An Exploration of the Relationships in True Blood

Episode 9

Part 2


“I Will Rise Up” is, in part, an in depth look into the various relationships held within the series. Some of the relationships are quite obvious, while other are not so evident. Being able to see these relationships back to back help us to understand each character a little bit better. Alan Ball is a true genius in that he was able to intertwine each relationship into the story of this episode without having them become distracting to the story itself. This is not a recap of the episode, but an attempt to delve deeper into the characters relationships with each other. Also, I have read all of Charlaine Harris books and will not be speculating on the relationships as they are in the books. In part 1 of this article, Bill and Sookie, Hoyt and Jessica, and Luke and the Fellowship were the relationships discussed. Part 2 will focus on the following:

Godric and Eric - Maker and older child - We know very little about Godric. Everything that we know comes from Eric’s flashbacks and the few episodes that he actually appears. We know that he has been vampire for two thousand years. We know that he became vampire at a young age. We know that when he changed Eric, he was looking for a companion. (Perhaps he was lonely.) Godric speaks about forgetting how to be a vampire. He speaks of having hopes that vampires and humans can co-exist peacefully. He knows that he has been brutal in the past and made many mistakes and he is truly sorry for that. It is his desire to he end his existence. Eric is a thousand years old. He is the Sheriff of Area 5 and owner of Fangtasia. He is barbaric, ruthless, and conniving. He is extremely loyal to his maker and will stop at nothing to ensure he is safe. In episode 9, we see a very different side of Eric when he interacts with Godric. Their relationship is one of love, devotion, and fierce loyalty. Godric treats Eric like a father would a son. He obviously loves Eric and is sorry to cause him so much pain. Eric’s anguish is palpable as he begs Godric not to leave him. Seeing Eric fall to his knees in pain is positively heart wrenching. Rather than have his maker “die” alone, Eric volunteers to go with him. Of course Godric does not allow that. From this point on, Eric can no longer just be seen as the uncaring, cold-hearted, calculating, manipulator. This episode has revealed that he has human emotions such as love, uncertainty, fear, and sadness. (I think that with the loss of his maker, Eric is going to need another outlet for some of these emotions. His relationship with Sookie will be explored in another Part.)

Tara and Lafayette - Cousins - Tara has had a hard life. She grew up in a household ruled by an alcoholic mother. She is no stranger to physical and mental abuse. She has trouble keeping a job and a boyfriend. She continually makes poor choices. Lafayette is gay. Being black and gay has made life a little difficult for him in Bon Temps. Because of that, he does whatever he needs to do to make his life better. He also has made poor choices in his life, one of which gets him into extreme trouble with the vampires. But despite their faults, Tara and Lafayette are loyal to each other and care for one another. In a previous episode, Tara rushes to Lafayette’s side after hearing about his ordeal with the vampires. In episode 9, Lafayette realizes that Tara is in a relationship that is doomed. He is not quite sure what the danger is, but he is aware that Tara needs to be taken away from that danger. He believes that Eggs is that danger. He puts himself in harms way to save Tara, even after seeing her eyes go black as she is taken over by Maryann. That is true love and loyalty. Family is everything. No matter where your spot is on the family tree, you should always be able to rely on them in a time of need.

Sam and Andy - The suspect and the former cop - This relationship is not as obvious as some of the others. Sam is a shape shifter. He owns Merlotte’s and several properties around Bon Temps. His past is dubious, a fact the local law enforcement is well aware of. His most recent relationships with women have failed miserably. He is a suspect in the death of Daphne and Miss Jeanette. Oh yeah, and he has a crazy maenad, Maryann, after him. Andy is a member of one of the oldest families in Bon Temps. He always wanted to be a good cop. He wants to be respected by the citizens of Bon Temps. He wants to be a hero. Unfortunately, some unusual circumstances cause Andy to take to the bottle. As a result, his badge was taken from him. In episode 9, Sam is on the run from Maryann. He has seen the crazy orgies, the townspeople taken over by Maryann, and knows he is wanted for sacrifice. Falsely accused of a crime, he has no where to turn. Andy is also aware of what is happening around town, but he can’t stay sober enough to do anything about it. Further, no one wants to listen to the ravings of drunk, so he slinks off to a motel to hideout. Because both of these men have seen the supernatural events taking place, they have no choice but to form a bond. There is no one else. (Let’s hope for the sake of everyone is Bon Temps that these two can pull their act together and be ready for action once Sookie, Bill, and Jason get home.)