‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 1, Finale

Tonight’s epi started off with a rewind of last Monday night and how Jesse B and Peyton were voted out, and the champagne toast to the final 6 left in the game.

As Chris came into the house the next day, he told the three remaining couples of how that day would be a practice day for their ballroom dancing competition held that night. The couple that wins the competition will guarantee themselves a spot in the finale and will choose which couple they want to take with them. When Chris mentioned the competition was going to be the ballroom dancing, the camera zoomed in on Kiptyn’s face which was priceless as his eyes were bugging out......LOL.

As they all head off to the dance studio to practice, the couples each take their individual limo. Dave and Natalie’s drive was going great, same with Kiptyn’s and Tenley’s, but when it came to Kovacs and Elizabeth....not such an easy drive there. Elizabeth was up to her usual tricks of jealousy and just being plain mean to Kovacs....it was obvious that they just weren’t connecting. As they were driving along and Elizabeth was doing the jealousy card again saying that even if the trainer was a woman, he would have to concentrate on Elizabeth and not the trainer to keep Elizabeth from being jealous and not learning what they should be doing with the dance........To look at Kovacs face, you could easily see how ticked off he was and how he was getting tired of Elizabeth’s game.......LOL.

Tenley and Kiptyn had Chelsie Hightower, Kovacs and Elizabeth were with Edyta, and Dave and Natalie had Louis. Eliz and Kovacs were doing the Rumba......David and Natalie did the Cha, Cha...........and Tenley and Kiptyn did the Foxtrot. During the practice time with Kovacs and Edyta, Elizabeth was definitely getting into the jealousy game again.....Kiptyn was scared of letting Tenley down as he was having trouble getting the dance steps...........Natalie and Dave were just concentrating hard to make sure they had the chemistry. As the couples go back to the house to get ready for the competition, they are still having impromptu practices through the house.

Dancing competition up next...........

The judging is on the chemistry, performance and effort that was put into the dance......just because you don’t dance it perfectly, doesn’t mean you are out. The judges tonight were Melissa, Jake, and Trista. Kip and Tenley started things off. Kip and Tenley’s dance was actually really pleasant to watch. The judges were good with it, Melissa = 8, Jake=9, Trista = 9. Up next was Elizabeth and Kovacs......a very painful dance to watch.......maybe Natalie summed it up...... “it was like watching Bambi dance on ice”. Melissa = 8, Jake = 8, Trista = 8. Natalie and Dave were last........they had a pretty good dance. Melissa = 9, Jake = 8, Trista = 8. Kiptyn and Tenley won the competition. Both Tenley and Kip were very excited, but who will be the wise choice to take to the finale, that is the 250 thousand dollar question.

Both Dave and Natalie and Kovacs and Elizabeth were so disappointed. Natalie was so frustrated with herself as she felt that she let them both down. Elizabeth and Kovacs, let’s face it........NO connection what’s so ever!

Tenley and Kip’s choice................

As the time before the ceremony ticks down, Nat/Dave and Kovacs/Elizabeth are talking together to try to get a feel as to who Kip and Tenley will take to the finals with them.......strategically speaking, Kip/Tenley should take Elizabeth/Kovacs with them but if Kip/Tenley go with the heart or the ones that they feel deserve to be in the finals, it will be Dave and Natalie. As Natalie takes Tenley aside to chat, Nat was definitely trying to figure out what would happen........same thing when Kovacs took Kiptyn aside to find out what was going to happen there as well. Kovacs said that strategically it might be better to keep the ones that would be easier to beat. Kiptyn also said that strategically, keeping Kovacs and Elizabeth would be the better choice, but can they honestly make that choice when their hearts tell them otherwise.

As Kip made the speech and rendered the decision, you could see how emotional Tenley and Kiptyn were. Tough decision in one respect, but I do understand their choice.....take the ones to the final that deserve to be there.......being Natalie and David. Saying good bye to Kovacs and Elizabeth was hard in a way for both of the remaining couples but as Tenley said, it was the right choice. Tenley and Natalie became very close through the process and Dave had been very loyal to Kip and Tenley.

