9:30 HGs up for the day. Jerry done with shower. April in shower, Renny washing face
9:39 Jerry talks to Michelle in SR. Tells her about his POV speach he is going to make. Wants some people to think they are going home. He wants to make a statement.
10:02 HGs still getting ready for POV meeting.
10:06 Keesha and Libra in bedroom primping

Libra is wondering if they have like a cam where they go like she is hot. Keesha says I hope not they have seen me but *ss naked. Keesha says its embarrasing, even though they have seen how many people in here naked.

Keehsa says its not these people that scare her. Its the internet, what they might find a glimpse of. That there is a whole site of all the naked bb shots they can get. Libra says that really does suck. Libra says hopefully that site will be gone by the time her kids are old enough to get on the internet. Keesha said when she signed up she never thought of all that crap. Libra said she thought about the show but not the implications on the internet.

Keesha said if she had this to do over agian there are some things she would do different like put her myspace to private.

Libra thought the recording of the covo would be in basic general areas not like everywhere.
10:14 Libra says she was told by some people she is powerful. Like I have the power to make them leave. She says I feel like I need to be selling cars. Libra says she figures she can do this she can do all out sales with her job.
10:19 April is in the kitchen making coffee, Libra is now in the bathroom getting ready. Renny stilll in the bathroom. not much talk.
10:21 April is now using the curling Iron on her hair. Dan in the kitchen making a protien shake, Renny in kitchen also, putting on gloves to wash dishes.
10:29 Memphis and Keesha in the backyard on the red couches Keesha says we will all be bff's forever. So long and good ridence Keesha says, dont forget my vote counts.


Keesha says Jerry anytime he gets the pov it is like he thinks hes got all the power. She says very likes to take credit for keeping people safe, and shes like dude your not the one keeping me safe. She says but he is totally taking credit for keeping me.

Memphis said if he really wanted to keep you safe he would take you off the block.

Memphis tells Keesha he was outside last night with dan and what ever went on with Libra he doesnt think it was anything because he is so worried he is going to go on the block
10:32 Keesha tells Memphis she talked to Libra last night. She tells him she felt really bad, that libra had to see the psych.

Dan comes out and rescues a bee. Keesha tells him to take him somewhere where he wont get baked.

Dan sits down and Memphis goes in.

Dan asks Keesha how her black mascara supply is. She asks dan if he needs some he says yes. She said why what are you up to. He says today is the first day of foot ball he wants to put it on. He asks how she is feeling. She says she doesnt know what to say to those things.

Dan tells her to do something original.
10:33 Keesha tells dan she can't say too much in her speech, its only the pov, she will save it for eviction. Dan says he has some weird dreams in this place.

Houseguests told to lower the awnings.
10:37 Memphis lowers the awnings and Keesha says I take it you have done this before. Feeds switch to Libra and Dan in the bedroom. He is getting mascara from libra she is going to bring it out to him.

He asks her if everything is going better today than yesterday. She says yes. Just one day at a time in the nut house. He says thankyou I appreciate it. He tells her her left strap is hanging. She says she figured she wouldnt strap up since she has to lotion up. Dan singing the renny cake song now.

How many renny cakes can you bake
Renny cake on renny cake two all the way up to renny cakes 54.
Now he is saying duh duh duh and shaking Rennys scarf around.
Now dan is signing my name is renny i wear lots of scarfs if you dont like them then you can barf, I come from New orleans the city of food.

Dan is told to stop singing.

10:38 Feeds switch to Jerry and April in the kitchen. She tells him you deserve the veto speech, your the winner. Not much talk.
10:40 April asks where Ollie is, she hasn't seen him all morning. Is he upstairs or something? Jerry sayd he has no idea.
10:42 Libra digging in her makeup for dan, she is doing his eyes now. Doesn't want to take her makeup outside. He is doing it because football is starting at his school today.
10:47 Libra has put OLSM under his left eve, eye black under his right eye.
10:51 general summary of the past few mins. Keesha, Libra and all talking about the "little people" and how its "PC" to refer to them as such . Keesha's wondering since when, a year ago? Libra's telling Dan that hes on his own in the bathroom now. Talking about Dan now having to clean it since Libra is leaving. He says "spray spray spray spray and thats a wrap"
10:53 Fish
10:54 Feeds back. Libra talking about being nice and cordial because that how you were brought up.She says something about if you can forgive I can forget. Libra says father dan, you have a shot baby, you better hang on for the ride.

