8:30AM Houseguests waking up getting ready for what could be the most important Veto competition this season to date. Rachel tells Shelly she is bummed out about being the only one who is not playing in the veto today, but she is hosting. Shelly gives her a pep talk about being the best host and Rachel cheers up. Rachel greets Dani with a Happy Birthday. Dani says thank you and heads back to the HN room. Porche and Dani stealth whispering about what Jeff will do if either Porche or Kalia come off the block. Both agreeing that Dani needs to win the veto and pull one of them off the block. They think if they threaten Adam they can get his vote for whichever one is still on the block. Elsewhere in the house, everyone is nervously waiting for the start of the veto, wondering what the competition will consist of.

12:00PM Dani and Kalia in the bathroom talking about Dani needing to win this competition. Dani says she wants Shelly on the block next to Porche. They agree that that Adam is going to play hard in the comp today because he knows that he needs to start winning comps to prove that he deserves to be there. In betweeen game talk Dani whines (shocker) about her stomache hurting, cramps etc.

12:30 - 2:30 Veto competition is now underway!

2:30PM Jeff has won the veto!! The competition involved a puzzle and Porche asks Jeff if he was always good at puzzles. Porche kissing butt in Kitchen to Jeff and he is just playing along. In the bedroom, Kalia is talking to Shelly saying she is upset that she didnt win. She is upset with herself. Shelly tells her that if she is on the block next to Dani, Kalia will stay. Kalia says she doesn't want that to happen. She wants Dani to stay with her in the game. Shelly tries to tell her that she needs to play the game for herself, not Dani. Kalia says she knows that but she doesnt have anyone else in the house. Shelly tells Kalia that she has proven she can win but she hasn't proven it. She says as shitty as this game is, that's how it goes. She tells Kalia to think about things going forward, not to get down in the dumps because that's not Kalia at all. Adam comes in to console a depressed Kalia. He asks where Dani is, she tells him the DR. Kalia goes into the kitchen and asks Jeff if she can go listen to his CD in the HOH, he says sure.

4:00PM Shelly joins Jeff and Adam outside. She tells Jeff that Kalia is freaking out about not winning the veto. Jeff says why? Shellys says that Kalia thinks she is the target because she is the biggest threat on the other side. They all laugh. Adam and Jeff talk about the veto comp. The Zingbot made an appearance and the competition involved helping the Zingbot get a wife. They talk about a couple remarks the Zingbot made. Apparently there was a comment to Shelly about all she does is smoke, why hasnt Jeff proposed to Jordan yet and Dani riding her dads coat-tails. Jeff comments about Jordan doing horribly at the puzzle. He and Adam are laughing. Jeff says, with his and Jordans combined IQ, their kids will probably be walking into walls..lol Adam says yeah but they will be pretty.

Rachel and Jordan outside talking about the competition:

Rach: Shelly looked like she was trying, Adam looked like he didn't care.

Jordan: Jeff is not telling me what he's doing. he doesnt want people to know. I know he'll make the right decision but if, this is me going through all the scenarios. We have to stick together, all three of us no matter what happens. I remember we had that spat, if we all get to fighting that's what they want us to do.

Rach: We're in trouble

Jordan: You and Jeff are bigger targets

Rach: 2 vetos and a HOH, they're going to be all over him

J: Whatever happens. we have to get out them girls. if it's between Kalia and Porsche...this next HOH, if it's questions, Kalia is good at questions.

Rach: So is Porsche. she hasnt don't badly at any competition.

J: If Porsche stayed, you and Jeff would have a better chance. you can even cut a deal with Porsche, def not Kalia, she will turn, she already has once or twice. Porsche sounded like she didnt think she would go up. I told her she hasn't talked to us at all. I told her we didn't know where Porsche's head was at. I feel like we could have a better chance with Porsche here. I don't trust her but I really don't trust Kalia at all.

