Today, Arnold Shapiro put the rumors to rest that there wouldn’t be another Big Brother installment next year. "We’ve got something very different planned. Something even better than this year’s X Factor."

What Shapiro has planned will thrill at least one portion of the popular reality show fans – the Internet live feed viewers.

Next year Shapiro will introduce one man who will be "King of the BB House". This will replace the Head of House position. This man will remain in power throughout the shows three month run. The lucky man has been chosen from the thousands of Internet viewers.

Shapiro and his team have tracked the viewers through the many Big Brother forums and think they have found the perfect ‘King’. His login name at Jokers is Del. Producers feel "King Del" will add an element of humor and weirdness to the reality show.

"Del is a beloved character on the forums and we feel that he will have a huge Internet following. We are going to capitalize on this aspect of the game and allow the Internet viewers to ‘direct’ the series for us.

King Del will be given the choice of houseguests he wants most to live with. Every three weeks, one new person will replace the two just evicted until there are only 3 houseguests plus Del in the house. The Internet viewers will choose the winner. Del will be given half of the money just for being the ‘King’. The other half will go to the designated winner. "

If this sounds cheap, here’s another twist. The King and the winning houseguest will get 10 times the gross profit of the Internet feeds. This will encourage them to entice live feed viewers to pay for the feeds.

Special price packages will be available. One which Shapiro’s team feels will be the biggest hit will be the special "No FOTH" package. This will entitle the Internet viewer to unlimited access without the annoying view of the front of the house during games/competitions and during the times when a houseguest is singing or talking about someone who hasn’t signed a release.

Excitement is brewing around Shapiro Productions as King Del begins the arduous task of viewing thousands of videos of potential housemates. So far, names selected seem to be mostly: Bambi, Debbi, Delilah and Chantal.

Watch CBS for more updates on this extraordinary experiment in Big Brother history.

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Disclaimer:  Parody, not to be taken as fact, come on, you didn't really think this would happen did you?