It was at a loud and crowded bar, when I got there I was number 29. There weren’t that many people who came after me, maybe about 60 or so total. Most of the wanna be's were collage ageish and some of them were pretty drunk, even the producers were drinking.

I talked to a few of the other contestants and they were all pretty nervous, making idle conversation and such. There were a couple of "older" ladies there and i say "older" because they didn't look more than about 45 but they brought pictures in of their grand babies, I have no idea what they thought that would get them but TBA they were acting like they were on crack or something, perhaps they were just nervous?

They said they came from very far away and were staying in some hotel just to be there for the try outs, and some hot guy was also at their hotel and they were talking about how now they have a long drive home and such.

I heard the interviewer asking people some questions; he asked some what they would do without television and internet when they were in the house, he asked some what they would do with the money, and why they thought they would be good for the show. When it got to me he asked me my political views, and that totally threw me off guard because I was expecting more fluff type of questions, but it leads me to believe that they might be putting republicans against democrats this season being as its an election year, or maybe i just got shot a random weird question, who knows?

I called Barack a racist, so perhaps that will get their attention? One guy who was about 40ish brought his own bible and slop with him to the interview. It seemed like everyone there was crazy but then again I was there so what's that say about me. It only took about an hour for them to get to me from the time i got there to the time i was on my way home. (much better than when i applied for bb9) and strangely enough i only saw one other person there who also applied for bb9. it was a really small turn out. Hope that helps!!