10:58 Jerry and Michelle upstairs in hoh room.
Jerry talking to Michelle about his speech, telling Michelle what he is going to say about Dan. How he is going to bring up hes not got his cross on hes not totting his bible. He tells Michelle he is going to say dan was the fourth vote, suprisenly libra was the same thing. And he looses his train of thought. And that you were threatened by these people to make your desicion. He says he is going to say to him he will always be Judas in his house and hes not going to use the power of veto he gave his word he keeps it boom. Slams his fist on the table.
11:01 Michelle tells Jerry, I think you have yourself a good little speech there. Jerry brings up dans eyes and says he is so full of *****. Michelle says she has not seen it yet.

Jerry says how does he live with himself trying to act like this righteous person when he is not.

Michelle says she will be able to look in the mirror, and her family will still love her.

Jerry says after his speech today whats he gonna do, his people.

Michelle says he didnt even have to go up to Jesse and give his word. Its one thing to not say anything. But to make an effort and give the word.

Jerry says Memphis thinks he was all sweet to Memphis but up here he was all going along for the ride.
11:03 Jerry says I told you and Jesse where you stood everytime. Michelle says this past week he tried.. Michelle says it makes her sad theres people that walk around there saying they want to leave when there are people that want to be there.

Jerry says if one of them got head of household you would be up there.

Michelle says oh I know.

Jerry says dan was the most on that. He didnt do it to play the game he did it to better dan. Jerry calls dan a little prick errgant cocky bow legged sob, it pisses him off. (Pretty fast with the cussing couldnt catch it all)
11:05 Jerry says Keesha is going to sh*t her pants when he starts his speech. He says she is as guilty as anybody.
11:07 Michelle keeps trying to guide the discussion away from Jerry's negativity. She tells him everybody handles different situations differently.She seems uncomfortable with the conversation. Jerry keeps going back to hating on Dan. Now he's bashing Keesha.

Jerry is saying that Keesha's speech at the dinner table was about Memphis, that he's her best friend, she'll be friends with him forever, etc. Michelle keeps trying to tell him that was Renny she was talking about, but he insists it was Memphis.
Jerry says I have to tell you something, if Jessie was still here it would be a different game.

Jerry says Memphis hasn't promised anything.

Jerry said Keesha pushed it I made this wonderful friend the best friend ive made in my life. Jerry says he was saying this about Memphis, Michelle says no that is what she was saying about Renny.

Jerry says no that was a different one. Jerry says Keesha is acting all mighty again to.

Jerry says I can see it all.

Michelle says she is not like a certain somebody hiding in their room.. Jerry says you mean me she says no libra.

Michelle says Jessie was up three weeks out of the four. Michelle says she doesn't know how that would feel.

Jerry said all week last week he told Jesse not to worry.

Libra called to the diary room.
11;09 Jerry saying Keeshas acting all "hot chit" again, saying she was saying she and Memphis were toing to be "bffs and all. Michelle was saying that she meant Renny, Jerry is insisten she meant Memphis. Michelle said she isn't down there alot and misses stuff, she hasn't been listening.
11:11 Jerry keeps saying that if he had his way, Dan would be out of there.
11:14 Jerry telling Michelle he wanted her to know what he was going to say, about the shock factor, Michelle is saying even though she is the only one that knows what hes saying she is still going to be in shock during it, watching everyones faces. Jerry says he is going to say he is saving Dans arse again. Michelle says, I guess that Jerrys Angels thing is out the door and he said he'll say the same thing again if hes asked what he thinks about all of the housguests.

