Big Brother Update July 17, 2009
BB = Bullying and Back Stabbing

The houseguests were woken up by BB at 8:30. Ronnie starts off his day right away by asking Laura, Jeff and Jordan if anyone has said that he was smart and needs they need to get him out. They all say that they didn’t hear it but Russ has to go. Ronnie said he wants to back door Russ. Ronnie still trying to convince them that Michelle was the one that flipped her vote causing Brayden to be evicted.
Everyone tells Ronnie to do what’s best for him. Jordan says she trusts Ronnie and that he's a good person. Ronnie exits quickly saying he forgot his medicine. Jeff telling Casey how the athletes just use everyone. Laura says if she's on the block she wouldn’t' be surprised if "her people" were waiting for her from home. Ronnie comes back in the room. Jeff says to Ronnie, whatever goes down if he feels threatened Jeff and crew will protect his back. Ronnie says he doesn't want to disappoint his wife. (Teary) Said he feels bullied. Jeff saying he's there as a friend and screw the house wake me up in the middle of the night and I’ll come to your side. Everyone telling him not to cry. Casey saying he'll get nasty looks, etc. Laura saying you'll never know what Russ will do. Casey said all the more reason. They want Ronnie to put up Russell. Michele walks in. Hoping she's not upset about Jeff throwing the raft..he didn't see her at all. They hug and make up.

At 11:45 the “Have and Have Not” competition starts. The competition lasted until 4 PM. Dan from BB10 hosted the competition. We find out that Laura and Jordan (the populars) are exiled to the dorm room, slop and cold showers. Feeds come back and we see Jordan & Laura in Doom Room: Jordan & Laura crying saying "these people, we're just getting railroaded" Jeff comes in and comforts saying "it's worth it, they'll be portrayed bad on TV". Laura said "I've never cried this much". Jeff said his answer was wrong...something about underwear and outfits.

We then see Ronnie in HOH with Russ and Jess and Ronnie tells them that he was going to put up Laura and Jeff. Ronnie got called to Diary room so the boys exit HOH. Jess goes into the splish splash room and talks to Casey. Casey: Tells Jessie he's pissed with everyone walking around making fun of people. Says Chima can come after me if she wants, so can Russell. He's saying how Russell has made deals with everyone about Final Two. Jessie: Says he has heard the same the thing. Jessie he says he swears on his mother that he hasn't made that deal with anyone else but one person.

Chima starts her yelling and ranting again. She is upset that Michelle took her bed. That she does not need Laura’s permission to sleep in her bed. (Obviously, Laura must have told Michelle to sleep in her bed while she was exiled to the dorm room), this upset Chima who chose to let her mouth run and put Laura and Michelle down, threaten Laura that she was going to evict her blah blah.

Chima huffs and puffs and goes to the HOH to talk to Ronnie. Here is their conversation:
Chima: I'm so over Jeff. Puts the HOH Spyscreen on. Whatever Jeff is saying to you don’t' believe it. He's not to be trusted.

Ronnie: He's not said anything about you.

Chima: I want Jeff out. When I get HOH he's going up.

Ronnie: What do you think about Russell in the game?

Chima: He's someone to get rid of but not now, we need his strength. He has our backs.

Ronnie: Says he'll cut us loose first. Thinks Jeff will vote out Laura. Talking about what is nomination speech will be.
Chima says she wants Laura/Jeff nominated...Ronnie says it is scary for him Ronnie feels his being HOH is the "defining moment" for him.
Ronnie saying after tonight there is no going back after tonight. Ronnie appears to be undecided.
Chima is trying to persuade him to stick with them, they have the numbers. Chima also wants Casey out.

Chima says the house wants Laura out. Ronnie is saying what he's going to say during the nomination.
Ronnie said that Jeff said if he is nominated he will not trust him ever again. Ronnie also thinks that Jordan may put him up if she wins HoH.
Jeff and Jordan have a pity party. Jordan is sick of being picked on, bullied and made fun of. She does not understand what she has done and never has been hated like this before. Jeff feels that he can’t say anything to Chima because he will be called a racist and does not want to be portrayed that way. Jeff said that he does not want to be there with those people. He said it is like 15 people ganging up on you at once.
Ronnie was a nervous wreck before nominations. Jess kept having him repeat his nominations, and told him they were good.
Nomination ceremony started at 7:10 PM and lasted about 1hour and 15 minutes. When the feeds return we hear Laura saying that if she does not get VETO she will be voted out by the athletes.
Another example of the treatment in the house:
When feeds came up.. Chima/Nat/Jessie/Lydia were in one room discussing sleeping arrangements
Chima said "it's okay I can sleep on the floor"
Nat: Jeff can sleep in the room with Michele
Chima: Jeff said he wasn’t giving up his bed
Nat: it's about not giving him the option
Later Russell and Chima were talking about Michelle and wondering how she got on the brains team (Like either of them is smart enough to figure it out).
Jordan and Russ talk in the storage room. Jordan tells Russ that he is not the person she thought he was. "I can't suck up and be nice to rude people, I know it's a game and I shouldn't take it personally, but I can't help it “Russ "Well why are you mad at me" Jordan "Because you hang with them and act like you're with them” examples from the have/have not competition, the snide comments, that Nat and Lydia were saying. it should have been a fun competition and it wasn't because of them. She can't be nice to people who make fun of others and are rude. She knows it’s just a game but she can't change who she is. Russ still asking why she doesn't like him ... is it because of Jeff. Jordan says it isn't. Jordan says Russell has no idea what its like to be in the house where no one talks to you and, when you walk by, the talking goes to a low whisper.
Natalie over heard the conversation with Russ and Jordan and she rushed up to Jessie, Nat tells Jessie that Russell told Jordan that he has her back and if she wants to get rid of Nat and Jessie.
Nat then told the group of Jess, Lydia and Ronnie that Russ is two faced, that he is talking and having fun “with them” and she would never waste her time with them….
Nat asks what he is doing with them... He said that he didn’t want to treat them like they were invisible, that they are humans. That Jordan called him out on it and he agrees that they are not enemies they are people too. Russ then told Ronnie he thought he should talk to everyone about how they are treating people.
By 5 am all house guests were asleep.
Who can be mean tomorrow??? What will really happen if Jeff or Laura win POV??? Who will bully who? Who is allowed to talk to who? Is a 1/2 mil worth reliving this mean and distasteful stuff over again?