Jokerette> yay!
<Jokerette> StringCheese: did your exposure in BB4 help you in your future plans after you left the house, and what are you doing?
<QueenAmy> Well...I didn't have any future plans that hindged on the show
<Jokerette> did the show help you with exposure, would you say?
<QueenAmy> I'm appraising real estate...and planning a move to Florida
<QueenAmy> Yeah it did...which is fun
<Jokerette> excellent :)
<Jokerette> this next one..
<Jokerette> you can choose not to answer :)
<Jokerette> d00d: Amy, what do you think of Marcellas with his new on House Calls, and why don't you two talk to each other anymore?
<QueenAmy> Long story...too long...I have not wathced House Calls b/c it comes on while I'm at work
<Jokerette> good reason!
<Jokerette> Reign: Who do think is crazier, the internet people or the HGs? :)
<QueenAmy> By far...the HG's
<LotusLorraine> Hey Amy...
<LotusLorraine> CheeseBurgerInParadiseQuilter: What do you think of the cast this year?
<LotusLorraine> overall
<QueenAmy> Hey!
<QueenAmy> They are a good cast
<LotusLorraine> by the way, I hope you love the cheese names we all have! :)
<QueenAmy> They're keeping me entertained
<LotusLorraine> Camembertwilsonatmd: What are your thoughts about the Twin Twist?
<QueenAmy> Well...I think it was a good idea...but now I think they are bullies
<Jokerette> you and me both ;)
<LotusLorraine> freddy_muenster: Amy who is your favorite and least favorite hg from bb5?
<QueenAmy> I don't really have a favorite...but I don't like the twins or Diane
<LotusLorraine> why not Diane?
<QueenAmy> She gets on my nerves...or maybe it's just her hair that gets on my nerves
<LotusLorraine> LOL her hair
<QueenAmy> Skunk
<LotusLorraine> no long blonde locks like our Amy :)
<LotusLorraine> JohnnyFetaplay: What Do You think of The Will/Karen allaince. They seem to think they are like the Dani/Jason allaince do you agree?
<QueenAmy> Sort of...I like Will...not the biggest Karen fan..but she's growing on me
<LotusLorraine> how nuts do you think Karen is?
<QueenAmy> Editing is brutal
<LotusLorraine> KWrenbergerCheese: How is your little dog, Bucky? What's he been up to?
<QueenAmy> Oh! He's great! He's been through trama the past few days b/c the tile people have been at the house. He hates them!
<LotusLorraine> I hear he has a new little friend....
<QueenAmy> Suzy Q...his sister...which I call Q a lot
<LotusLorraine> SuzyQ! I love it!
<QueenAmy> She's a little angel too
<LotusLorraine> have you ever been a cat person?
<LotusLorraine> KylesCheeseBalls: I know it's personal, but you seem so vivacious and you have a steady boyfriend now?
<QueenAmy> I had a cat named Figero when I was younger...and my best friend has a cat named Peach. Buckie and Suzy bought "cousin Peach" a b-day present
<LotusLorraine> awwww!
<LotusLorraine> a kittie present!
<QueenAmy> I don't have a boyfriend...and I'm really not looking. I'll find one when I move to Florida...but if I don't it's okay
<QueenAmy> I'm WAY picky
<LotusLorraine> but what if Drew gives you a look up and down after he leaves? :)
<QueenAmy> Well...Danielle, Eric, and maybe Tonya and I hope to have a I'll kidnap he and Ben
<LotusLorraine> a limo??? at the cast party?
<QueenAmy> Yup
<LotusLorraine> did you see Eric on Elimidate last night???
<QueenAmy> I think Alison and Dana are going too..and maybe Roddy
<LotusLorraine> D_M_N: D-M-N : Amy, do you watch bb live feeds and the tv show all the time?
<QueenAmy> I don't watch the feeds, but I do a radio show here in Memphis about the I watch it
<LotusLorraine> LaughingCow6: Amy, how would you have handled living in the house with Jase & Scott?
<QueenAmy> This year is really good
<QueenAmy> I would have enjoyed it I think. I would have had fun with them
<LotusLorraine> did you see Scott's layout in Playgirl?
<QueenAmy> Yes...
<UKueso> lol
<QueenAmy> Real quick like...
<QueenAmy> I have a few announcements...
<Jokerette> good!
<Jokerette> lay them on us :)
<LotusLorraine> bring it on!
<QueenAmy> First...we're about to launch some cute little Amy gear. T-shirts and the sort...with cute little Amyisms on them
<QueenAmy> Find out more at
<LotusLorraine> ooooooh! that sounds awesome!!
<Jokerette> in case you missed it!
<QueenAmy> I just want them to be cute and funny. And they won't be expensive either.
<Jokerette> can you tell us more about them?
<QueenAmy> Also...y'all please come post on my message board!
<LotusLorraine> any cherry bikinis???
