7:30am Shelly is the first to wake up. At 8:30am Shelly finds the chess pieces in the storage room drawer. She went upstairs to put the pieces back on the chessboard (everyone was still asleep)

10:15am Wake up for HG’s. Shelly, Adam and Dani were outside talking about votes. Shelly asked Dani who her final 4 would be and she said Porsche, Adam and Shelly. Dani was working hard to try to get Adams vote throughout most of the day. She told him that Kalia never had his back but she has. She even tried to use her Dad as leverage to get Adam’s vote by saying “My Dad will be mad at you if you vote me out.” Adam questioned Dani about him being a pawn last week. Rachel came out and all game talk stopped. She finally asks him what it would take, what did he need to hear from her in order for her to get his vote. Adam replied by stating that he just needed time to think.

At 11:17am Rachel and Adam are talking on the BY couch alone. Rachel asks him if he is going to vote Dani out. He assures her that he is. They shake on it—Dani is going to be voted out.

At 11:45am Jeff came down from HOH and Dani finally stopped talking to Adam about getting his vote. At Noon pictures were taken with the HOH cam. It seemed slightly awkward and uncomfortable due to the tension between Dani, Jeff and Jordan.

Around 1pm Adam was alone in the purple room talking to himself: "Oh, this f'en place." He was staring and appeared deep in thought. Porsche came in and asked, "Are they threatening you with your life?" (Referring to Jeff and Jordan) Adam said no. Porsche said she knew they are obviously a tight 3. Adam talked about Dani being in the position with her back was against the wall and she was going to say whatever she can say. He says, “Some of the things she's done, when she put me and Shelly against each other and it worked, but what if it didn't work?” Porsche just blew it off and told him it didn’t matter and that it was done in order to make sure Brendon would get voted out. Adam told her it did matter.

At 4:30pm HG’s on indoor lock down. At 7pm the HG’s were let out back to practice for tomorrow’s competition. It’s a ball balancing on a wooden snake design game. Rachel said Big Brother really likes ball games. Adam said to her “Balls and snakes I thought you would be good at that”……Big Brother came over the speakers and said “That’s what she said!!!”

Later in the evening both Dani and Kalia start packing. Porsche teased Kalia about how big her suitcase was and wanted to prove it to her by climbing in !!

At about 8:30pm Jordan asked Rachel to come upstairs. She and Jeff found Rachel’s duck in the toilet tank in the HOH room in a zip lock bag. Rachel was furious and Jordan reminded her to keep her cool and stay focused for tomorrow’s HOH competition.

For most of the evening, into the early morning hours the HG’s took turns practicing on the snake balance game. At about 12:30am Kalia and Dani were in the bathroom and Dani started crying. Moments later Kalia started crying. They were both very upset about Dani’s more than likely departure.

At 1am Rachel came into the HN room where Dani was finishing up with packing her things. She asked Dani what the issue was between the two of them. Dani tells Rachel that all she has been is nice to everyone and being nice got her backdoored and in the situation she is in now. Dani starts crying. Rachel tells her that she understands how she feels saying “I lost my fiancé two times this game.” Rachel tells her that Brendon wanted to be in the game too and look what happened. Rachel then brought up the missing duck and dog. Dani told her “on her life” she did not take her things and that she thinks it’s immature when people do things like that. (Porsche took the duck and Shelly took the stuffed dog just FYI) Dani confronted Rachel about her constant harassment, especially on her birthday. Everything gets brought up during this conversation. The conversation then turned to votes. At the end of this conversation Rachel told Dani that if she could get the votes she needed, Rachel would vote to keep her. (Yes….reread that last line BB fans…..Rachel might possibly end up voting for Dani to stay)

(Rachel peeking out the door to make sure no one is listening before she tells Dani she would vote for her if she could get the others to vote her to stay)

There were a lot of silent moments during the evening while everyone took turns practicing at the game. The overall mood in the house seemed tense and uncomfortable for everyone. Dani seemed to accept the fact that she was not going to get Adam’s vote which would mean she would be evicted tomorrow.

2:40am Jeff and Jordan getting ready for bed. Shelly was soon to follow. Rachel goes upstairs to talk to Jeff. She asked him if he had thrown the corn hole game. Jeff says no….and asked who told her that. Rachel said Shelly who possible heard it from Dani. Jeff told Rachel Dani is just trying to stir things up before she leaves the house.

At the same time Dani is downstairs trying to get Adam’s vote. He finally says no…that he can’t go against Jeff and Jordan. Dani then goes to talk with Shelly to see where her alliance is at. Dani is telling her that Rachel said she would flip if Dani could get the others to flip as well.

As the HG’s start to trickle down to their beds, it’s guaranteed that there will be little sleep had by all. Thoughts of where the votes should go will fill their minds.

Is Dani going to be a Dead Man Walking or no??

Who will be evicted? What will Jeff and Jordan think? Come back tomorrow for our Daily Recap for more info.