Jerry says April should have stayed calm and cool. But as soon as something is said she runs. Michelle says they got in a fight up there about Keesha being in a fight cause she was Memphis's friend, and then there was a fight about the pov.

Michelle says in this house there are a few people that like to point the fingers at others.

Jerry says he is going to keep his word. With Dan he cant accept. Michelle said she has gave her word twice and hasnt broke that.

Jerry said well I wanted you know what i was doing before i do it. Or she would have been there what the f is she doing.

Michelle says Jerry lets put it this way even though you told me Im still going to be shocked. Michelle tells Jerry your gonna have people in America on the edge of thier seat.

Jerry says something about needing a nap.

Jerry tells Michelle from day one your one of my favorite people. You know. She says I do know that. He brings up how he feels about the people in the house, hes happy there the people in the house game on.

He tells Michelle he likes that she is a family person.
11:16 All four feeds switch to Jerry, April and Ollie in the kitchen. Ollie and April talking about sleeping. Olling rolling over and hitting her and rolling back over.
11:17 Jerry rubs his hands together and does a little Jig and says let the games begin.
11:19 Jerry stressing to April and Ollie its his turn today
He says dont F*** with my friends.

Jerry telling a story about back home. About something getting out of hand, and his daughter didnt bring her husband to take care of someone she brought her dad. Jerry tells them he is going to lay down a while.

Ollie and April still sitting at the bar. Libra is out of Aprils mind now shes gone she says, now she is after Keesha, she says I am after you you f****** b****.
11:20 Ollie wonders if Jerry is going to do something stupid. Ollie says he will, but April says he goes over the top you know. Even if it is just a speech.
11:23 April griping to Ollie and Michelle that she has lost all her fingernails due to comps.
11:25 April says bb took a ton of her stuff, a whole suitcase full. Michelle says they took alot of her stuff too.Michelle says she packed in 20 min and was so nervous, and she ended up with patriots and redsox stuff and she wore that on vacation.

April said there was a hottie that was one of the handlers.

She tells Ollie I think he was your handler from the thing.

Ollie just grins. And says why did they tell us 45 minutes!
11:29 All four feeds now on the backyard where Michelle joins Renny, Keesha, Dan, Memphis and Libra. She sets down her glass and goes back inside. Dan is called to DR. HGs talking about Shreavport, Libra says her grandpa is from there.
11:34 Fish
11:37 feeds back, April and ollie telling Renny about America voting for who would win 25k at the end April says the thing is they have to start doing that. (Americas Choice.)
April says like who do you want to have a letter from home. Renny or Jerry or they will have all of them up there. Renny said someone was talking about that the other day, but she really didnt know that.

Renny says nobody knows how many fans they have yet.
11:37 April called to DR
11:40 Hgs in backyard talking about the 25k no as well. Memphis said Dan might not be able to get it though if he is Americas player. Keesha says must be nice if Dan is making all this money.

Memphis says yesterday he came down from the bathroom, most random comment he ever heard. He asked Michelle to use the bathroom, he goes up there comes back down and wants Memphis to put on panty hose and ski masks and scream intruder intruder in the middle of the night.

Michelle says she talks to the mirror but he comes up with crazy stuff.

Libra says the ketchup im telling you they paid him for that one.
11:42 Libra says I know swim club he is getting paid for that too Michelle says thats why he wont get to win americas choice. Keesha says she wishes she was banking like that everytime something happens. Chaching chaching. She says shes gonna be the only one that walks out with just her stipend.