<QueenAmy> I always return the messages..even if it takes a few days.
<LotusLorraine> LeighInNC
<LotusLorraine> Amy, You are an amazing person and I admire all the charity work that you do. Where do you find the time to do that and keep a website running and do your normal everyday things? Also, do you keep in touch with any of your BB3 housemates?
<QueenAmy> No cherry bikinis...but the cherry will be there
<LotusLorraine> that was from LeighinNC
<LotusLorraine> :)
<QueenAmy> Thank you! Well...I can't take credit for the site. Michael and Will are angels who do a wonderful job..and we're talking about some changes to the site. They're great
<LotusLorraine> i'm sure the items you will sell are going to be awesome!
<QueenAmy> I work a lot, but I love charity...especially the Make-A-Wish I make time for that
<QueenAmy> It is the best charity that I have been envolved with
<LotusLorraine> make-a-wish is an excellent foundation!
<LotusLorraine> i'm involved in it too!
<QueenAmy> I LOVE the wish kids
<LotusLorraine> cheesylittleme: If Marcellas and Gretchen extend an invitation, would you appear or call into House Calls and dish about the houseguests?
<QueenAmy> Well...I can assure you that the invitation will not be extended...
<madmanicotti> never say never
<QueenAmy> and if it was...I don't know that I would put myself in that position
<LotusLorraine> well Amy, you gotta do whats right for you, in every situation!
<LotusLorraine> Ritz: does being in that house really make people stir crazy or really crazy?
<QueenAmy> It makes you ADD...paranoid...and a little crazy. It also lets you sort of relive childhood
<Jokerette> (you did a great job in that house! Made great tv)
<LotusLorraine> LaughingCow6: Amy - what was your favorite competition when you were in the house?
<QueenAmy> The laser veto...
<QueenAmy> I loved that!...and the veto competetion that I won
<QueenAmy> I'm good at walking with a book/board on my head
<LotusLorraine> D_M_N: Amy, What is they wierdest thing a fan has ever said to you?
<QueenAmy> I ran into a woman in LA who ran up to me clutching a tiny little silky terrier. She said, "Amy! Look! I got a Buckie!"
<LotusLorraine> LOL
<LotusLorraine> did he look like Buckie??
<QueenAmy> And some guy asked me to be in the OR when his mom was scheduled for surgery
<Jokerette> NO!
<QueenAmy> Yes...
<Jokerette> ROFLMAO what did yu say
<QueenAmy> He was so cute...but he looked scared to death
<QueenAmy> I declined from the OR
<QueenAmy> A little too weird
<LotusLorraine> does blood make you squeemish? :)
<QueenAmy> No...but someone wanting me in surgery did
<LotusLorraine> LOL
<LotusLorraine> Cheddarlene: Hi Amy. What is your favorite cheese?? :)
<madmanicotti> LOL
<QueenAmy> So many...but currently...I love Cabot Habanero
<LotusLorraine> what about bree?
<QueenAmy> I LOVE bree
<LotusLorraine> me too, with honey and almonds!
<QueenAmy> I lived in France for a I ate a lot of it
<QueenAmy> Yes!
<LotusLorraine> Candy_Caity: How would you have handled Holly?
<QueenAmy> Well...I likes her. I think we would have bonded
<QueenAmy> She's a "girlie" girl
<LotusLorraine> erniebert: If you could join this house, what would you do to shake things up??
<QueenAmy> What do you think? I would steal Diane's boyfriend
<QueenAmy> Kidding...sort of
<LotusLorraine> who would you prefer, Drew or Ben??
<LotusLorraine> or both? :P
<QueenAmy> "If you love him, let him go. If he doesn't come back, he's with me!"
<QueenAmy> Ben
<QueenAmy> I have a shirt that says that
<LotusLorraine> add that onto your shirts :)
<LotusLorraine> If you could pick ANY Big Brother season to be a cast member of, which one?
<QueenAmy> Great idea!
<QueenAmy> I'll do that
<QueenAmy> 3
<QueenAmy> I love the people from my show
<QueenAmy> I talked to Tonya and Danielle today
<Jokerette> how are they?
<QueenAmy> Good!
<QueenAmy> I've got to call Tonya back when I 'm done here
<LotusLorraine> Cottagechesse: <Did Roddy end up taking you to the fair?!!>
<LotusLorraine> was it Roddy or Jason that took you?
<QueenAmy> By the way...I'm still at the b-day the back bedroom
<QueenAmy> Neither! I went with a cute little lawyer from here in Memphis.
<QueenAmy> Instead of winning me a prize..
<LotusLorraine> oohhh! a cute and a lawyer!
<LotusLorraine> Tabi_cat: I would become self concious of everything with the cameras there, did it take long for you to get over that or did you never have that problem?
<QueenAmy> he negociated with the carnie to give me one
<QueenAmy> Oh yeah...but after about 2 weeks you put it in the back of your head
<LotusLorraine> KylesCheeseBalls: Another personal accurately would you say you were portrayed on the show?