Rach: I think that if Daniele went home, Porsche and Kalia would be stuck and wouldnt know what to do.

Jordan: I think so too, I think they would come with us.

Rach: I think Porsche has Adam 100%

Jordan: We gotta protect ourselves right now. We have to make sure whatever we do is the right decision that we benefit from. The thing is that if Jeff gets Daniele out, all the other floaters benefit and get him out. When he got Russel out, Jeff couldnt play in the next HOH and they got Jeff out the next week. It happened his season.

Rach: I agree but no matter what, if Shelly won she would put me up.

Jordan: I've talked to Shelly and I've told her she cannot put you up Rachel. She knows those others have to go. If Shelly won she would put up Porsche and Kalia unless one goes home this week.

Rach: She wouldn't put up Daniele.

Jordan: I think Adam is scared to put Daniele up, same with Shelly.

Rachel: Adam scares me, he's always with Daniele, Kalia and Porsche

Rach: The biggest thing is if Daniele wins HOH again she is 100% coming after me and Jeff. If Jeff has the power right now, which he does, if he can get rid of Daniele I think it's like a round of applause, that would be the biggest game move. If she wins she is 100% coming after me and Jeff. I dont even know if I woluld be her main target at that point, she'll go after Jeff more than me. She can win stuff, she's won two HOHs, if it's questions and she wins again, it's like well...told you so.

Jordan: Jeff isnt telling me what he's doing, he wants everyone to be surprised.

7:00PM Kalia was alone in the kitchen cooking and Rach comes in looking for someone to play cards. At an opportune time, Rach asks Kalia if it was all Shelly's idea to put up Lawon, that she was taking credit for it and wanted to know what the truth was. Kalia basically told her no. Rach wants Kalia to spread it around to her group that Shelly is lying and that she is on no one's side yet everyone thinks she is. Kalia is open to talking to her because she wants to stay and needs votes. And appears to want to compare notes on another player's missteps. So Shelly strolls by and comments how it is weird the two of them are even talking. Rachel leaves. Porsche entered. Shell wanted to know what that was about. Kalia did a great cover keeping it very generic Rach asking about Lawon and what went on during her HOH and she totally played it off like she didn't understand what Rach's point was. Rach then went outside and started walking with Jordan & Jeff.

9:00PM Houseguest (minus Dani who is again secluding herself) play poker for a couple hours. No game talk.


More game talk with Rachel and Jordan:

Jordan: If Dani/Jeff are final 2 she would win, she's got everybody.

Rach: So she has to go

Jordan: She would automatically win

Rach: I'm gonna tell Jeff that tomorrow too, if he can get rid of Daniele right now like that would be a HUGE move. Even if she says she will strike a deal, thats fine for her to say this week but there will be a DE and during that DE it's gonna be me or Jeff.

Jordan is worried about double eviction

Rachel: This is the best opportunity to get her out. She won two hohs and 5 povs in her season. If she needs to she will keep winning povs. If she stays...it's like Brendon, he would have kept winning. If daniele wins she will keep going.

Jordan: I'll tell him tonight

Rachel: Daniele is really close with Shelly and Adam now so thats a huge problem for jury votes. Just observe some people, who interacts with whom. Adam is with all those girls, if it came down to it he would vote for Dani over Jeff. I don't know what Shelly would do, she might vote for Daniele.

Outside, Shelly and Dani chatting. Shelly says she asked jeff who he was putting up and she told Dani that Jeff told her he wanted it to be a surprise. Shelly tells Dani she hopes Jeff doesnt put her (Dani) up. Talk then turns to Rachel and how Rachel will hate them after she watch the show. Shelly says Kalia is freaking out, Dani says well that's Kalia for you. Shelly asks who Dani would vote out Kalia or Porche and Dani doesn't really answer saying they are both friends so it's hard.