Michelle says what have I won, nothing, Keesha says red unitard. Michelle says that wasnt nothing. Discusses who has won nothing. Keesha, Renny, Ollie, and Michelle. And Dan.
11:44 Memphis says " if he isn't AP, then he's a weird son of a b"
12:06 Michelle, Keesha, Libra, Memphis talking about tasks they think Dan gets paid for , variety show, swim club, putting on Rennys clothes, the ketchup, the trophy, using the HOH bathroom.
12:18 Fish, looks like time for POV meeting
12:50 Feeds back, Memphis and Michelle talking about Jerrys speech about how its all based on things he didn't hear himself and that his speech was all about Dan.
12:53 Michelle keeps saying that regardless of what Jerry said or did, if he would have used the POV, Michelle could have put up who she wanted.
1:03 April pulls Dan outside. She says Jerry speech was over the top and she doesn't understand where he got all these ideas from. she says she dosnt blame Dan for last week, that he wasnt the swing vote, that it was 4 people who decided so she dosnt see why everything is being put on Dan.

She says she hasnt blown up on anyone except for keesha or libra. She also says personal stuff shouldnt be brought into it April doesn't understand why Jerry verbally attacked Dan when it was her that people went against not him. April is relaying to dan that she doesnt think he is the whole cause of what happened last week. April says she constantly has to stick up for him because it is not him. It was Renny and Keesha, everyone.

April said Jerry throwing in the religion comments is uncalled for.

Dan says he is not going to sit her and justify that, he knew he would be mad at him on a game level, but not personal. And dan says even after he says this stuff I still like him, on a personal level I like him.

April says you cant even have an alliance it is immposible. April says what she realized she thought people betrayed her, but they didnt this is a game, game on this isnt who we are going to be when we leave this house.
1:05 Michelle comes out and says she doesn't know what Jerry was doing and it had nothing to do with her and she doesn't feel that way about Dan. She said that Jerry doesn't know who she would have put up in place if Jerry used the veto. she may have put someone else up. Michelle says give a little respect to the people sitting up there. That Jerry just basically said what he was going to do next week. April says she just thinks that was inappropriate. April said she was like is this guy crazy, was wondering if he took his medicine this morning. April says with Jerry it was so personal. Michelle says you can't do that in this game, you really can't.
1:12 Michelle says basically he was telling her he wanted someon else out so why would she put him up when she wants Libra out. Michelle said he said he wanted to get things out incase he goes next week.

April says she gaurantees that her Libra and Keesha got just as personal and look hey they turned on me.

Michelle says unreal

April says that was just awkward.

April said he just told me he was in a mood.

Dan said that was anything but typical.

Michelle said like she said if she had more seats there she would have put more people.

Dan telling Michelle people keep saying stuff thats not true. He had told Michelle he will sell no one out. Michelle says they say stuff thats not truthfull.

Renny joins them laughs says what was that again im so confused. She says she didnt know they could talk that long during the pov ceremony. Renny said when he said he had the power she rolled her eyes.
1:14 Keesha and Libra talking in peace room saying that she doesn't care if she leaves because she would go to jury house and get away from these people. She said she can be by herself and talk to other peopld and that she hates most the people in this house.
1:15 Michelle says he says (jerry) like alot of things blown up stuff, people being in alliances that doesn't even make sense. He says stuff like Jessie said that. April said it was me and Jessie and her that were used with those words. Michelle says Dan never gave me his word to break.
Renny said she was so confused, what he was saying was so mixed up, so many things.
1:18 Jerry lies down on the bed. Dan is in the room. Jerry says, "Just had to get it off my chest" Dan tells him, no problem.
1:19 Michelle says I might as well have just given him the key at that point. Keesha says and the thing is people forget your the one that makes the decission. Michelle says she thinks Jerry forgets who would have put someone up. Jerry more or less told Dan he saved him.
1:20 Michelle says if I am putting dan up there must be something going on in this house that I don't know about. Michelle was thinking, hes gonna use it, here we go. And Jerry had said expect the unexpected. Keesha says she was like Jerry likes to do word games so. Michelle says she is going to have to talk to him about the situation. Keesha Renny agree. April still with them as well..
1:30 Dan and Michelle in the hoh. Dan asks Michelle what Jesse said she said.

She tells him that Dan gave his word he would go with the majority with the hoh and that he assured him that he was ok.

Michelle says thats the reason why she didnt put him up she didnt want to go by anger and personal reasons.