<QueenAmy> Hold on...potty break
<LotusLorraine> ok!
<LotusLorraine> go pee!
<LotusLorraine> remember to wash your hands! cameras are watching!
<Jokerette> rofl she lives an interesting life, this one!
<LotusLorraine> she sure is!
<QueenAmy> I'm back
<Jokerette> you're almost as fast as me. LOL
<LotusLorraine> wow, thats an olympic record!!!
<Jokerette> us southern girls can pee on one hurry :)
<LotusLorraine> women's freestyle peeing
<QueenAmy> I was potrayed pretty accurately...except for the lush thing
<LotusLorraine> they did a lot of editing with that, Amy?
<Jokerette> live feeders knew better, girl
<LotusLorraine> cheesylittleme: In hindsight, would you have made different alliances in the house your season? If so, who with?
<QueenAmy> takes more than the 2 drinks they gave us for me to get drunk!
<QueenAmy> At the end...I would have paired with Dani and jason ..instead of Lisa
<LotusLorraine> LaughingCow6: You mentioned Allison. Did you see her on The Amazing Race with Donnny & what did you think of them? Would you do Amazing Race?
<QueenAmy> I mean instead of them pairing with her
<LotusLorraine> i have an addition to that question.....
<LotusLorraine> with WHO would you do Amazing Race with?
<QueenAmy> Maybe I would...I did watch them...and they were GREAT tv!
<QueenAmy> Danielle and I would do it
<Jokerette> you'd win.
<LotusLorraine> now that would be one awesome team!
<LotusLorraine> Ette was my partner for our own version of Joker's Amazing Race :)
<QueenAmy> Alison was right...their mistake was letting Donnie think
<Jokerette> bwahhahaha
<QueenAmy> Alison could have won
<LotusLorraine> MisNiteOwl: <Amy, I just wanted to say that you provided great entertainment, I loved you being in the house! And one of the funniest moments ever that I will NEVER forget is when you fell out of the hammock. That was hilarious!
<QueenAmy> And I wasn't drunk at the time
<QueenAmy> Anyone who has ever been in a hammock knows haw easy it is to fall out
<LotusLorraine> Reign: Did they give you unedited copies of the show when you got out, or just the stuff they show on tv?
<QueenAmy> I'm SO sorry...but I can only say for about 10 more minutes. I will do another chat at in the near future...about 2 weeks where I can stay for a few hours.
<QueenAmy> A year later...they sent me the DVDs
<LotusLorraine> Amy, a question from me, what was your first reaction when you realized you were going BACK into the house?
<QueenAmy> Yay!
<QueenAmy> It was like winning something HUGE! I waqs never so excited as that moment
<QueenAmy> That was great for me...I'll remember it forever
<LotusLorraine> and what was going in your mind when you were sitting in that vat of fish guts????
<madmanicotti> We felt the same way.
<LotusLorraine> btw, we are opening chat in just a minute.....
<QueenAmy> I'm from Arkansas. I've been in wasn't that bad
<QueenAmy> I KNEW I had to win
<LotusLorraine> babybleu: The Bible has been made use of a great deal in this game. What are your thoughts re: the way the Bible has/is being used during the game of BB?
<QueenAmy> And I knew that was one that I could win
<LotusLorraine> just one or two more before we open the chat room up
<LotusLorraine> and you won it!
<LotusLorraine> fish guts and all!
<LotusLorraine> regardless of the lakes you've been in!
<QueenAmy> I read the Bible quite a bit in the house. It makes you feel better. I think Adria is using it in the wrong way thoug
<LotusLorraine> last question before we open the chat, Amy.....
<LotusLorraine> Candy_Caity: What was it like when you were sequestered (before reentering the BB3 house)? Nice place? Food, and could you do what you wanted to do, like talk to people?
<QueenAmy> Jason never did that...and could have
<LotusLorraine> I agree with you on that one, Amy!
<QueenAmy> Club Med. Good food. A whole cheese table. I really couldn't talk to people. But it was fun
<Jokerette> a whole cheese table!
<QueenAmy> I flew on the trapeze
<QueenAmy> And I was good!
<Jokerette> the HIGH one?
<Jokerette> OMG
<LotusLorraine> Amy, anything else you want to say before we open the chat for the last few minutes before you have to get back to the party???
<QueenAmy> Yup
<Jokerette> we need pics of that trapeze :)
<Jokerette> we sure appreciate you doing this chat, girl!
<QueenAmy> Thank y'all so much for coming! I love y'all. Please stop by my site. It's pretty and fun!
<LotusLorraine> We love you here at, your an all-star favorite in ALL our eyes! And we appreciate you taking time to chat with us!.
<Jokerette> smooooooch :)
<QueenAmy> I love Y'ALL! tHANK YOU so MUCH!
(Transcript By Kiana)