DrWill: Hi. Is Joketette here? I like her and feel comfortable with her presence...
Jokerette: yes
(ED: I left this in because it's sweet

Jokerette: i sure am
DrWill: Oh, good. There you are.
Jokerette: and how are you doing?
DrWill: Just checking in for a brief moment. Wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!

<myladyamie> Will How is you dog????????????????????????
DrWill: She's is doing well. Thanks for asking!
DrWill: The dog that is.

<bbfan18> wiill when are you coming to ny
Jokerette: How is boogie doing this xmas season?
DrWill: NY? Not sure.
DrWill: Boogie is great.
<GreenBean> tell Boogie to come and chat. I miss him lol
Jokerette: yes.. the two of you should come do an official chat.. imagine the fun we'd have lol

DrWill: Want to know about my private life?
DrWill: So do the former house-guests it seems!
<Pollie> well...if you want to share
DrWill: Soory. That was mean...

DrWill: My point is that my private life will remain private for now and any information from anyone other then myself is suspect...
<caren> We can appreciate that, Will
DrWill: ...especially information from former house-guests!

<luvwill> dr.delicious...love your singing...thank you
DrWill: Do you like the singing? Seriously? I'm well aware that my voice sucks but there is a lot to be said for effort, right?
<tracy> Yes love the singing

DrWill: I have a cold so i'm not doing any singing any time soon...
<iheartwillkirby> hope you feel better
DrWill: former houseuests can speculate all they want. It's just speculation though. Not everything in life is cut and dry.
DrWill: Some things take time.

DrWill: Okay, oaky, stop pm-ing...TWRILS FOR EVERYONE!!!
DrWill: What song would you like to hear next time?

<BubbleToes> Dr. Will, parlez vous francais?
DrWill: Je parlez un petite peu...
DrWill: tres, tres peu
DrWill: Il y a beaucoup de haut-parleurs français ici ?
ED there are big french speakers here?

DrWill: Hmmm. ..maybe une langue de foriegn est qu'il prendra pour avoir une conversation privée...
ED maybe a foreign language is what is needed for a private conversation

DrWill: S'il vous plaît dire 'oui' si vous parlez le français...
<SFBaychic> oui un peu, tres tres peu lol
<luvwill> oui
Jokerette: Jokers c'est internationale
ED: Jokers is international

DrWill: Desole mon francais est si pauvre...
ED: Sorry my French is so bad

DrWill: Vous sont les gars prenant que je mets? Les choses doivent rester privées mais comment eclaircit fait pour le moment j'ai à le faire ?
ED You guys picking up what I'm putting down? (I think) Things must stay private but how to clear it up for the moment if I had to do it?

DrWill: J'ai a aller maintenant. Soigner un froid et sentir le temps de underthe. les vacances heureuses a vous et au votre. And yes, although my grammer and spelling is terrible, I do speak some french. Complain about my privacy, complain about my singing, complain about my French...just don't make it weird, keep it super-fun, and TWRILS FOR EVERYONE!!!
ED: I must go now. I have a cold and I wish happy vacation to you and yours