Up next..........the return of the other roommates

At the “live” finale, after the guests were announced, Kovacs and Elizabeth were asked about their relationship......... Elizabeth said that it was over and eluded it was because Kovacs is a player.......got a lot of boo’s from the crowd and you could see from Kovacs looks, he was finding it humorous as he obviously feels different about the resolution of their relationship.......Oh well, I am sure a lot of you had guessed that it wouldn’t last anyways.........definately no chemistry between them when it came to the dancing, anyways......LOL.

Several things were discussed during the show including the insiders/outsiders, the strategic plays that were made between the different groups, how the voting went, and the reasons why certain people were voted out of the house.

What else was discussed is the connection between Gia and Wes.......immediately Chris latches onto that and tries to get a hooking up happening right there and then.......LOL. So because there are no barriers, Wes and Gia stood up and kissed each other......Chris immediately joked, “get a room, get a room”....... “if you choose to forego this studio, you could choose to go directly to the fantasy suite.......”

The one certain hookup for sure that has come out of the show is Kiptyn and Tenley. There are two possible hook-ups being Dave and Natalie and Gia and Wes. So, all in all, not a bad ratio.

Other crap that was discussed through the night was Dave and Natalie’s relationship, the feelings that Krisily had as well as Jessie S. with regards to Dave. With Krisily, it also extended to her feelings towards Dave with regards to how she was voted out. What was also discussed was Kiptyn’s date with Peyton and how she felt deceived in regards to the possibility of their relationship. Also discussed is how Nikki felt deceived with regards to why she was voted out and Kip kept Tenley instead(spin the bottle).

Michelle was brought into things as well. Michelle thought that the “rumour” was spread of how Michelle hooked up with Craig. Then of course of how Michelle pinned Tenley in the bathroom and confronted her there. If it was such a “rumour” of Michelle hooking up with Craig, then why the heck did Craig call her his bunk buddy........come on Michelle. You hooked up with Craig......admit it.

Next thing discussed was the fight that Dave and Wes had when Gia was sent packing. Kind of a moot point when it came down to the final line of things being that Wes actually voted that Dave and Natalie would get the money.......so not such a real problem in the end, was it.........LOL.

Up next, voting for the winners..............

Both couples were given a last chance to sway the votes in their directions as they voiced their concepts of where the money would go. Natalie sounds like she has changed through the process......Dave then had his chance to speak and he went along the concepts of how he definitely played strategically throughout the whole game. Both Tenley and Kip’s speeches were kind of lame in the grand scheme of things....they both said that some of the money would go to charity.

The votes stacked up like this:

Tenley/Kip: Craig, Jonathon, Juan, Gwen,

Dave/Natalie: Jessie S., Krisily, Peyton, Jesse B., Ashley, Michelle, Nikki, Wes

The ones not heard from were Kovacs, Elizabeth, Gia.........Because Kovacs went up to Dave after they were announced the winners and he said that Dave had his vote, then the only other two that could of possibly voted for Kip/Tenly were Elizabeth and Gia. We still don’t know their vote results as of right now.

Next up........what is Dave and Natalie going to do??

The rules of this: If one of them decides to keep the money and the other one decides to share, then the one that chose to keep it....keeps the money. If they both decide to share......they share it. Now if they both decide to keep it, then neither of them gets the money and the money is shared evenly between the rest of the houseguests.

Natalie and Dave are sent to a room on their own to make their decisions.........once they come back out, Dave reveals his decision first.....Share is his choice.

Natalie asks to say something..........Chris says NO. Then changes his mind and says that she can say something as long as she doesn’t reveal her decision. Natalie says: “I think that we all said that we are here to get our friends as far as we can get them, and the only time to be selfish is when you have gotten them as far as you can.” Immediately a hush goes out.......then Natalie reveals her decision and it is share as well............Dave explodes and hugs/kisses Natalie, then goes running over to kiss Melissa and at the same time lays a real big one on Chris......Probably the only “honest” and funniest moment of the whole night!!

Well, that’s all for this season.........Hope to see and talk with you all come the following season of the Bachelor!!!!!

This is my final blog for season 1 of the Bachelor Pad. I have really enjoyed doing it and I hope you have enjoyed my views and commentaries throughout the season. Thanks everyone for your comments and thoughts that have been forwarded to me. I look forward to coming back and joining you all for the Bachelor season in 2011. In the meantime, I will continue with my blogs throughout the fall on Survivor and The Apprentice if you are interested.