Michelle said she knew if she put up dan, Jerry it was April, only one she would have had to put up was Renny to secure Libra out.

Dan says April was right if anyone should be pissed it should be her.

Michelle says he is 75 years old he is a grown man, if he wanted to say something why didnt he say something before.

Michelle says everyone thinks you were the fourth vote, and Libra said she was the fourth vote. Then Michelle says she was told he was threatened. Michelle says I think he thinks he could nominate somebody. Michelle says I dont know if he knows he is not the one that chooses it.

She says Jerry says wonder what dans gonna do if he wins hoh next week. Michelle says she feels like Jerry through alot of people under the bus. Michelle was afraid he was gonna take of Libra to get dan out.

Dan was like is he gonna say my name and put me up there.

Michelle said he doesnt know he doesnt have the power. Michelle said he said he saved him one last time. Michelle says from what!
1:36 Dan says what you have to pay attention to now is who comes up now that you have no more power Michelle says exactly.

Michelle says she knows how people were coming at her to talk game.

Michelle said she made it perfectly clear she wished she could have seven seats out there.

Michelle says if anyone has any common decency they all know they all deserve to be sitting where they are.

Michelle tells Dan that Keesha said that she knew she deserved to be up there. Michelle says Keesha told her she wasnt sending Jesse home.

Michelle says Libra has single handedly took alot of people out of this game
1:37 Ollie and Keesha discussing how Jerrys pov speech was very long and mean and that it took some low blows. Ollie also told her that there really was no Olllie dan jerry alliance.. Ollie said why would he pick Jerry over April?
1:58 feeds mees up then fish
1:59 feeds back, all four feeds on Michelle, Ollie and renny talking in the BY. Ollie says Jerry better leave me out of his mouth when he is talking
2:07 Keesha joins Dan and Memphis in the pool. Renny imitating Jerry and his POV speech, Keesha laughing.
2:16 Dan and Memphis in pool with paddles counting how many times they keep the ball hitting it in the air. they got 45. Now Dan and Memphis doing cannonballs in the pool.
2:17 fish
2:22 feeds back. All feeds on Michelle and Ollie talking in HOH room. they are talking about Jerry. Ollie says Jerry wants to make Dan suffer. Ollie said Jerry told him and April that he was going to say some things in the pov speech and not to be surprised. Basically to scare everyone.Michelle says when Jerry said in his speech to expect the unexpected she thought he was going to use pov on Libra. Ollie says all this tell me is that I am not going to tell him anything. He says if one of them got HOH jerry would just float over to that side.. They see Jerry on the spy tv and leave the hoh room.
2:34 Ollie called to DR
2:35 Libra sitting out by pool talking to Dan, Memphis and Keesha. Michelle has resumed laying out in the BY.
2:44 Keesha, Dan and Memphis all in pool. Libra sits on side. They are talking about movies. Memphis asks if theyve ever seen "Final Destination" Michelle said "my favorite movie..when the girl gets hit by the bus, I rewind it and play it back slow to watch her get hit..I love it"
2:53 Renny cooking up slop in kitchen. Michelle talking to her Renny said "what would your Mom be doing now?" Michelle said, "cooking...she was always making something"
2:54 Plane going by with a banner. Everyone is trying to look at it. Banner was facing the other way couldn't see it. Its facing the other way. BB announcing lockdown, making everyone go inside. Everyone said it was a video game banner of some kind. then we get fish
2:57 lockdown over. Michelle in kitchen telling Renny about the banner. Jerry there too. BB tells Michelle to go to DR
3:00 Michelle in DR leak. playing with her hair, producer telling her she looks great. Huge diary room leak, entire interview with Michelle talking about the veto meeting and if it went how she expected. Michelle telling DR that she would have put up Renny if Jerry had used POV. Michelle telling DR pretty much exactly what she has been telling everyone.about her comments on what Jerry did, how she felt about wanting to toss the key to him, etc.

