Episode 9

Part 1


“I Will Rise Up” is, in part, an in depth look into the various relationships held within the series. Some of the relationships are quite obvious, while other are not so evident. Being able to see these relationships back to back help us to understand each character a little bit better. Alan Ball is a true genius in that he was able to intertwine each relationship into the story of this episode without having them become distracting to the story itself. This is not a recap of the episode, but an attempt to delve deeper into the characters relationships with each other. Also, I have read all of Charlaine Harris books and will not be speculating on the relationships as they are in the books.

Bill and Sookie - Vampire lover and his human lover - They have declared that they love each other as a “normal” couple would. However, over the past several episodes, Bill has become increasingly worried about Sookie’s “safety”. It is not just the safety of her life that worries him, but the safety of her position in his life. It appears that he has come to the realization that he is going to lose her and accepts the loss, though he has no idea when the actual loss will take place. He is becoming desperate in his attempts to keep her away from Eric as long as he can. Sookie seems to brush off Bill’s advice and tends to go against his desire to keep her “safe“. For example, he tells Eric no in regards to sending Sookie to Dallas. Sookie has other plans though and cuts a deal with Eric, despite Bill’s protests. Bill only gives in because he is allowed to go with her. He seems to have come to terms with things and wants to spend whatever time is left with her, even if it must come with Eric’s permission first. HE HAS ALREADY ACCEPTED THAT IT IS INEVITABLE AND UNAVOIDABLE. In this episode, Eric has tricked Sookie into drinking his blood, thereby binding him to her. Bill, speaking in a dejected and defeated voice, explains to Sookie what has just transpired. When they are alone in their room talking about it, you can almost feel Bill counting down the minutes to their separation by the way that he speaks to her and the cadence of his voice. When she talks about joining Godric on the roof, he volunteers to go with her even though he would get burned. It doesn’t matter to him as long as he is with her. He knows that the clock is ticking.

Hoyt and Jessica - First loves - Hoyt is 28 years old and is a virgin. He has never had a serious girlfriend before. He lives at home with his oppressive mother who doesn’t want him to “grow up”. Jessica is a 17 year old newly turned vampire. She comes from a very strict family that is ruled by a tight fisted father that knows how to use a belt. She has no experience of the world as she has led a sheltered life. These two are perfect for each other. Their relationship is one of sweetness, honesty, loyalty, and trust. Forgiveness, exploration, laughter, tears, and compassion. They have it all going for them and I can’t wait to see where Alan Ball takes them. Where Sookie and Bill have become the “serious” couple (By serious, I mean, when do they ever have any fun? Even their love scenes seem stiff, no pun intended.), Hoyt and Jessica have become the “everything” couple. (By everything, I mean, you don’t know what to expect from them, whether it be comical, endearing, even serious, but at least it won’t be boring.) In this episode, Hoyt and Jessica have a candid talk about their inexperience as lovers. Very refreshing in this day and age.

Luke and the Fellowship of the Sun - Lost boy and the Cult - This relationship is not as obvious as some of the others. Luke is a former all-American football player. He grew up a star on and off the field. He is used to being the center of attention. A knee injury changes his course in life. The Fellowship prays on the weak minded. They offer sanctuary for the lost. They make you feel important and needed. They want to be your family. Luke was bound to find his way to the Fellowship, if not some other self-righteous organization. His desire to be a star again, to be important, to be a part of something big, clouds his judgment and allows him to be taken in with the Fellowship and their beliefs. In this episode, he is forced to see his “dream” come to an end. The Fellowship uses his loyalty and dedication against him by sending him into the vampire lair with a bomb strapped to him. The look on his face before the explosion shows that he is still that lost little boy and is destroyed, figuratively and literally, by the family that took him into their arms.