12:00AM Kali and Adam chatting. Kalia asks what Jeff is going to do. Adam says that he doesn't know and that Monday will be interesting. Kalia asks him if he still wants a newbie to win because it looks like he's with Jeff, which isn't all bad because sooner or later you've got to align with somebody. Kalia says that it would be lame for Jeff to put her out. OK, she says, I know how you felt being put up (about Jeff being up by her doing). Kalia is afraid that if she stays on the block with Porsche that Kalia will go home. Kalia says that Porsche hasn't done ANYTHING and Kalia deserves to stay. Kalia wonders if she'll even have one vote for her to stay - she's worried. Adam says that every week the vote gets harder and harder.

12:30AM Jeff joins Jordan in HOH and discuss what he is going to do.

Jordan: What does your gut tell you to do?

Jeff: Get rid of Daniele

Jordan: Me too. Everyone I've talked to asked about a BD. I've told everyone I dont know and that you aren't telliong me anything. I told Rach I dont know what you're doing but Rachel do you think you can get Porsche?

Jordan: Advantages of Dani being here, she would feel like she trusts you, next week she plays HOH let's say she won, she for sure would go after Rach and if she did get rid of Rach that still leaves Daniele in the house with a good competitor against you.

Getting rid of Dani this week leaves you Porsche and Kalia. That leaves Rach, you and with them not having Dani they wont know what to do. I think Kalia will try and start her own alliance with Shelly and Adam.

I asked Shelly what she thinks about Porsche, do you think you could trust her? If Jeff makes a deal with her would she be good? Shelly said she made a deal with Porsche earlier on and Porsche stuck to it.

Jeff: Adam told me my best move would be to BD Daniele. Adam said he'd vote her out.

We need Shelly and Adam which is who she said she'd put up. You need Rachel here, we have to win next week too, to get one more person down, keep Rach.

Jeff: Keep Rach for sure. it's too good to not take.

Jord: I told Adam and Shelly that I think Jeff is just thinking what he needs to do. jeff gave me a talking to that I need to step up and win because our season he did all the dirty work and then all the floaters slid right though and Jeff got knocked out. So this has happened before and we need to win because if Jeff does do that--Shelly told me in the kitchen that me, her or Adam have to step it up and win.

Jeff: I'm not gonna lie she knows the game like crazy and I dont know it like that.

Jord: She says she's with us but the way shes acting.

Jeff: She said things outside that didn't agree with me, the Cassi thing was bs, dont tell me you were bffs with her and you wanted her out. There were a couple things she said that I was like wtf. If I win, she wanted me to put up Adam and Shelly. Trying to get me to take out my players like I'm an idiot. She said "us 3 play and wipe out everyone, but it's kinda funny because we had that deal already and you backed out of it already." Everything she's saying...I trust you that I wasn't your target because Brendon was, if Brendon wasn't gone the first time I would have been gone the second. I feel bad because she's playing the pity card and she gave the speech that this is just a game nothing personal. I really like you as people but this is just a game, well this is a game move for me. I have to take out the leader, cut the head off the Dragon. Kalia and Porsche do not know whats going on without Daniele. Daniele tells them everything to do, without her they don't have a strategy. Me, you and Rach have played before so we kind of have an understanding of it. It just makes sense. This was what I did last time. and then I sat back and lost last year. I've been motivating my side since the beginning so why would I sacrifice and trust Daniele. I'm not gonna let Daniele just pick them off, I'm gonna stay true to my team no matter if they haven't won or not.

Jordan: If your gut's telling you that she should leave then you need to do that.

Jeff: It'll be awkward around her for four days but after that it'll be better.

Jeff: I'm not going to bash Dani, I am backdooring her.

Jordan: Be nice in your speech.

Jeff: I'm gonna say what are you offering Daniele? She'll offer everything, she'd even offer to put up Kalia. She's already a disloyal person, we made a pact in the beginning, if it werent for Brendon and Rach I would be gone. It's not like she stopped it, they did. I dont care how many times she apologizes.