Leak has been going for a couple of minutes now
Michelle tells DR that she thinks that Jerry thinks that using the POV would let him choose who goes up. She says she would have been really pissed off at Jerry had he used the pov.
3:04 Jerry and Ollie on the BY couches. Jerry laughing saying everyone is going to hate Dan. etc He says all the Catholics in the US will hate Dan after they hear his POV speech. Jerry asks Ollie if April is upset. Ollie says yes, Jerry says at me? She shouldn't be. I defended her. Jerry tells Ollie that Keesha would just as soon stab you in the back as to look at you. Jerry wonders if BB like his speech. He told them he was going to do it. Ollie told him no one liked it.
3:11 DR asks Michelle "Who do you want gone?" Michelle says "L I B R A"
Michelle repeating about the expect the unexpected comment, catching her off guard, causing concern, also about saving Dan again today, and he obviously doesn't know how the game works or that he thought she was going to put him up

Jerry telling Ollie that once "we" get Memphis out of the way, we're going to win this Ollie, then pats his knee

Michelle saying 2/3 of what Jerry said he's already said before

Jerry saying "he can't stop looking at himself in the mirror", then asking what's wrong with April, is she upset with me? Ollie says I don't know

DR leak still - asking Michelle about HOH duties, Michelle saying she wants more duties, "he" says "sorry", Michelle saying she's very happy, POV meeting, "stuff that comes out of Jerry's mouth, I don't know what he was thinking, he thinks he's leaving next week, and he pretty much opened himself up to being gone next week if he doesn't get HOH, for me, the nominations went great, POV ceremony was a little odd, nothing in this house surprises me anymore, feels 100% sure that things will go her way on Thursday, doesn't see much changing, even if there's a dispute with some people, I know for a fact, those 3 in an alliance, Libra is going......my parent's anniversary is Thursday, she's doing this for them, and for all of America that's waiting for this moment, *blows a kiss"
3:13 Jerry says to Ollie, if I win HOH game on baby, if I don't, game over. Jerry says everybody is looking at Dan like hes a nice kid, but he wouldn't doubt if they just got him out of federal prison. Now jerry is bashing Memphis, saying he's been to anger management twice. He said he's a fighter, he will kill somebody.. Jerry says to Ollie he will bet every dollar he has that Dan michelle and memphis have an alliance and are out to win the whole thing.
3:15 Still DR leak, Michelle gives a shout out to her boss Roger, asking him to hold her job. asks if DR can let him know. The DR says sorry no. Michelle now saying "I think shes mader her bed and she's going to lie in it, and that she said if I wasn't where I was, she was going to put me up on the block
(in reference to Libra Feels after what happened to Jesse, couldn't ask for a better scenario

Jerry boring Ollie telling him that he's going to go down fighting, heh...saying "they better respect me, they better fear me, if I get HOH next week, game on, if they don't"

Ollie's saying you can't like what everybody does in this game...

Jerry says they weren't my friends yesterday, they aren't today...leopards can't change spots, says Dan's the biggest wimp, and that people think he's a good person....blah blah lol says Memphis will lose his temper and kill someone, 25 yrs old, "JC", and he's proud of it

Ollie says "give him a cookie"

Michelle talking in baby talk saying if she makes it to the finals she still wants my job

DR leak going on over 10-minutes now, Michelle saying she loves CBS
Michelle asked what does she miss the most in the outside world, she says her friends and cell phone
3:16 Jerry says "They have to respect me. They better fear me"
3:17 Dr asks about issues important to her in upcoming election. Michelle says "Americ changing for the berr, also mentions bad real estate economy and gas prices. DR asks Michelle about Craig Ferguson, she says she looks forward to it every week, glad her season is the first to go on weekly. Dr asks her why she is so mad at Dan. Michelle mentioning religious difference, she believes she can talk to God directly without going through anyone. She is Catholic also. Michelle mentioning a few ways she thinks Dan is a hypocrite, then DR leak is over.
4:24 Michelle is making what appears to be hamburgers, Jerry has his head in the fridge, Libra is wandering from room to room. Renny napping on her bed, not sure where rest are.