Big Brother Recap August 1,2008

Whining, Crying, Fighting and POV make for an interesting night in the compound

The houseguests were up and moving about by 9:30 am. After the normal whining and morning routines, Dan was the first one to approach April about putting Jessie up (his AP assignment).

April starts to back peddle and tries to come up with ways to go back on her word with Michelle. In the next breath she is telling Libra and Renny not to worry her word is good, She wants to set Michelle up so that she can put her up under the presence of Michelle was going after her “best friend” s it was OK for her to put her up. April told Libra that everyone has to vote th way she said because they did it last week for Keesha. April again said she hoped America understood that she has to get Memphis out because he won a 50k car.

Libra told April and Keesha that Dan was acting weird and how he keeps pushing for Jessie to go up she believes he is America’s player. Meanwhile, April pulled rank and went around asking everyone for safety next week since she can’t play for HOH. She got Michelle and Dan to agree not to put her up. April again worries about going back on her word to Michele, she said she was going to tell Michelle when questioned about putting Jessie up that she didn’t need any deals that she was whooping her ass so she can do as she wants.

The feeds were out for an hour and a half and once they return we see that April nominated Jessie and Memphis.

After dinner April got sent to the DR and they had to pick for POV. April, Memphis, Jessie, Libra, Jerry and Michelle were picked. Renny was chosen as the hostess.

After teams were picked April got all emotional and started running her mouth. She thought that nobody was going to try for POV and she would have to pick a replacement nomination, she whined and whined. Libra got her feelings hurt thinking that April thinks that she won’t try for POV etc. She stormed out of the room and talked to Keesha about it. Ollie tried to calm April down and keep the peace. April, Libra and Keesha end up having a fight over what was said. Keesha ended up leaving and complaining to Michelle and Renny about April telling her she will deal with her later. Keesha said she is an adult and will talk to and hang out with whoever she wants. (seems that April does not want her to talk to Memphis because he is nominated). April and Keesha have it out in the kitchen, Keesha tells her that it is not all about April and that she hates her Fu$&^% guts. After they all fight for awhile (like 45 minutes) one of them finally figures out that Jessie started all this and it was probably to throw them off their game for POV which was going to be starting soon. Jerry adds more fuel to the fire by coming in and saying Memphis was making fun of them and how they were fighting (he failed to mention that Dan and Ollie were doing it with Memphis). Libra and April confronted Jessie and all Jessie did was laugh. In the middle of this confrontation they all had to stop and gather around the kitchen to sing Happy birthday to Keesha! Too funny.

The POV was held at 12:15 am – 2:45 am. We find out Jerry won POV and the rest of the results were as follows,
Memphis: Won slop pass, put Jerry on slop.
Michelle: Wears red unitard.
Libra: Won trip to Hawaii, $1,000.
April: $5,000
Jessie: Unknown (letter from home??)
Jerry: PoV, $4,000.

Michelle was really upset after the POV she wanted to DOR and went to the DR and Jessie talked her to staying for awhile. Seems Michelle is mad because she has to wear the unitard on TV. Michelle whined and complained until she fell asleep. Renny, Libra and Keesha chatted a bit before bed about the competition and how people got what they got. Renny and Libra want Jessie out and want to talk to April about it. Keesha wants Jessie out too. They rehashed the fight and what happened and how it all led up to the POV. April and Ollie had their nightly sex and everyone was asleep by 7 am.

What will tomorrow bring? Will Memphis actually ask Jerry to use the POV on him after putting him on slop for the week? Will April ever get off her pedestal and stop making everything about her? Will Michelle chill and just wear the unitard? Will Jessie start more crap? Only tomorrow will tell, tension can’t get any higher in the old compound so where will they go from here?????????????.