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Question Three of a Series

Every other day Jokersupates will release a question answered by The Bachelorette 3 most talked about contestant, Fabrice Le Parc.

Do you feel that you were correctly portrayed on the show?
You have to understand the producers have to tell a story when they edit this kind of show. They are not technically making things up, but obviously everyone has a lot more sides to them than what is shown ! Most of the time, I was JOKING and not truly meaning what I was saying (like when I came up with the cheesiest pick-up line !), and I’m not sure a lot of the viewers saw that ;-) in real life I am very easy going and I get along with everyone. I must admit I tried to stir a bit of controversy sometimes when it was getting really boring – but all the people who really know me find it hilarious that I somehow appear as a “villain”. Actually everyone on the show was getting along really well – for instance Jerry and I were always having friendly chats behind the scenes, and we were just playing it as though we hated each other; trust me sometimes it was hard not to laugh ...