Jordan: That speach she gave us was so fake last week. She was just covering her bases.

Jordan: Rachel is going to be all over Dani when she goes up! Jeff says that Dani won't be in his face this week because Rachel will be up in her face (Dani's)

Jordan: I want Kalia to go home so bad I can't stand it!

Jeff: I'm upset that Kalia got a vacation out of the game, he wishes that Dani would have taken it from her. He says she would have been livid if anybody had taken it from her.

2:00Am Dani and Adam in the backyard. Dani asks him what he thinks if the noms stay the same. Adam says he is weighing the options right now (Kalia vs Porsche) He says he has to look out for his best interest in the game. Dani says he also has to think about who will help better his game. Adam says that he is just trying to make it to 6 then you can control your own game. Dani disagrees with him on that, she says it is the most dangerous part of the game when the numbers start to dwindle. Adam says either way whatever happens on Thursday I have to win the HOH so I can get to 6. He keeps telling her he controls his fate if he can make it to 6. Dani "Trust me it gets harder and harder". Adam says honestly Kalia has been a better competitor so that could work against her, why you put me on the spot like that? Dani says she isn't trying to put him on the spot. Adam is non-committal he says he can't make that call right now, he needs to wait to see what happens on Monday. He says Kalia is a better competitor and Porsche has been fun. He asks her what she is thinking.....he says he knows she is worried that Jeff will put her up. Dani says worst case scenario is if she goes up. Adam says if she up on the block he would look at Dani like she has more damage to inflict on the game. Adam says all but one pair has been split. Dani says "And that pair is quite a pair". Dani brings up Jeff winning BB and America's favorite HG. Dani says that she has made big moves, she could have stayed with the vets holding hands but that she would have gone out 5th in that scenario. Dani says her biggest fear is going up on the block this week. Adam asks who she thinks she would go up against. Dani says she isn't sure who Jeff would keep on the block against her. Adam says how would Rachel vote? Dani thinks however he (Jeff) wants. Dani tells Adam not to repeat this but the thing that drives her nuts about Rachel is that she is the epitome of everything she hates, a floater. Dani says she talks about hating floaters but since she won HOH she has been floating back and forth between the 2 groups, selling Jeff out at every turn. Adam agrees and says she became what she hates. Adam says he realizes that and that is why it is so important to have bigger targets in front of him in the game. Adam says being put on the block last week woke him up and he realized he had to play, even though he knew he wasn't the target. Adam tells Dani that he likes her. He says it would be tough for him to decide who to evict if Dani gets put up on the block. Dani keeps saying things to Adam like having someone like her on his side could benefit him. Adam says that he has had the thought that if he were to be sitting next to Rachel on finale night then he would win, no doubt. The only vote she would get would be Brendon's!

Dani brings up when on her season her and her dad had to team up with Stein and Jess (Eric & Jessica) she says you need people to make it further in the game. Adam tells Dani again that he doesn't know what Jeff is going to do this week. Dani says that Kalia had been throwing all of the competitions in the beginning of the game. Dani says she heard that a lot of people threw the banana comp and she thinks that was one of the dumbest things ever for the newbies to do. She says that the newbies already had the numbers and if they had won that first HOH then one of the vets would have surely gone home. Adam tells Dani that he doesn't think that on her season that she rode her dad's coattails he just made the bigger moves. Dani says she thinks that he just had a bigger personality than she did. Adam says he doesn't mean to offend but he knows she wants to make a name for herself because who do people talk about when they talk about the best players in BB history....he says they don't talk about Dani, they talk about Dick ( LOL ). Adam says during Week 1 he should have never voted to keep Keith but luckily the majority voted him out, Adam knows now that keeping Keith would have never benefited him. Dani says that PT (Dom) threw the banana comp. Adam is shocked and Dani cracks up because he didn't know Dom threw the first comp. They head back inside and say goodnight.

Will Jeff sucessfully backdoor Dani?... Stay tuned!