Episode 9

Part 4


As previously stated, “I Will Rise Up” is, in part, an in depth look into the various relationships held within the series. Some of the relationships are quite obvious, while others are not so evident. Being able to see these relationships back to back help us to understand each character a little bit better. Alan Ball is a true genius in that he was able to intertwine each relationship into the story of this episode without having them become distracting to the story itself. This is not a recap of the episode, but an attempt to delve deeper into the characters relationships with each other. Also, I have read all of Charlaine Harris books but will not be speculating on the relationships as they are in the books. In part 1 of this article, Bill and Sookie, Hoyt and Jessica, and Luke and the Fellowship were the relationships discussed; Part 2 focused on Godric and Eric, Tara and Lafayette, and Sam and Andy; Part 3 focused on Eric and Sookie, Lettie Mae and Tara, and Terry and Arlene; Part 4 will focus on the following :

Sookie and Jason – Sister and Brother – Sookie and Jason are all the family each other has in the world. (A cousin Hadley has been mentioned, but thus far has yet to make an appearance.) The death of their grandmother in Season One has caused them both to make questionable choices in their lives. First, she gets into an argument with her brother and they became estranged for a while. She gets into an argument with Tara, and instead of trying to put things right, she pushes her away. The biggest decision she made though was getting involved with a vampire. (Not so sure Gran would approve of the sexual relationship with Bill. A friend is one thing; a lover is a whole other thing!) It is only just recently that she has comes to terms with Gran’s death and begun moving her things out of the house. Jason physically assaulted Sookie over Gran’s death, blaming her for it. To support his V habit, Jason took some of Gran’s things to sell. He confessed to murders that he didn’t commit. Then, he joined the Fellowship because he felt he had no purpose in life. In episode 9, the realization that they’re all that’s left really strikes home. They have a tearful moment about Gran and the fact that she is “gone”. Both of them seem to realize they feel some guilt over her death. They talk about what Gran would think about some of the decisions they have made. Jason apologizes to Sookie for the way he has treated her in the past. They make a promise to be there for each other and stick by each other’s side, no matter what. It seems that they are really trying to “fix” what is wrong in their relationship and vow not to shut each other out anymore. (From the previews for Episode 10, it looks like they are really going to need each other, especially considering what’s going on in Bon Temps with Maryann.)

Eric and Bill – Vampire Sheriff and reluctant Underling, Potential Rivals – Eric is a 1000 year old vampire and the local vampire Sheriff of the area. He oversees his area, and the vampires beneath him, in a ruthless manner. He expects loyalty and servitude from his underlings, and though he can be diplomatic at times, he can be harsh when warranted. He believes that humans are beneath him and are to be used however he sees fit. We have seen his treatment of humans who use and abuse vampires and it is terrifying to say the least. His desire to control Sookie and her “gift”, have come to the forefront in recent episodes, much to Bill’s dismay. Bill is a relatively new vampire, as he was turned at the end of the Civil War. He has only recently returned to Bon Temps, which puts him under Eric’s control. Bill wants to defy Eric but is unable to do so because of vampire hierarchy. As a younger vampire, Bill has no choice but to follow Eric’s orders, though he sometimes over steps his bounds. (Eric has no problems putting Bill in his place; he is only lenient with him because he needs Sookie’s “gift”.)

Bill chafes at the thought of Eric using Sookie and his unhappiness about it seems to amuse Eric. In episode 9, we see the beginning of what is possibly going to be a rivalry for Sookie’s affections. Eric tricks Sookie into forming a permanent connection to him by having her “drink” his blood. Of course Bill is stunned, though somewhat accepting, that Eric went to such lengths. Bill’s repeated demands that Eric stay away from Sookie did very little to sway the much older vampire who is used to getting what he wants. (I think that Eric’s “connection” with Sookie will eventually drive a wedge between her and Bill. It is quite obvious from this episode that Eric will not be satisfied with a platonic relationship with Sookie. I wonder if Bill will fight for Sookie, or if he will just let the inevitable happen? I say “inevitable” because Bill’s facial expressions and demeanor suggest that. I’m hoping for a love triangle in Season Three) Let the rivalry begin!

Lafayette and Terry – Co-workers, Possibly new friends? - Though they are just co-workers, there is the potential for a real friendship between these two men. They seem to be as different as night and day. Where Lafayette is normally outrageous, loud, obnoxious, and flamboyant; Terry is shy, awkward, quiet, and tends to keep to himself. The one thing they have in common, other than working at Merlotte’s, is that they have both seen the “dark” side of the world. Lafayette’s recent encounter with the vampires has left him tormented; he relives it in his mind. Terry is tormented by his experiences during the Gulf War. In episode 9, Terry realizes that Lafayette is having a flashback to some horrible event during a confrontation with Andy. Lafayette shrinks away from Andy and cowers in fear. When Terry sees what is going on, he comes to Lafayette’s defense and orders Andy to leave him alone. He then kneels to the ground, embraces Lafayette, and comforts him. Whether or not these men will form a friendship because of their tormented past remains to be seen; but whichever way it goes, I think both men need someone they can confide in who understands their fears. A real friendship between the two is a good place to start.