Bachelor/Bachelorette Fans' Opinions Come Full Circle

It is so amazing to me how fickle people become when someone does not do what they want regardless of whether or not, it is best for that person or not. They are not allowed to be human, make mistakes and try to do what they think is the right thing.
This is how I remember the fans' reactions to the last few Bachelor/Bachelorette shows.

We love Brad. He is so great. He is so cute. I can tell he loves Deanna. He is going to pick her. What? He did not pick anyone. What an ass. How dare he not fake feelings for one of them and just pick one. He should have picked one even if he did not have feelings for one of them. He should have faked it. How dare he not pick one of the 12 women the show picked for him. There is something wrong with him. He has commitment issues. He needs to see a therapist. We hate him. Poor Deanna. We love her. We hope she becomes the next Bachelorette. She needs to find love after what that ass, Brad did to her. Deanna becomes the Bachelorette. Yay. Aah. Isn't Jason great. He is so wonderful. He is such a good dad. I hope she picks him. Ty is so cute. They will make such a cute little family. What??? She picked Jesse. He is not even attractive enough. Is she crazy? It will never work. How dare she break Jason and Ty's heart. She is evil. I can not wait until it does not work. She will regret not picking Jason. What an ass. Oh. I hope Jason is the new Bachelor. He deserves to find love and a new stepmom for Ty after what that evil Deanna did to him. Yay. Jason is the new Bachelor. He is so great. He is such an amazing dad. We love him. It is going to be Melissa. Melissa is so great. She was so brave telling him about her breast reduction. It has to be her plus she has moles in the right spots. It can not be Molly. She is not as nice as Melissa. She is evil plus trampy because she spent the night in the tent with him. She does not care who she dates, she just wants to win. I know. He has to pick Melissa or he is dead to me. The rumors better not be true. He better not pick Melissa then decide that he made a mistake and pick Molly. Molly sucks. She just wants to win. She does not have feelings for him. I KNOW. He better not hurt my Melissa. What?? He did it. What an ass. How dare he do that to sweet Melissa. How dare he pick that tramp Molly over sweet Melissa. Who cares if he thinks he made a mistake and his feelings are stronger for Molly and it was not the same with Melissa, once the show ended. How could he make a mistake? He dated Melissa and 10+ other women for 8 weeks on a reality show. That is a completely normal situation. He should have known. He does not really love Molly. She is just good in bed. His breakdown on the balcony did not mean anything. It was fake. He could not have meant it because I do not think Molly is worthy of that. Poor Melissa. He just picked Molly over her because she is not as crazy in bed as Molly. How dare he take her on AFTR just to humiliate her. She was there to talk about planning her wedding(which you could tell by the happy look on her face)and they blindsided her. Jason, Fleiss and CH are such asses. Wait. Melissa admitted in an interview that they had already talked about things before she went on AFTR. Okay then she went on the show to talk about trying to work things out(Although, she may have a new boyfriend) and that Jason was such ass. He is not a good father. He would not try to work things out because he has feelings for Molly. She is a tramp and cold and just wanted to win. I can not wait until she dumps Jason. She could not possibly have feelings for him. I know. She is going to dump him because he is stupid and boring and an ass and when she does, I am going to laugh and laugh. I wish stupid Jason and Molly would go away so I can watch my beautiful and talented Melissa on DWTS in peace. I am going to vote for her until my finger cramps up and I can not dial anymore because she deserves to win after what that ass, Jason did to her. Deanna was so right to dump him. She did the right thing. I can not believe that I thought about kidnapping Deanna, tying her up and making her watch videos of Jason and herself until she saw what I saw and she came to her senses and dumped Jesse and got back with Jason and Ty. Deanna was so right. You know who else I love now, Brad. Brad was so right. He should not have made a decision just to make a decision if he was not sure. He does not need therapy. Brad is so wise.

=====The End =====