11:00 AM
All the houseguests sleep until the wakeup call and everyone comes to life. They are unusually chipper and happy and all getting along this morning.

As others get ready for the day, Britney is mocking Shane; imitating him being mad during the one of the competitions.

Out in the pool already, Ian tells Dan that as far as he knows, Frank and Boogie are targeting Wil. Ian would prefer to get rid of Joe because he thinks Boogie and Frank made a one week deal with Joe.

Jenn asks Boogie why Ian was trying to help Shane in the Have-Not competition. Boogie tells her Ian said it’s because Shane has already done it twice.
They also laugh about the Veto competition where they were getting insulted by Zingbot and the next thing they knew it fell over. (ed We now know that Zingbot is a girl and she fainted due to the heat and she was ok afterwards).

1:30 PM
Dan chats with Boogie to say Joe is a bigger target than Wil. Boogie disagrees. During this chat, they kept tabs on the number of times Joe looked over at them. They counted 34 times before they finally went inside.

2:30 PM
Joe does another cooking show with Ashley (and us) looking on.

There is a gathering around the pool and Britney decides to do the runway walk in a bikini while wearing Danielle’s shoes and scarf. They get Danielle to do a quick walk and then Wil hams it up.

They all stay out there for a long time telling various stories about broken bones and injuries they’ve sustained in life (ed. Either this bunch is very adventurous or they are quite the klutzes).

5:00 PM
Dan comes out wearing a banana suit. He tries to convince the others there was a box with a question mark on it in the storage room. He opened it and now has to wear this for a week.

Shane, Frank and Boogie start a marathon jog in the backyard; 100 laps.

Boogie and Frank tell Shane he isn't in jeopardy. In return Shane says there is no way either Frank or Boogie will be put up or back-doored by him. They tell Shane they are leaning toward taking out Wil this week.

6:00 PM
We learn the banana suit was Boogie’s. He had been leaving it in various places for weeks hoping someone would find it and create a stir. Now people think he is America's player for bringing it in.

Joe makes his case for staying this week to Boogie. Boogie says “I think I can make this happen”.

8:00 PM
Britney gets an earful of Wil by the hot tub. He’s feeling safe but doesn’t want to screw it up by saying something that might seal his fate.

Danielle and Shane get some hammock time in. They are hoping the noms stay the same and they win the next HOH.

Meanwhile Ashley reports to Jenn that she went up to the HOH to get info, but they just talked about God and stuff. Wil joins them and Ashley says she is convinced that Frank is being nice to Wil because Shane is the real target this week.

9:00 PM
They get six beers and a bottle of wine.

There is more Bible talk, this time between Frank and Dan. Dan is trying to find the quote Samuel L Jackson said in Pulp Fiction.

Team Tits goes to work. Ashley and Wil meet with Frank in the HOH making a case for a big move and take out someone from the Dan, Danielle, Shane, Britney group. Frank says he has been thinking about it.

Meanwhile Dan and Britney talk in the arcade room, very aware of who is in the HOH. They wonder if Frank and Boogie would make a move against them. They are worried what Ian might do, so they resolve to make sure he feels more included.

Britney goes up to the HoH to be nosey. She reports back to Dan and Shane that it looks like they're having an intense [strategy] conversation upstairs.

After Britney left the HoH; Wil, Ashley, and Frank comment on Britney being a good liar and good at getting information.
They break up and next Ian checks in with Frank. Frank clues in Ian that he might be open to putting Dan up. Ian thinks Wil or Joe needs to go. Frank eventually says he is leaning towards not using the Veto, but it’s worth talking about options.

1:30 AM
Ian tells Britney and Danielle that its 95% sure noms stay the same. Ian tells them Frank was thinking of taking Joe down and putting up Dan. He suggests they stay up so they can talk after Frank goes to bed.

2:00 AM
Team Tits alliance is shown dancing in the storage room thinking they may have swayed Frank.

3:00 AM
Joe debates religion with Danielle and Britney. Danielle is faithful but Joe is much less certain.

On their way to bed, Danielle worries to Britney why Shane keeps ignoring her. Britney says she probably won't be able to crack the code on that one until they are out of the house.

With that, everyone is in bed and the house goes quiet at 4:00 AM.

Notes from tonight’s show:
They show the fallout from Frank winning HOH and the HoH reveal. There is a segment on dreams the houseguests are having. There is a segment on the Danielle/Shane relationship. There is a segment on Ashley’s bad back. We see the Have-Not competition; spongy outfits they have to saturate and then squeeze each other to fill up jars. Frank and Boogie chat with Dan and think about putting up one of the Silent Six as a pawn. Dan requests that it not be him. Frank and Boogie talk to Joe. He’ll work with them to stay safe. Frank and Boogie talk with Wil. Wil offers nothing and is quite obvious about it. Frank ends up nominating Joe and Wil.

Will Frank make the move and use the Veto? Or do Wil and Joe really have to worry? Will everyone still be chipper after the Veto meeting? And will we get to see Zinbot taking a dive on the show?

Thanks go to the Joker’s Updaters for taking the time to keep us up to date!